Thursday, May 11, 2017

Avengers Disassemble, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Arden Elenduil went to war against Avengers Of Death corp. Arden defeated CEO Legend Bramotieen and his chief attack dog, Strife DarkStar, in every battle. The Avengers thought they'd discovered a secret weapon when fellow corp member Friar Johnson sent them a blingy Vindicator fit. Legend used Skill Injectors and purchased the fit, only to have it stolen from him by Friar--who was none other than Arden Elenduil.
Legend Bramotieen > Friar you betrayed us
Strife DarkStar > how so
Friar Johnson > hahahaha, I do believe my real name is Arden
Friar Johnson > and thanks for the vindicator by the way
Legend responded swiftly to the theft. It all happened so fast that he didn't even have time to inform Strife, his second-in-command.
Legend Bramotieen > alright so call of the war
Friar Johnson > oh no, i'm not done yet
Friar Johnson > you didn't pay the surrender fee
Friar Johnson > I just....extracted it from you, using involuntary means
Legend Bramotieen > oh yeah buddy your done
The Vindicator cost Legend over a billion isk--not counting all the Skill Injectors he'd used to be able to fly it. Since Arden's original demand was for 500 million isk, surely the Vindicator would cover it.
Friar Johnson > you want to surrender, sure
Friar Johnson > 500m
Legend Bramotieen > i knew it was somthing i didnt like about you
Legend Bramotieen > go fuck yourself bro
Legend had known from the very beginning that something wasn't right about Friar. His suspicions had only grown after Friar stole his ship and admitted to being a spy. Why hadn't Legend trusted his amazing instincts?
Friar Johnson > you should've paid the fee right from the start
Friar Johnson > you people always refuse
Friar Johnson > and it ALWAYS gets worse
Legend Bramotieen > end the fucking war you got want you wanted
Arden didn't accept the Vindicator as a retroactive surrender fee. He'd taken the ship using his own talents. The surrender fee needed to be freely given.
Friar Johnson > oh, not at all
Friar Johnson > you still haven't paid the surrender fee
Legend Bramotieen > End the war
Strife DarkStar > you little shit
Big Dog and Me Too initiated the next phase of their negotiating strategy: whining.
Strife DarkStar > your not getting anything
Friar Johnson > what, because you don't have any money?
Friar Johnson > that's a lie, and we both know it
Legend Bramotieen > Look we dont have time for your bs you got what you came here for now let us be
Legend Bramotieen > what happened to im a man of my words
Arden stuck to his guns. He knew the Avengers had plenty of isk to pay the surrender fee.
Friar Johnson > i said I would accept a 500m surrender fee
Strife DarkStar > that was a lie from a little shit stain
Friar Johnson > that, was no surrender fee
Friar Johnson > it was something i "reappropriated"
Legend Bramotieen > Ok so be it its your funneral
Seeing that he was getting nowhere with his whining strategy, Legend's resolve hardened. One way or another, he would get his revenge.
Friar Johnson > besides, you were never planning on paying me
Legend Bramotieen > for a min yeah but i knew you wasent a man of your words but hey. Thanks for the fitting
Legend Bramotieen > we will use it to destroy you
Friar Johnson > i take it you won't surrender?
Friar Johnson > in that case, say goodbye to your station
Strife DarkStar > fuck off
Friar Johnson > Next week, it'll go bye bye
Legend suddenly realized that although his precious bling Vindi had been stolen, he still had access to the list of fittings. He could recreate the Vindicator and use it to destroy Arden at a decisive moment.

In the meantime, the Avengers of Death had their normal operations severely disrupted. Arden killed Legend's Algos while it was... ratting?

Arden wasn't the Avengers' only problem. Other wardeccers smelled isk in the water. On top of that, Legend was having trouble training his newbie pilots. For instance, this Thorax was killed by NPCs. Arden saw all of this, and he took pity on the Avengers.
Arden Elenduil > Want to negotiate a surrender?
Legend Bramotieen > im not paying you any isk
Arden Elenduil > Why not?
Arden Elenduil > It could save you your Raitaru
Arden Elenduil > And I know you have money
Our Agent knew that the only thing left to do was to attack the Avengers' pride and joy: their Raitaru-class engineering complex. If he succeeded, it would devastate the Avengers' morale and their faith in Legend. Arden was still willing to spare them that heartache, if only Legend would pay the surrender fee--which was less than the value of the Raitaru.
Legend Bramotieen > wtf i look like to you a flying money tree or some shit.
Arden Elenduil > Why yes
Arden Elenduil > Kill: Legend Bramotieen (Megathron Navy Issue)
Arden Elenduil > Looks like plenty of money
Legend Bramotieen > well to damn bad im not
Legend refused to secure safety for his corp, claiming he didn't have 500 million isk to spend. Arden steeled himself for the final battle ahead. Legend, too, knew what was coming. And he would put everything he had into the defense of the Raitaru.

To be continued...


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  4. Lol anger is such an ugly color on you tweeps

  5. This CEO is lacking in a lot of ways, including diplomacy. What's going through Legend Bramotieen's head?

    "Now that I've softened Arden up by insulting him and telling him to fuck off, it's a good time to be beg for his mercy using cheap, cheap words.

    1. I remember being a scrub CEO and getting my newb corp wardeced by Cannibal Caine. Ah, those were the days.

      Pride and ego was thrown out the window, as he was light years ahead of us in skill. We tried to fight him, in the end we ended up paying him to teach us to pvp. Was a good lesson.

      This CEO needs to throw his huge ego out as well. Read the Code and get a permit. Stop throwing your own people under the bus.

  6. This is good stuff! I'm so excited for the thrilling conclusion!


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    There are many deities in the pantheon of New Eden: Bob, the Loot Fairy, the Welp God, and Crom the Destroyer (of whom Tora Bushido is his avatar), to name a few. But these are all minor godlings, limited in their poewrs.

    I suggest you look to a higher power:

    James 315, Savior of High Sec.

    Look upon him, dare not look away!

  10. I thought maybe Legend's ship fitting skills were improving after his 2nd MNI didn't have any civilian modules, but that Looks like he didn't even have drones. WTF?


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