Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kills of the Week

One of the hallmarks of the New Order: Sanity. It's amazing just how sane, reasonable, and rational the New Order is. The source of our extraordinary sanity is the Code, which keeps everything in the New Order organized and logical--that is to say, in order. In contrast to our sanity is the madness of the bot-aspirant carebears. They repeatedly make the same mistakes, only to be shocked and angry when they get ganked again. For example, from the week of May 14th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 20th @ 23:59 EVEtime...

Sometimes Agents EVEmail me about an unusual kill they scored that week. This one certainly got my attention.

No, this isn't a fake killmail. Safian Krill actually lost a hauler worth just over 100 billion isk. Agent Myfluga blapped it while it was sitting on the Jita undock.

The cargo was a set of 149 Skill Injectors, none of which dropped (perhaps due to an anti-RMT measure being triggered). Safian explained that he was quitting the game and didn't want to be tempted into returning, so he extracted all of his skillpoints. (This is the only way to truly annihilate your character in EVE; even biomassing can be reversed via petition.) Safian begged in Jita local for someone to gank him. This went on for some time, but no one had the courage to do the deed. Not until Agent Myfluga arrived, that is. Our Agents are always willing to help EVE players find happiness in some other game, if that's what's best.

What's worse than mining ship with empty lows? A mining ship with empty highslots. What's worse than a mining ship with empty lows and highs? A mining ship without a permit. SuperDuty Bashore decided to go mining (or something). He obviously wasn't equipped for it, and to make matters worse, there was an active wardec at the time. Agents Krig Povelli and Foo-Foo The Snoo put the Skiff out of its misery.

BONUS! The same day, Agent Krig also managed to trick a Skiff into CONCORDing itself. Silly miners.

On occasion, a rebel will concern troll in the comments about Kills of the Week posts focusing too much on hauler kills instead of miner kills. Well, the miners will get plenty of time in the spotlight this week, thanks to an uptick in the number of ORE Strip Miner users we've been catching. Duke Starhammer blinged up a Covetor and got what was coming to him, thanks to Agents Jack Van Impe and Brynn Disher.

Krazor Ancom helped us scratch another pair of ORE Strip Miners off our list. Agent Bob the Fourth popped Krazor's Mackinaw and scooped both of the illegal modules.

DRERZEWERZISH was punished for using ORE Ice Harvesters. He, too, had empty lows for some reason. Agents Galaxy Pig and Galaxy Mule soon received the following message from the miner:

DRERZEWERZISH does have quite a history. If you go all the way back to 2013, you can see him make an appearance in Agent Bing Bangboom's classic "Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War" thread on the MinerBumping forums. At the time, DRERZEWERZISH was bragging in local that he doesn't need to worry about being ganked because he tanks his mining ships so well.

In recent weeks, carebears had been getting better about avoiding unnecessarily valuable implants. All that self-denial apparently took its toll on Quizblog, who was caught splurging on an incredible 10.6 billion isk pod. Agent Lawrence Lawton smashed the decadent pod--one of the most expensive yet recorded.

This is what a 10.6 billion isk pod looks like. Quizblog lost it while mining in highsec with a Hulk. I wonder how many hours of highsec mining it would take to make that up? Quizblog, if you're reading this, I urge you to reconsider your bot-aspirant ways. A 10 million isk permit is much more practical than a 10 billion isk pod.


  1. woah 10billion isk pod.

    I wonder if he regrets having those ascendancies to help him warp to belt faster to mine James's ore?

    The Code Always Wins

    1. His tears are documented on my blog.

    2. It's made even better by the fact that he had a Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink plugged in, because it's worth between 4 and 7 billion isk, and I'm one of the 20 or so people who control the only place it drops from, so every time someone buys one we each get several hundred million isk. Thanks for helping with business.

  2. "Our Agents are always willing to help EVE players find happiness in some other game, if that's what's best."

    That is usually what's best, another game. EvE is just not for everyone, no shame in leaving if you can't hack it. More respect to someone smart enough to leave rather than stay and cry like a bitch about nazis and bullies, or beg for nerfs because they fail daily.

    I seriously don't understand how most of these carebears find EVE without seeing all the warnings that have been posted all over the internet, for the last 14 years.

    Carebears should not be allowed to enter highsec. Or rather, they should be required to join a player run corp if they want access to the benefits of highsec, no undocking in an npc corp. And no npc stations. If they won't fight for EVE, why let them stay?

    If we don't weed out the week, they will overpopulate and kill EVE. Why is this so hard for CCP to understand?


  3. Standby for the tears of angry anons who can do nothing against us in game so they come here to give the Savior's blog hits.


  4. has increased content by 85%.

    1. I'm sorry agent but you are wrong about this. I just finished an independent study of non-partisan High Sec citizens, of this blog, over the last 2 weeks, using spare scientists from the intro missions (The study was intrusive... very intrusive).

      They found that the overall content increase has been a surprising 210%!

      I could hardly believe it myself! Praise James! \o/

  5. Jeezus why do these carebears even log in?

    That 100bil rage quit made me lol. I guess he proved his point, whatever that was.

  6. The Code contradicts itself so much that it doesn't even make sense to pay for a miners permit. Clearly 3 blogs down you killed a person who owned a permit who was mining too much. So in the end just fly and if they kill you GG rinse and repeat. I've been flying around mining and never see them anymore so not sure where they're going to gank miners.

    1. Many miners are confused by the fact that a permit is a promise to follow The Code rather than a guarantee of absolute safety. The safety comes from following The Code.
      The Miner from 2009

    2. They don't come to Abudban any more. I only encountered them once...and 2014:

  7. So AG has finally hit rock bottom. They are now creating alts to follow agents around and to tell them to kill themselves in real life.

    Max you are a hypocrite. Eve is just a game. I considered you to be a friend.

    But you know I always wondered why you were so mean to some fellow players who where in the same side as us. How is that someone so unkind could become the FC of anti-ganking for Silent Infinity? I mean, it's a game, so why be a jerk? You nearly ran Brad Neece off with your harsh criticism.

    Truly people like you give ag a bad name. I would never wish anyone to kill themselves. You're also a terrible troll, please stop before you hurt yourself.

    Also you should also get a permit. Just FYI. You and each of your 7 alts.

    1. Screenshots or it didn't happen.

  8. Or, you just stand up for yourself, say "I'm not gonna buy a permit" and make sure you have a strong defensive fit (which includes putting something in the rigs! GAWD!). Failing that, fly only what you can afford to lose.

    Welcome to EVE Online.

    1. A decently-fitted skiff might never need to be replaced, and even a cheap little procurer can shrug off most gank attempts. They can try, of course, but it pays for itself long before anything happens to it - their yields are basically identical to macks/rets.

      All of these people flying mackinaws and hulks are just stupid. It's like wearing an expensive white suit into a coal mine... they're advertising that they're twats and deserve to lose their stuff.


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