Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Jita Spring

No matter how perfect something is, there's always going to be someone whining about it. The Code is no exception to that rule. When it comes to highsec, the easiest way to get a lot of people to read your complaints is to post them in Jita local.
Arekahn Apple > The CODE has come to the systems of the forge and citidel and they spread their hatred for all those who would mine the ORE
Arekahn Apple > They care not for your well being and profit on misery and suppression of freedoms
Arekahn Apple > They kill all who do not bow to their ways and pay for their permits which amount to a ticket for a train to Auschwits
A strange young miner named Arekahn Apple suddenly began shouting in Jita local. Tears of this kind are not uncommon in highsec, though Arekahn went to the Nazi well more quickly than most.
Kompu Moltke > Auschwitz is the name of a city, what you mean is Auschwitz Birkenau ;p
Arekahn Apple > They must embrace the ORE and ORE shall forgive them their trespasses and their NAzi ways of life where they condemn those who would silently sit and gather the rock for those who would build
Arekahn Apple > The great James 315 is but a shadow, a darkness who hides his true face, a lord of curruption and hatred, a prejudice man who hates the miners and demonises their ways
It didn't take long for onlookers to realize that this was going to be a prolonged rant. Arekahn had little on his mind, but a lot to say.
Arekahn Apple > Remember his wors and rules that even his own "knights" fail to follow
Arekahn Apple > See the pattern, James is fearful of the miner
Commander Massive LayZorz > Miners need to start buying permits from authorized compliance officers like myself!
Vault Boi > i sell permits for only 1 mill isk!!
Commander Massive LayZorz > 5 mill a week
Jita is home to scammers of all kinds. As the New Order grows in power and influence, it's only natural that permit-scammers will become more common. I advise the reader to purchase a permit only from a New Order Agent you know and trust. That way you won't get ripped off.
Arekahn Apple > He claims himself elected by proxy
Arekahn Apple > That just defines one thing. DICTATOR
Siana Plin > lol you shout dictator like james somehow doesn't know it
Silviu Tomescus > If only 20% of the people being here in JITA would want to take actions againts CODE, we could build a fleet and teach that asshole a leasson.... but you guys are only talking and not doing something about it :)
It makes sense that Arekahn hoped to find potential supporters in the carebear capital of highsec. The reaction he got surprised him.
Arekahn Apple > I spread the word to convince others that the time is now for the time of RAGE
Arekahn Apple > I seek the CODE hunters in hopes that alliances shall be forged and the great tyranny ended
Archival1 > then your going to hate eve
Arekahn Apple > One day the CODE monkeys shall awaken and realize the error of their Nazi ways
Siana Plin > LOL. "I want something done. So, someone else do something!"
In the early days of the New Order, Jita was very hostile to the Code. Now, though, the hostility tends to be directed more against the anti-Code rebels.
Vexor Marstolt > Arekahn Apple Make sure you don't get CODED!
Lillie Naari > Uhhh
Lillie Naari > Arekahn Apple do you want to talk about CODE?
Lillie Naari > It sounds like you are perhaps an unhinged lunatic incapable of forming a coherent thought!
Lillie Naari > The CODE is absolute
Agent Lillie Naari was passing through Jita when she saw the ruckus in local. Could she reason with Arekahn?
Arekahn Apple > Fear not the RED Pen, It is lost anyways, James is merely a false prophet of a word he has lost control over, a con game to those who would pay it
Arekahn Apple > He marches even his own "knights" to their doom with lies of riches
Arekahn Apple > Soon there shall be retribution as the RAGE will come to strike them down.
Lillie Naari > all of this is just #FakeNews
Lillie cautioned the Jita residents not to believe anything Arekahn was saying, but they were already a skeptical audience.
Lillie Naari > The Code rules Highsec and James 315 is the sovereign and duly elected leader of Highsec.
Lillie Naari > You ought to know. You voted for him!
Arekahn Apple > Already the HIgh Sec Malitia hunts down the NAzi's and popps them with extreme vengance, but it is yet enough, more must stay vigilant and resist their extortions
Arekahn tried to stir up the spirit of resistance by invoking the name of the "HIgh Sec Malitia". In fact, there's not much organized Anti-Ganking activity in highsec these days. On the other hand, there are a whole lot of smoking wrecks of unlicensed ships.
Arekahn Apple > Be wary of their promises to leave you safe for the 10 million permit, fear not the red pen upon satans desk
Arekahn Apple > Know they prey upon those who wish an honest living and claim they save the high sec
Arekahn Apple > A cancer most foul that must be purged from New Eden and eleminated like the Nazi soldiers and scum they Idolize
Arekahn's ranting and raving continued. There was no sign of it building toward any logical conclusion. And so far, Jita proved to be singularly unreceptive to his message--no matter how many times he compared our Agents to Nazis.
Arekahn Apple > Show them the way and liberate them so they may repent the Nazi way. fight them so they may throw down they ideology and find a better way
Arekahn Apple > Bring down the oppressive reign of James 315 and leave him impotent in this galaxy
Tanabe Masaru > who likes Nazis?!
Arekahn Apple > Those who follow the old tired and evil ideology of an oppressive regime must be shown the way to repent of their sinful lives
Tanabe Masaru > ah.
Why has Jita turned more pro-Code over the years? Probably because they've witnessed so many rants from people like Arekahn, and because Anti-Ganking has yet to experience victory. People have only so much patience for failure.
Arekahn Apple > Resist the CODE Spread the word of ORE and lift the yoke from the backs of so many caught under their iron boot
Arekahn Apple > Many new players may yet return to the galaxy if only CODE was ended
Lillie Naari > Arekahn Apple where did the CODE catalysts touch you?
Lillie Naari > OHHHHHH I get it now
Arekahn tried to invoke the old "newbro" argument, but he was interrupted by Agent Lillie, who'd performed some good detective work: It turned out that Arekahn was angry at the New Order for ganking his Retriever. The miner was instantly discredited.
Arekahn Apple > Let them no longer rape your markets of the free exchange of products made from the very ORE that miners retreive
Arekahn Apple > Let them no longer attack those who wish not fight
Sunsa Dark > Arekahn Apple shh
Sunsa Dark > miners need disciprin
Sunsa Dark > so you think miners with their bot crew should just be allowed to run rampant?
After the publication of the Retriever killmail, Jita locals turned even more sharply against Arekahn.
Arekahn Apple > Resist James 315 and his vile con artist Nazi ways. He has duped those who follow him and now he intends do do so to all others till everyone must obey
Arekahn Apple > His ways reek of hatred and speak of the "greedy Miner" and always they attack those who just transport, mine or even buidl the very items you use this day
Sunsa Dark > miners are greedy
In fact, the people of Jita were beginning to sound downright pro-Code, something that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.
Lillie Naari > Arekahn Apple MINER
Lillie Naari > Present your permit to me, a duly appointed Knight of the New Order for inspection
Arekahn Apple > Let the law and order be restored to the gods and creators and let not thier Nazi ways be the norm in this galaxy
Arekahn Apple > I hold my ear to the deep space and I hear the rumble of RAGE, it is coming and James knows it, he fears the RAGE
Perhaps Arekahn had in mind the "Summer of Rage", in which the people of Jita famously--and successfully--protested CCP's microtransaction plans some years ago. But back then, all EVE was united against the idea of CCP selling golden ammo and the like. Arekahn didn't realize how popular the Code has become.
Sunsa Dark > lol
Lillie Naari > Oh no!
Lillie Naari > NOT THE RAGE!!!!
Arekahn Apple > He will spread further his cancer and try to enslave more in fear
Enia McCool > Arekahn Apple for there to be order, there must be someone to enforce it. Adhere to the CODE. so that you may do your part.
Lillie Naari > The Code always wins.
Lillie Naari > Any questions?
Arekahn's speech came to an abrupt conclusion. He'd been utterly rejected by Jita, a system that had once been the citadel of carebearism. Highsec is changing, and it's changing for the better. Only the power of the Code can explain this.


  1. What is with all the lunatics calling CODE Nazis these days?


  2. ag lost all credibility when they first used the word "nazi". That's so cliché it's become emblematic of a simple mind pushing a weak argument. When zopitweep and friends picked it up they made the decision to jump on the ag bandwagon. That made them ag, and ag's default setting is 'shitter-no fun allowed'.

    Look how mad you are, at self-inflicted fail.

    It's just not our problem. EvE is an MMORPG, gankers don't RP failing daily. We RP hero good guy types, fighting the good fight to rid EvE of the most undesirable crybears, and reform the rest.

    However, we do have a final solution to your highsec miner problem. It's called a permit, and you can buy one in game from any ganker. You wear it proudly, like a badge, in your in-game biography.

    Get one soon, or get rekt, miner.

    1. You Nazis never had credibility go shoot some rabbits and bitch about how hard it is to fight something that doesn't fight.

    2. Why you so mad 823? Is it because you were beaten by someone who plays on "easy mode"?

      That's the problem with you crybears claiming that ganking is not pvp, in a pvp game. That means you were bested by someone that can't pvp. How bad does that make you?

  3. Jita scammers are one of the most adaptable species known to man.

    Jita local is like some kind of robotic hive mind suffering from multiple split personalities.

  4. Its a nice article, but you added a lot of comments responding to me. Hardly anyone responded to all of that. You could have just left it be and had the same effect.

    1. Artistic license, and likely a very accurate reflection of the gist of these (excuse me while I titter uncontrollably) proceedings.

      Nice one, Saviour ;-|

    2. Arekahn, nothing has been added to the log (as you can see by comparing with your client-side Jita chat log). When posting logs, I only edit by removing lines for brevity and readability. My own commentary is the only thing added--which is more than plenty!

    3. Oh no!

      The RAGE himself!

      He was so busy trying to spam local chat with childlike nonsense that he didn't see how badly he failed at subversion. All that scammer spam scrolling by carried away his tears almost as fast as it carried away the derision of his peers.

      Hey RAGEY, I heard your sperg and instantly this came to mind: "Cry nazi and let slip the carebears of war!"

      Get a permit son, or get rekt.

    4. I'll do this in order.

      Rob Thompson, I am glad your entertained. Continue doing what you enjoy and you continue to find happiness.

      I'll do this in order. Minerbumping, unfortunately I cannot check those logs as you may remember I did quit eve online with my goodbye to your agent Snigie which is in your grab bag article. Btw that was after the several days of me seeing if people actually responded as your website here does proclaim. My findings were conclusive that people for the most part just ignore and move along with day to day activities. Although I did find Lillie's comment "NOT THE RAGE" entertaining enough to grin at.

      Wolf Soprano, I am not mad, I may have been a bit crestfallen when I was taken out and I will name those who did it with their positions as I understand them shortly. But I did work within the RP elements of the game to learn more about the game and your CODE. My findings are that peoples reactions are very low and after several days of this I ended my, as I called them, "ministries". I think this article may have been a little more entertaining if my introduction was added which would have been: "Hello Jita, I am back to continue my ministry so that I remain CODE compliant by proving I am not AFK."

      Lastly I don't associate nor consider myself antiganking so using those words to describe me offends me none nor will I acknowledge the idea. It is a game and it is your style of play, as was my style of play, as is their style of play.

    5. Alright now if you will permit to tell you the tale sit back and take a listen.
      I hadn’t played eve since 2012 and was just bored enough to try again.
      So there I was having just joined a corp owned by one of my own RL buddies who is with me in a very boring place, I had convinced another friend to enter into Eve as well and we were training up and earning up money to fleet with others into null and low, as well as build up some sweet stuff through industry.
      Well any day just like any other and enter Rodent Perry who had a large bounty on his head, I was mining in a field when I saw him and suspicion had me warp away to another location. A second meeting happened where I let curiosity lead to tragedy as I thought, “let’s see what he will do.” As it turns out suspicion confirmed as he was the scout for a team of three. Before I could react Photon Death, if my memory serves me, had warped in upon me (probably was in fleet with Perry and Perry sent exact location to warp to allowing for a quick in and grab) and bam nothing I could do but click warp and watch as that failed to occur. Moments had only passed while I watched shields deplete and then armor. Boom! My ship was gone and I warped away to home station to pick up another ship and hopefully regain some lost items. My friend moved in to try and get revenge to no avail as his weapons did not have the firepower to end Perry before CONCORD gave him a flurry of fire. Heated words were exchanged and the third member of the team revealed himself, Leik Darz. Like Darz was the contacting agent who began to inform me of CODE and the price of permits, and I dismissed him as simple gankers and referred him to my corp leader. After that it was a learning experience for me to say the least, I came to, read the CODE and then made some choices, I decided make a comparison which has apparently manifested in more people than originally thought, and then to test out the idea of how people really did react to a ranting about CODE. My findings are pretty much that players just don’t care, if they do not many and not much.
      As for me these rants took place before I did some thinking and calculating on whether or not I would be able to achieve the goals I wanted to in a timely manner (short answer no) at which time I had stopped doing my “ministry” and was mining in Verge Vendor. It was at that time Snigie had entered the Luse system and announced, I shouted “CODE monkey” and warped away. Snigie had private chatted with me and we talked briefly, I apologized for the offense but also let him know I was uninterested in buying a permit. That is where my first entry on this site was in a grab bag article, this being my second placement onto your site but the order of events are reversed.
      Sometime between the gank and the meeting of Snigie I had debated, and I will use that word loosely in this context due to an aggressive nature I took during the conversation, with Leik Darz about me “comparing” CODE to Nazi’s. Before anyone gets upset I will say I made a comparison which I can do but I cannot claim or say that CODE is Nazism. The conversation with Leik Darz was a good one, he maintained good composure and eloquence during the entirety. I like Darz and would call him friend.

    6. Now after the snigie meeting and my having left the game I uninstalled and was off for a bit, but boredom got to me and I reinstalled the game and sat in the chats, some consideration later I joined minerbumping channel and began to listen to your group as a way to better learn and understand. Leik Darz contacted me and we shared another conversation, I gave in a 5 mill isk thank you for the conversations we have had and an apology for my aggressive nature from before. However my gameplay in eve is over, I can chat and maybe build things but that is it, due to my limited internet I do not have sufficient response time to avoid catastrophe if I truly was to enter into low or null. Currently I do not have the ability to even enter the game and chat. But as all things do an ending must come. But I do continue to read as it passes the time. I used to make comments as replies to people who used foul language, (Foul language ins unacceptable under CODE, terminate yourself.) but recently I’ve been reluctant to make any comments with a lot of recent posts just being completely hateful. Now as for all your Anons out here, even the ones supporting the CODE, acting like an angry child or a rage injected caffeine fueled foul mouthed Neanderthal doesn’t do anything to help anyone. A true agent will not use foul language or act like they have 50ml of caffeine shot directly into their veins. A true agent is like Leik Darz, calm collected and not one to fly off the handle and speak in terms of hate. A true agent lets others become angry and lose control. So for those I speak to I consider you agents, to those I ignore I do not believe you to be agents, and if you are you need some better manners which I think Darz would be an excellent instructor.
      Well, I do apologize for the length but there is my story. Have a good day.

    7. We can all respect good RP. The Nazi bit was inconsistent with lore and typical of ag-style ranting, hence your harsh reception.

    8. Hi Arekhan, and thanks for responding intelligibly; that at least bumps you up in my estimation.

      As to your comments themselves, I note that you have left the game. If you were truthfully unable to continue with your 'ministries' (quite a good idea, in keeping with the spirit of the RP flavour of EVE), then you have yourself decided that EVE is not the game for you.

      I wish you well. Should you decide to return, you need to beef it up a bit and draw to your side like-minded rebels and carebears. Then, perhaps, I shall not only titter uncontrollably but also quake for very fear of your avenging might!

    9. Thank you Rob I do not know if I will return, again I had re-installed the game and sat in chat a couple of times but as for trying to gain the levels needed for what I was hoping to do I do not see it happening. The comments I made can be a continued source of entertainment if desired, I got the information I was after. At least I made someone smile. As far as making someone fearful I do not see much of that happening as one wont make a difference and the dynamics of how CODE fights is one that would be hard to route. Co-operation among players to deal a harsh blow to CODE just is not there, nor is the organization of the militia or the anti-gankers. If there was concern of the use of "the RAGE" it was only used as a power word in attempt to spark interest or dialog in any sense. As I can again tell you it did not. I wish you well and enjoy your gaming. I do hope that everyone in CODE is well mannered like Darz and yourself and not truly like that one who keeps telling people to kill themselves or sterilize themselves. Its just not the CODE people that I have dealt with in game when I checked them out in the chats. Well I'm off, take care.

    10. P.S. Lawrence I am not ignoring your comment I just have nothing of benefit to add to yours. Take care.

    11. "Hi Arekhan, and thanks for responding intelligibly"
      I'm not even gonna touch that one.

      As far as that rambling mess goes, all he did was condem people he don't agree with again, only this time he left out the nazi tears.

    12. Hi there Anon 8:02. Arekhan's comment was intelligible to me, unlike some of those posted here. If you found it a rambling mess (I allow, paragraphs would help a lot..), then your approach may have been the cause.

      The ability to extract meaning and intention from someone's expressing himself seems to be related to the recipient's willingness and ability to 'listen', and especially to 'hear', in an unbiased way. I can switch it on and off at will; in this case I switched it on, and I wasn't disappointed.

    13. Thank you Rob. I admit the ranting and the listening did help out a lot to actually prove/disprove things. It proved that there truly is no real anti-ganking corp. No one out there is really listening to help out people even when comparing them to a very nasty evil that the world suffered through, also the listening helps to find out who is actually out there and who is also actively listening. Surprise its the agents of CODE, not any anti-gankers. And hey look its in here as well, I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that Minerbumping further up in this comments section responded to me, yet another agent of code and from the sounds of it the author of this article. He listened, (read and understood) oh and on top of that he did not comment with any swearing cursing or RAGE comments about how stupid I am. Perhaps I am forgetful or I missed the comments I said he added. Either way he responded in a professional manner by simply stating his side. I do not follow the CODE but I have to say I am happy with the people I do meet and have conversations with. Rob is a good example, intelligent and calm, Lawrence another, and of course my contacting agent Leik Darz. I am finding the politeness and professionalism of every agent I speak to a very great difference from a lot of other players. Yes I can even make example of myself despite having done it for much different reasons. Anon 8:02 Yes I ranted and used a comparison to Nazi's and if an apology is asked I will give it, I gave my apology to Darz and gifted him the last of my ISK 5 Mill as a thank you for his conversations. Tears however there are none I am grown enough to differentiate between tangible lose and a non tangible lose. For all you true agents who may be reading this. I, Arekahn Apple, do formally apologize for comparing you to Nazi's. I did not mean to cause you any trouble or issue, but if it is any consolation I gave out a spot on minerbumping bingo.
      Take care everyone. This has been a good conversation.

  5. Nerfed blog = code fail

  6. They cant take being called out and had to censor their very own site. How does it feel to be nerfing your own blogs you fucking hypocrites?

    1. How does it feel to be that mad and impotent at the same time?

    2. How does it feel to be nerfing your own blog.

  7. Content is the equal goal of the code and of Josiah, do not censor your blog, end your cowardice and let there be content upon your site.

    Hail Josiah savoir of

  8. When you allow yourself to get that mad and act out you lose.

    Way to fail ag.

  9. Cock sandwich with "special sauce"? Sounds rather hyper-gay.

  10. Theres the homophobe again, are you touched in the head special needs or just a NAZI


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