Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 13

Previously, on MinerBumping... Mission Ready Mining was visited by one Agent after another. The latest bumper to plague the carebears of Gelhan was TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet. MRM had thousands of members at its disposal. Though they hadn't yet rallied to defend their Gelhan mining operation, their patience was being sorely tested.

Yanamota Acami emerged as the leader of the Gelhan resistance. She began a propaganda campaign in local to dehumanize TheInternet--setting the stage for a bitter conflict.

TheInternet grew tired of Yanamota's threats. She knew all about the way Yanamota had threatened her predecessors and failed to deliver.

Even other members of Mission Ready Mining were surprised by the level of Yanamota's hostility. Lendar Silverwind laughed it off, fracturing MRM's united front.

No matter how angry Yanamota got, she was unable to interfere with TheInternet's miner bumping. Worse, the miner was unable to rally the other 2,400 members of MRM to her cause.

The local carebears repeated the same tactics that hadn't worked against previous bumpers. They tried to convince TheInternet that bumping miners is lame. It didn't work; TheInternet already knew from experience that miner bumping is awesome.

And so the bumping continued, as continue it must. Gelhan was securely under New Order rule.

Earlier, MRM had wardecced The New Order Gamis Affiliates, a corp filled with ganker alts. They failed to wardec the corps of the bumpers; when they'd hired mercenaries to do it, the bumpers simply re-rolled their corps.

Though some in MRM believed Kalorned was banned for bumping, the siege of Gelhan had gone on for weeks now, with various New Order bumpers doing their part. It was only a matter of time before someone did something desperate.

...And no one was more desperate than Yanamota of the "beasts of the earth" rant. She was ready to make her big move.

Her move failed. Yanamota tried to sneak in a bit of mining time when she thought the bumpers weren't around. Her capacitor-tanked Retriever was destroyed by ganker alts from The New Order Gamis Affiliates.

Yanamota didn't respond to the attack. She was AFK.

Eventually, Yanamota returned to her keyboard and made her feelings known in a private chat.

The New Order Gamis Affiliates gankers--technically still at war with MRM--added more firepower to the Gelhan siege.

Now, finally, Mission Ready Mining had enough. Hostile forces began to swarm the station used by our Agents.

To be continued...


  1. Goofuses love a catch phrase. "Peace of shit." Her corp mates didn't even care enough to help her with the spelling. It just goes to show that highsec miners are lazy and uneducated.

    1. So Professor, to you this is elite PvP. This is also roleplaying. So that means that you role play a character that is ok with killing unarmed people, now think about that.

      You can accept and play as a person who is actually perfectly fine and happy to promote killing unarmed people.

      A sandbox game allows players to express who they are deep down inside but do not do so in a public setting for fear of reprisal.

      That means you are in fact an actual person who is ok with killing unarmed people.

    2. You love being a Nazi so don't try to take the high road Eugene Fischer.

  2. I think we have to consider the likelihood that the carebear was not a native English speaker so our large number of homophones may have led to this phrasing.

    Still, its always fun to watch someone like this attempt to smack talk us and wander into unintentional hilarity. My kids still talk about the Russian miner who pegged me a "talker of cattle".

    1. Lol Bing. I got the feeling that the 'speaker' did have English as his/her first language. Just a feeling. But the spelling was bad; true.

      Example: 'sean' for 'scene'. Something tells me that 'seen' would be more likely from someone unfamiliar with English.

      Whatever; foul-mouthed and futile rant nonetheless!

  3. "Perhaps a nice hot cup of herbal tea". Simple, friendly advice that the miners would have done well to have followed.

    I sense this epic 4 week siege isn't going to end well for them.

    1. I sense you were molested as a child and this is how you cope with bad memories.

  4. why didn't antiganking help? oh yeah hard to assist from an npc corp

    1. Whats up bitch, still upset that your AG hubby took those kids away from your dumbass, when you going to jail for molesting them?

    2. Anti-Ganking didn't help because you beat your kids at night.

  5. Overheard convo from those 4 reds in the image above, I swear:

    "You shoot first, it's your job to shoot first"

    "No, I'm not paid enough to shoot first. You shoot first"

    "Will civilian rails kill him in 1 go?"

    "Pretty sure they will. But if we're red, does that mean we're gonna get concorded?"

    1. Overheard your parents talking about how they missed your heart with the coat hanger.

  6. Wow that yanamoto character needs to find a less stressful environment, or a good stress relieving trick.

    Ganking highsec carebears soothes the soul and brings you to center quite fast.

    Calm down, miners.

  7. James have you had a talk with your underlings about bringing up real life in a meta gaming environment? I should hope so, Until you response with an "affirmative" we will continue spamming, we need confirmation that you are in fact keeping your subordinates in line and compliant with blog law.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

  8. Aww the >1% still trying to act relevant.

  9. High sec ganking is easy as fuck, skill up to do a goodly amount of damage, fit a cheap ship to maximize damage, patrol belts in a smaller ship (venture). bookmark a rock they are at, switch ships, warp to bookmark, click boom done.

    They just don't have the talent to do real pvp where you actually have to monitor your systems pull logistics, allow them to take you to a point to make em press the attack so you can scram more of em and destroy them.

    Code is a noob corp for people who are lazy and don't want to try for greatness.

  10. I have been elected Sovereign of High Sec, a democratic election has transpired and I won. I now rule over all of code and the carebears who reside in high sec.

    You will be my enforcers of my code. I leave James 315 to continue to lead you.

    All hail the New Order of High Sec.


  12. Wasn't Kalorned banned for RL Bonus Room abuse, all advocated and approved by Jamey?


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