Saturday, May 13, 2017

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #131

Tushino77's EVEmail can only mean one thing...

I'm not sure what, though. Anyway, welcome to yet another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Over the years, CCP has received literally thousands of petitions about the New Order's activities. We rarely get to read the text of these petitions, but when we do, we can see why they're never answered.

EVE almost died 3 or 4 years ago, but then CCP made some big changes and the number of players started going up again. At least, that's the history according to Slipknot TheGreek. The stats at tell the same story, but in reverse.

Sk0oRb had nothing but pity for Agent Mildron Klinker, who was such a loser for killing Sk0oRb.

Sk0oRb couldn't get over how pathetic Mildron was. Winning PvP battles must be so depressing--unlike mining in highsec all day and being ganked, which brings such joy into one's life.

Scandal! Lord Jajda was ganked despite claiming to own a mining permit. He demanded the immediate reimbursement of his ship.

Lord Jajda's bio didn't actually contain a permit, but there was no time to answer questions about that. Money, now--no time to waste!

Liz Cadelanne refused to be swept up into Lord Jajda's urgency. Our Agents are professionals.

Victor Instagaar invited his ganker into a private convo and immediately subjected him to a barrage of questions. If only Victor had displayed such alertness and energy when the Catalysts were inbound.

The "new player" card has been abused with increasing frequency over the last few years. Agent Revis Owen expertly dismissed it, which left Victor dumbstruck.

Victor was shocked to discover that CCP was allowing PvP to go on in this spaceship combat game.

After experiencing the hardships of war, David Yate declared himself totally defeated. He contacted diplomat Dom Arkaral to tender his complete, unconditional surrender. Dom offered to drop the war if paid 5 billion isk.

"I'll do anything. Give up some of my isk? Ha! Not for the wide world."

When carebears get caught AFK, they're quick to blame their spouse, pets, or children--even children as young as two years old.

Just when it appeared Zara Crimson was going to lower the bar further, she chose to accept responsibility and thanked our Agent for ganking her. Saving a one-year-old's life and praising the Code: Two good deeds.


  1. Don't let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

    Praise Zopiclone. Hope he makes it!

  2. The smartest thing Victor Instagaar could do is quit EvE until he understands how to play correctly. Until then his misconceptions and ignorance of EvE mechanics, and proper application thereof, will just leave him angry and confused.

    That's not why you play EvE, carebears. You should all take note if you cry over shiploss in EvE.

  3. antigankers are truly failing hard right now.

  4. Slipknot TheGreek has spent years in Arnon helping "newbros" kill Dagan to complete the SOE epic arc. He is under the mistaken impression that all occupants of Arnon are protected by CCP's rule, when this protection only applies to people actually running the arc.

  5. Another Highsec Miner Grab Bag with quality content, yay!

  6. This place died, few comments now, looks like lost all its content with being a nerfed blog. That is a huge fail.

    1. All it lost was some idiot screeching about his own delusions..... And wouldn't you know it, without him all the spam seems to have disappeared.

    2. Weekends and holidays are always slow for the comments section.

      Why you so mad zopikiptweeps?

  7. RIP Snigie Audanie


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