Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Attack on Poinen, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Luna Nightblood stood up for the integrity of the Poinen system--and the Code--when she stopped Seth Anzomi's hauler dead in its tracks. As a self-proclaimed wormhole dweller, Seth declared himself immune from highsec laws. When he couldn't persuade our Agent, Seth threatened to hire mercenaries.

After one brief mention of the dreaded mercenaries, Seth went back to complaining that Agent Luna hadn't followed her own Code.

The Iteron wreck had gone cold, but Seth's anger was still piping hot. The longer his ranting and raving in Poinen local went on, though, the more enemies he made.

What a difference a few years of the Code can make. In the old days, at least somebody would've taken Seth's side. The Code's been around for so long now that it's accepted as an integral part of the game.

Seth insisted that the mighty CODE. alliance was dying--a claim almost as cliché as "EVE is dying". Strangely, Seth asserted that CODE. was being undermined by Agents who perform too many ganks.

More Poinen residents were losing their patience with the salty carebear. Why didn't Seth stop? Was it possible that he was stalling for time until his mercenaries arrived?

The bot-aspirant hauler lectured our Agents about the Code. Agent Luna was intrigued.

Though unintentional, Seth's actions promoted the New Order and its Code. Seth even began linking the Code in local, just like an Agent would.

Luna played the Saviour card, linking my name in local. Would this pacify the miner at last?

The mention of my name led to Seth taking a very temporary break from using all caps. But then he returned to capital letters and fake news.

Luna had tried everything she could think of to help the miner calm down. Now the only option was to wait for Seth's anger to burn out on its own.

Agent Dom Arkaral heard there was trouble brewing in Poinen. Indeed, the system was attracting a growing number of EVE players, both affiliated and unaffiliated with the Code.

Seth was fully committed to the space lawyer approach. Our Agents were confident that this strategy wouldn't defeat them.

After a certain period of time, an Agent must consider whether a miner's rage will ever subside. Usually it does. Patience is a powerful tool in an Agent's toolkit.

The Poinen community has witnessed carebear tears many times. But even they were impressed by the severity of Seth's downpour.

The other shoe dropped: Seth claimed to be deliberately wasting our Agents' time. Was there a mercenary fleet incoming, after all?

To be continued...


  1. has increased content by 85%!


    Wut? That'll be news to Ralliana, Australian Excellence, Kusion, and all the other gate gankers.

  3. Oh screw it already blow em all to hell, everyone loves a good blow job. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Though rather crudely put, I find myself in wholehearted agreement with the sentiments contained within Anon's comment.

      Succinct, it is.

    2. HAHHAanon made me laugh this time.

  4. I fail to understand why miners get so angry, when they benefit from being instructed by Agents of the New Order to calm down.

    I'm forced to agree with a previous comment whereby the suggestion was made that Seth should be sedated for 24 hours a day. It would probably be for the best.

    1. Yup, he needs 24/7 medical supervision.

  5. Seth. friend. in the off chance you read this, just remember that there is no shame in quitting when it is clear that you cannot succeed.

    EVE is not for everyone, and if you biomassed all your characters and went back to wow, the community would not think any less of you.

    I know I couldn't think any less of you.

    Get rekt shitter, and take that attitude with you. Your tantrums are not welcome in EVE. If you think I ak wrong, just ask CCP what they think of your local chats.

    And don't get me wrong it's not really what you said, it was your rage and total lack of self control and that's not easy to convey in text. Please tell me you were recording yourself for stream or whatever. I will pay real US$$ for those videos, I just want to see your face when you bang out all those single line comments in all caps.

    If you don't biomass that character it will be hunted mercilessly, and no one believes for one second that you would be able to fight back effectively.

    AND: Provi bloc is not WH space friend.

    What a bitch.

  6. I heard rumors of voice comms ... Looking forward to that.

  7. I look forward to the day all of highsec is voluntarily compliant, and our brave front line agents can leave that cesspit called highsec and return to their family and friends in null or lowsec.

    Either that or CCP could remove highsec and npc corps altogether and let EVE thrive as a true sandbox.

  8. Poor poor zopitweepskip.

    I mean, I assume it's all the same person. The same fail, daily. The same butthurt persona. The same terribad playstyle.

    I could be wrong, maybe it's just zopi acting like kip or veers.

  9. It is high time that CCP started protecting normal players from people like seth. After an outburst like that, a player should be required to take a 3 month break and not be allowed to return without clearance from a board certified psychologist.

    This would make EVE much more pleasant and user friendly. Just think of how many newbros would stay subbed if people like seth were not allowed to assault them in local chat, or if people like kip wanker were not allowed to spam local with bad advice and tears about nazis.

    Where are our basic protections from the mentally unstable? When will CCP step in and remove these violent criminals from our community?

    1. You're being overly dramatic. Also I have no idea who you're responding to XD. Are you also 2:40, 2:43, 3:16, and 3:34? The TOS and petition system already have it covered. Seth got a firm warning. I would expect any capsuleer to have a thick enough skin to be able to withstand what Seth did.

    2. Oooooo swing and a miss, angry Lawrence! That one isn't me either XD

  10. Oh look, another antiganking rant in some highsec local chat. Yet another antiganker with powerful merc friends will soon crush CODE. once and for all! XD

    So ag, why didn't you save this shining example of carebear morality? Where was the hsm while this was going down, in highsec, under your noses? Oh yea, that daily fail thing you got going on.

  11. So ag, why didn't you save this shining example of carebear morality? Where was the hsm while this was going down, in highsec, under your noses? Oh yea, that daily fail thing you got going on.

    Why would ag even consider trying to stop others from ganking highsec shitters like seth? What could possibly make you want to protect someone like that?

    You ag folks must see a lot of yourselves in seth's cringey meltdown, and so you try to protect those most like you. That's why ag will never have any respect, even from the carebears you "try" to "save". You have chosen the wrong side. You have chosen poorly.

  12. Violent idiots like seth and his ag friends are the reason EVE has a reputation for being full of psychopaths. Everytime you turn around there's another one screaming insults and death threats at regular players, over intended gameplay.

    Go ahead kipper and friends, post some nonsense about you losers "not trying to save miners, just trying to interfere with CODE ops". Well guess what ag? You don't change anything, at most you provide some sort of validation for losers like seth to act like they do. ag is the reason foxbolt thought he was righteous. But what can you expect from a group that had kalynn as a leader.

    What I'm saying is: there are no true "antigankers", only self serving shitters trying to empower shitter gameplay. Trying to ruin EVE just for the sake of ruining EVE.

    So I will stop calling them ag and just refer to them under the blanket term for all uninformed, uneducated, violent, reactive criminals that cannot play properly: Shitter.

    The "hsm" is a complete failure and a haven for violent shitters. The highshitter militia sounds right.

    1. XD i like it

    2. I haven't seen what you're describing from the HSM. Let's try to be calm and realistic.

      The HSM is a spinoff group from mainline ag. Remember how we told ag for years that they needed to step up their game and be willing to sacrifice their security status to have a hope of being effective? Because a reactive response to ganking doesn't work? Well that's just what the HSM did.

      They roleplay as white knights and will proactively gank the gankers. I have seen them gank neutral gate scanners, AFK machariels, Tornadoes and Svipuls on station undocks, all without the use of killrights, wardecs, or other crimewatch mechanics. They are commonly seen all along the Amarr <--> Jita pipe.

      I believe that their bravery and willingness to depart from traditional ag tactics are worthy of recognition. Of course, they are still misguided, but that is nothing new.

    3. hsm supports shitters and shitter gameplay.

      Sorry LL, we all know you want to be fair and balanced, but in this case hsm is either part of the solution or part of the problem. hsm have yet to publicly change their affiliation with the ag community.

      And I have personally seen kip and his friends act like shitters in the past, when they failed to stop some gankers they proceeded to shit up local with that nazi shit, even going so far as to accuse mittens of trying to have someone killed. They even tried personal insults directed at the gankers.

      So maybe they were rp'ing as what?

      As long as they hide behind npc corps and roleplay as protectors of people such as those miners featured here, they are part of the problem.

    4. If kipper and the rest of the highshitter militia have "changed" their ways it's only to serve their own shitter agenda.

      Be wary of any praise you send their way, like in that forum thread you linked. The highshitter militia has no intention of changing. If they truly wanted to help EVE they would kill miners also.

      As long as hsm shoot at gankers and alts only they are still ag, and that's being part of the problem. Every one of those so called red pill guys would gladly vote for more ganking nerfs if given an opportunity.

      Jeezus LL, those hsm assholes are only different from all other ag by moniker alone. Their rhetoric has not changed. Did you not give their soapbox a red pill too?

      LL my friend, you are just too fresh out of goons null to see just how bad the highshitter failitia is for EVE. If you spend much more time cuddling with kipper you may be lost for good.

      That forum link was a bit of a fluff piece for hsm. Just how well do you know the hsm folks. Spend much time in their supah secret comms do ya?

    5. Don't be too hard on Lawrence, in comms he has a bit of a lisp, and those people tend to try and be friends with everyone. From what I have heard, people are born that way, they don't choose to be ag sympathetic. I mean who would support child murdering intentionally?

      It's not your fault Lawrence Lawton, we understand.

    6. TBH, there is the HSM, and then there was the Black Ops program which very, very, few HSM members participated in. Most of the HSM do there own thing, when and where they want. Some see real life threats as an appropriate anti-ganking tactic, which I think is mind boggling. It took an entire year for the leaders of the HSM to actually trust the Black Ops program, which didn't sit well with the leader when he found out, and eventually led to him switching sides.

    7. Is that you, Lillie Naari a.k.a Jerry? A real Knight would stand by his words. Your fear of the HSM is uncalled for. Like all ag they still fail daily.

    8. hahahaha

      Strike three, Lawrence! XDDDDDDD

      Still isn't me.

  13. Hey hsm? Why you side with people like seth? Are you not aware of how ignorant someone looks when they repeatedly spout incorrect "facts" in all caps? His entire argument was based on a misinterpretation of the Code.

    Why do you support people like seth and kalynn and zopikip? Do you think it's in any way acceptable to act that poorly, in game or out?

    If EVE is an mmoRPg, why would you rp as a kip, or a seth, or a foxbolt, or a kalynn, or a veers? You do know those shitters were not rp'ing yea? They are all legit psychos. Ignorance and violence have no place in our community.

    You all know what must be done, it's time to remove the shitters.


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