Friday, May 26, 2017

Over One Trillion One Hundred Seventy-Seven Billion in Shares Sold

Another big win for the New Order this week:

Black Pedro courageously increased his holdings of New Order stock by 1,000 shares, which brought us to another milestone: The 1,175 billion isk mark. Pedro earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for this bold move.

Bing Bangboom also purchased a bunch of shares and, as he usually does, wrote a nice essay about it:

Well said.

Bing's 2,000 additional shares made him our #7 shareholder of all time and earned Bing a Double Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ for sending us over the 1,176 and 1,177 billion isk marks.

And the Anti-Gankers trembled in fear and anger.


Sasha Nemtsov is back at it with a second episode of the Internet's favorite new web series, Ye Chronicles of Evonya.

Despite our transparency, a lot of people outside the Order are very curious about the way our organization works. Sasha's latest video is as close to a documentary as you're gonna get, I think.

If you somehow managed to miss the first episode, you can hunt down a link on our Links page.


  1. The Code always wins! Always!

  2. Replies
    1. Yup, they even clean up behind themselves like conscientious members of the community!

      Unlike those greasy carebears that leave cans/wrecks/drones/tears all over the place.

      Thanks anon1017 for pointing out how great CODE really is. More carebears should learn to recognize their superiors' greatness.

    2. I agree Anon300, though I did wonder why One Agent podded another agent, perhaps it was a Deep Cover AG? Who knows,

      But it is nice to see a carebear supporting the greatness of elite pvp. Good job :)

  3. Thank-you, Sasha Nemtsov!

    This video makes perfect sense, and I will use it along with Part 1 to help the miners in Nakugard better understand the Code, (both English and non-English speaking alike).

    Praise James! \0/

    1. You're welcome Alt; but I sincerely doubt that they're any less dense in Nakugard than they are in Tekaima!

  4. Zopiclone Wins. Fatality!

    1. Wut? He died? No way! He was so young, a mere 12 years old. Still wet behind the ears, he never got to know a woman's touch.

  5. Look new content

  6. How CODE acts:

    Government agencies at all levels aimed to exclude Jews from the economic sphere of Germany by preventing them from earning a living. Jews were required to register their domestic and foreign property and assets, a prelude to the gradual expropriation of their material wealth by the state. Likewise, the German authorities intended to "Aryanize" all Jewish businesses, a process involving the dismissal of Jewish workers and managers, as well as the transfer of companies and enterprises to non-Jewish Germans, who bought them at prices officially fixed well below market value. From April 1933 to April 1938, "Aryanization" effectively reduced the number of Jewish-owned businesses in Germany by approximately two-thirds.

    What code forces miners to pay for:

    During the Nazi era, German authorities reintroduced the Jewish badge as a key element in their plan to persecute and eventually to destroy the Jewish population of Europe. They used the badge not only to stigmatize and humiliate Jews but also to segregate them and to watch and control their movements.

    How code fights:
    Blitzkrieg means “lightning war”. It was an innovative military technique first used by the Germans in World War two and was a tactic based on speed and surprise. Blitzkrieg relied on a military force be based around Light tank units supported by planes and infantry (foot soldiers). The tactic was based on Alfred von Schlieffen’s ‘Schlieffen Plan’ – this was a doctrine formed during WWI that focused on quick military victory. It was later developed in Germany by an army officer called Heinz Guderian who looked at new technologies, namely dive bombers and light tanks, to improve the German army’s maneuverability. propaganda is just like:

    Films released to the public concentrated on certain issues: the greed of Jews; the greatness of Hitler; the way of life for a true Nazi especially the young and as World war 2 approached, how badly Germans who lived in countries in Eastern Europe were treated.

    1. Lol zopiPHag is back.

    2. You're just an islamaphobe.

    3. Anon611 says it like it's a bad thing.

      It's how you get hemorrhoids you know, what's wrong with being 'phobic' of that?

    4. Whoever called out Jerry Rin in the previous post's comments is directly responsible for the new nazianon tears.

      Jerry only realized that comment moderation was back to normal AFTER he posted his response in the last comments section, after being called out by....

      Aw gawd dammit LL! Why you gotta rattle that cage? XD

      It does seem that Jerry didnt realize he could insta-post until the next day. Not the sharpest tool in the shed huh?

    5. Lol wtf? Nope! ������

  7. You can get a ship with guns on it, feel free to start hunting down agents and blowing them up, after all it's a video game about spaceship violence.

    Good luck with that lawyer, I'm pretty sure you're going to be the funny story around the water cooler when you leave. Chalk it up to learning how to play the game better. It's High Sec, not Safe Sec.


  8. Look a homophobe (anon427)

  9. Okay, I have to give credit where credit is due, and "YouTube: Ye Chronicles of Evonya" is pretty funny.

    1. No one cares about your approval friend. That production was intended for those who can understand it's real message.

      It's ok, it's not your fault. You just dont have the presence to make any real difference, unlike the Agents you are so scared of.

      You need to get a permit or get rekt. Who are you anyway? You would get more respect posting as a true anon than using someone else's old abandoned character to hide behind.

      I believe the tender young Ulic said it best when he said: post on your brand spanking new main, not some noobs abandoned main, or gtfo.

      Do you think that by making up or stealing an identity that you are somehow "better" than the rest of the anons that don't try to lie about who they are.

      You are still as anon as the rest of us anon119. Only now you look like a try hard poser.

      Alts always stand out:


      Anon119 at his teary best. Once a shitter always a shitter. He don't even play anymore, just shows up here to cry occasionally.

    3. Thanks Ehnea, It was fun to make, too!

    4. Ehnea Mehk - May 23, 2017 at 5:38 PM
      "Yeah, eff CODE"

      Pick a side friend, you can't have it both way, you're not zopikip. You in or you out? Problem or solution?

      Riding the fence like that gets you no brownie points. It does show how timid you really are though.

      HTFU and kill some greasy miners, or do you still hide in 1.0 space?

    5. Okay Anonymous, but you oh so conveniently left out the full text which I shalt educate ye wiff....

      "Yeah, eff CODE though they do make high-sec space a little more interesting.....but this Seth dude is channeling one serious Shatner personation."

      "Ulic Qel Droma I won't go as far as to say the CODE is a positive benefit, but I said many times on my blog, in the EVE Online forums and on this blog that it makes high-sec more interesting. We haven't had anything since Hulkageddon or the Ice Belt interdictions that did that. I call both the good and the bad on anything I see."

      That's not fence sitting. That's having a balanced perspective. Yeah, I do mine without a license. Yeah I am rude to Agents of the CODE. Yeah, I do see them as content adders. Yeah I do see that as a new challenge to the game that keeps me coming back. Balanced perspective, good and the bad, not black and white.

      Attempting to lock me into a specific role like PvP takes away my sandbox freedom. If I want to mine, not your call, I will do just that. If I want to produce ships and modules to sell, I'm going to. If I want to mission run, I'm a-gonna-do-eet. In short, I pick what I want to do, not what people tell me what I should do. Anyone who wants to counter that position, I won't hide. You can find me often in Abudan and Odatrik mission running and mining. I'm an alpha now so I should be an easy pushover....right?

      We'll see about that.

    6. You said "yeah, eff CODE" after that anything else you say is invalid.

      Thanks for that wall of tears I'm not gonna read, you need a permit miner. And you only.have an opinion after you post it in your bio.

      I did see something about you being an alpha. That means every other argument is moot. You don't help support EVE if you don't pay.

      So gtfo, perpetual societal leech.

    7. CCP made the decision to offer something free and I took it. Last time I checked, accepting something freely offered is not a crime.

      I don't need a permit. I've mined without one since 2010 and I intend to continue doing so without one. I don't see that changing any time soon.

    8. That fence post is so far up his ass he thinks he's "balanced". That must be carebear for "scared pick a side"

      You've been inactive for 3 years and you think you can just jump right in with an opinion of current events? Good luck.

      Get a permit or get rekt, mouse. There are no neuts in this fight. If you gonna continue to shit post here, you are gonna need to pick a side.

      The only spectators in EVE are antigankers.

      I mean, you haven't even undocked for years. A screenshot of your sec status gains sheet would help your case some, dates and times friend. Let's see just how honest you are.

    9. Perpetual societal leech never passes on free shit, even if they can't use it.

    10. Anyone who is 'alpha only' has no opinion. If you are alpha only you have no stake in this fight, so you have no opinion that the rest of us want to hear.

      If you have an Omega account, then post under that name or as an anon, but don't try to use that entitlement fallacy here under an alpha name.

      If you wanna be EVE famous, you have to be a paying customer.

      Get a permit, and a subscription, or gtfo shitter.

    11. Anonymous:

      "You've been inactive for 3 years and you think you can just jump right in with an opinion of current events? Good luck."

      I have been active since Dec 2016 after my return. Yes, I have been inactive for three years but that, like what I do in game, was my choice. Not yours. You're not God.

      "Get a permit or get rekt, mouse. There are no neuts in this fight. If you gonna continue to shit post here, you are gonna need to pick a side. "

      I'm sure I was typing in English when I said I'm not buying a permit. Stop deluding yourself by thinking somehow I will. If you have an issue with it, stop hiding from behind that anonymous handle, come to Odatrik or Abudban and meet with me in the belts to "discuss" it. I rarely leave those two systems because they have the all industry resources and mission running agents I need.

    12. Ehnea, you can make excuses all day but the facts are you are nothing more than a highsec criminal, you don't have a permit or a subscription but here you are trying to curry favor.

      get a permit, get a subscription, or get rekt. alphas have no opinion, ever.

      "yeah, eff CODE" that's all the opinion we need to hear from you, friend.

      do you understand what a societal leech is?

    13. If you can't be assed to support EVE like the rest of us then you don't have an opinion. This isn't the States where you can vote even if you are on welfare/government handouts. If you don't pay here, you don't belong.

      How long you gonna ghetto mooch off everyone else? If everyone were like you EVE would cease to exist. There would be no money to pay for anything. so why do you think your 'free' opinion has any weight?


    14. /agree

      Just another leech. not contributing but expecting equal treatment.

      Get out, poor!

    15. Shoulda known some slimey alpha moocher would be here talking shit.

      Why don't you want to help keep EVE going Ehnea? If you benefit from the game you should help support it.

      If you cannot afford to pay2play, you probably should be doing something other than playing video games.

      There is no room for leeches here.

    16. Anonymous I personally do not care what names you call me. I've been called worse by professionals and I don't include my current employer who is a professional asshole.

      I'm not trying to curry favour. I speak my mind and do as I please. That's sandbox thinking and the way EVE Online is supposed to be played.

      You know, we can spend the entire day bitching at each other about who is right and what I should be doing with my free time, or we can settle it once and for all with a challenge.

      I challenge you to come to the two systems I mentioned and force me to buy a permit or ragequit from the game. I'm going to make this very fair, very easy, and very reasonable for you. You have until EVE Online time 00:00 on August 1, 2017 to do as much harassment and damage as you can to make this happen.

      If you win, I'll agree to buy a permit or quit the game. I'll sweeten the pot even further. I'll buy an additional 30 licenses from CODE even if I ragequit the game.

      You can use any means necessary. Bring as many pals as you want to Abudban and Odatrik. You can hire mercenaries. You can do whatever you want, safeties off, weapons free. I'm an alpha. I'm not in a corp now, I won't join a corp during this time, and I have no allies to defend my ass. I won't hire mercenaries.

      If you lose, I won't ask a single thing from you. Not one stinking ISK. I won't need to because once again I would have won in a test of wills and as I've said a thousand and one times, anyone who gets into a test of wills with me in this game will lose. That victory is important to me and it's important I keep proving that in examples.

      I'm dropping this discussion thread but expect to see my challenge on my blog within the hour. I hope you take me up on the challenge.

    17. ahh, that ehnea guy sounds a lot like codex biovector offering a challenge that he can easily renege on. this is EVE shitter, if you want to make it official: Chribba or gtfo.

    18. Yea give Chribba the money for the 31 permits.

      Without Chribba you have no challenge, alpha leech.

    19. Chribba!

      Put up or shut up!

    20. Don't forget the 30 mill for the red pen list for "Yeah, eff CODE"

      Are you sure you have enough food stamps to cover all that?

    21. Chribba or GTFO

    22. yo ehnea, friend. you cannot have a challenge without Chribba. Plus, your "challenge" has no real parameters/objectives.

      "until i rage quit or buy a permit" just shows how silly your challenge really is. who other than you is qualified to judge that? who would enter into a contest with you just so at the end you can stubbornly say "I am not mad or quitting or blahblahblah".

      so you just want to fight, win or lose, to generate traffic to your fail blog that no one reads. you must be HSM

      Where's Chribba, friend? AND, why won't you pay to help EVE? you want free traffic to your free blog by whoring out your free account. that's pretty ghetto friend.

    23. I have reached out to Chribba in an EVEmail to be the holder of 310 mill ISK yesterday. He has not replied back yet. If he does not reply back, or says no, Thurasi Agalder of No Bull Services Shop will agree to be the holder of my money...and before you quall about me giving my ISK to a big and mighty corp that you can't agress in case I "cheat", it's a two man corp.

    24. ehnea tried to get a hold of the guy and he did not reply back. theres nothing that can be done if the guy does not want to participate or is away. for the record ehnea posted the evemail on his blog so he did try:

      no fucking way we are going to let you call the money holder. shit man you wont even show who you are. how can we trust you to be impartial if you won't do that?

      if chribba later decides he wants to play while I am holding the money I will send it to him. sure as heck not you.

      so heres the rules (ehnea post this on your blog in case people wont see it here)

      apparently there is a diff of opinion on who runs what in abudban. ehnea feels he gets to mine and mish in abudban without a permit and without a sub. some of you out there think he should pay both a permit and a sub to do that (even tho ccp went F2P, go figure).

      this has to be settled.

      ehnea is open season. you can bring any number of ships, corps, people to abudban to shoot at him, bump him, bounty him, merc him whatever. no rules all bets are off. keep doing this until he cries uncle and gives up. this is a test of who blinks first. go nuts or go home. you all have until aug 1 2017 eve time to do this. if he does not give in you lose. if he gives in before then code gets 310 mill isk and it will be sent to james 315.

      ehnea: when I get the money the game is on. if chribba wants in he gets your money but the rules are still the same. if you send me or chrib an evemail when you think you have had enough before aug 1 2017 then james get the isk. if you hold out after aug 1 00:00 eve time chrib or I (whoever got the isk) will send your isk back

      this is a test of will people so bring your alpha dog game to this. theres no holds barred and anything goes.

      good luck to all


    25. I've sent the ISK. If Chribba gets back to me and agrees, send the ISK to him.

      Let the game begin! :D

    26. You need proof in the form of a forum post by Chribba. That's the only way anyone will believe you, shitter.

      No Chribba, no contest.

      And you need a subscription, no one is going to feed content to some ghetto alpha shitter.

      Contribute or gtfo, leech.

    27. anon400 what part of "tried to reach Chribba by evemail but he did not reply back" you didn't get? he did not reply back to ehnea.

      if you have a better chance to get him you try or you gtfo. tell him he has an evemail waiting to be read and get back to ehnea and then I will send the isk to him.

    28. Lol "bring your alpha dog game" let me guess, you think that sounds cool or hard or something like that.

      All I see is the same uneducated leech trying to pull a fast one.

      Get a permit, PHags.

      Besides, that ghetto shitter ehena can't quit, you need a paid account to actually rage quit, all you can do is not play your ghetto account.

      Fucking shitters, why are you even here? You contribute nothing.

    29. Various Anons

      I post where I want, when I want, how I want (pending moderator lock of the discussion of course *cough*)

      Fine, you don't wanna talk about it any more? We'll continue this discussion in Abudban. Here's your invite to my coronation as the new Ruler Of Highsec:

  10. Welcome back zopitweeps. How goes life in the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia?

  11. How are CODE the hateful ones? Agents don't threaten your family or wish horrible disease on them. Agents don't scream at you and call you all sorts of vulgar names because their ship 'sploded. Agents don't take their failures out on their infant children.

    You seem like the hateful one 804. Stop twisting the words of normal people to fit your little nazi tirade.

    You should find RL professional mental help. You don't want to let it go too far like your friend Kalynn. Do you want to end up a complete failure with the blood of your family on your hands? Please don't put it off any longer, call someone now, find help.
    You can do it!

  12. Never having to apologize is the greatest thing about killing highsec miners.

  13. Look a triggered little shitter making a mountain out of a molehill (anon803)

  14. Never having to mine is the best thing about killing miners and looting their wrecks.

  15. Thank you, gentlemen, scholars, heroes.

    -Galaxy Pig

    1. I got a kick out of the Galaxy Family leading the charge at the end of the latest Evonya. It didnt look like Sasha missed anyone ;)

    2. I was determined to put the Galaxy Farm in there; much respect...

    3. Rob, it took me a moment to realize what the animals represented, but when it hit me I actually LOL'd, the head on the Pig drove it home.

      I'm not a smart man.

  16. William Shatner called. He wants his dramatic pause back

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