Monday, August 7, 2017

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 9

Previously, on MinerBumping... An epic struggle for the soul of the Gelhan system: On the side of truth, justice, etc. was Agent Kalorned. Opposing him, the massive Mission Ready Mining corp and its 2,400+ members. MRM's mercs washed their hands of the situation when Kalorned's corp rebooted to dissolve their wardec. But MRM's own wardec against Kalorned's gank alt corp was imminent.
Lilliana Tanaka > Some of them are genuinely afraid of you.
Kalorned > They shouldn't be, if they took some time to understand certain mechanics
Kalorned > It always falls back to the leadership though
Kalorned > Corp leadership failures cause the new players to be scared
Kalorned > What I'm getting at is your corp is bad and you should feel bad
The lieutenant in charge of MRM's Gelhan forces was Lilliana Tanaka. She engaged in a debate with Kalorned in advance of the wardec. The debate went about as you'd expect.
Lilliana Tanaka > You bump miners... and mince words. It's cute. Don't get me wrong. But don't overplay your hand.
Captain BrewSir > Kalorned since you'r big on educate, why do you gank alphas with ventures?
Kalorned > Captain BrewSir to educate them
By this point, Kalorned's earlier lessons about -10 security status alts and wardec mechanics was beginning to sink in. The miners of MRM no longer had confidence that the wardec would turn the tide in their favor.
Captain BrewSir > Kalorned i can fly skiff, alphas can fly only ventures, it's not education.
Kalorned > Captain BrewSir it is education - they are learning not to fly ventures
Captain BrewSir > Kalorned nope, it's just douchebagery
Kalorned > If they can't take away these very basic lessions they shouldn't be playing the game
Lilliana Tanaka > That's for you to decide?
Kalorned > Yes
Since they were unable to defeat our Agent in combat or by using EVE game mechanics, the only remaining option was to talk Kalorned out of enforcing the Code.
Lilliana Tanaka > So you're saying, Kalorned gets to pick who can and can't play EvE Online...
Kalorned > The choice is ultimately up to them
Kalorned > They can learn from their misfourtoune and continue playing
Lilliana Tanaka > Uh huh
Kalorned > Otherwise they're going to have a bad time and probably quit
The miners had convinced themselves that Kalorned was the bad guy. As time went on, though, the evidence continued to accumulate--in the other direction.
Menomine Hekki > so you will just drop corp over and over/
Kalorned > Yes of course
Menomine Hekki > that thing against ccp regulations?
Kalorned > It's fine, don't worry about it friend
Captain BrewSir > Menomine Hekki so is multibox software, but pssst
Menomine Hekki > huh ill have to ask ccp about this
Nevertheless, MRM carebears still couldn't understand why our Agent was able to prevail while so heavily outnumbered. He must be cheating.
Lilliana Tanaka > Eh, I don't care if CCP nails you or not.
Lilliana Tanaka > But if you really cared about these miners you've harassed
Lilliana Tanaka > your boys will let them have a few good fights.
Lilliana Tanaka > Show them that pvp can be fun, and they don't need to hide on the indy side
Kalorned > I will duel anyone anytime anywhere in any ship, they simply must prove their honor
Our Agent was unshakable. He stood by the principles that have so radically transformed highsec for the better these past five years.
Georgia B Dixie > They need to make PVP fun for themselves IMO
Georgia B Dixie > Kalorned is providing an opportunity for them to do that, IMO he should be thanked for that
Georgia B Dixie > It's content creation at the end of the day
Lilliana Tanaka > Eh, it's whatever. I don't buy your bullshit
Lilliana Tanaka > You don't give a shit about anyone but your bros, and anything but your content.
A secret Code supporter, Georgia B Dixie, rejoined the Gelhan conversation. When she made her point of view known, she was greeted with suspicion.
Lord Al'Akir > yeah thats a long time to be a tool
Lord Al'Akir > i mean the guy is a tool runs around hi sec picking weak targets and gets his kicks pissing people off
Kalorned > It's almost as if you haven't paid attention to any of the discussion up to this point
Lord Al'Akir > people gank because they want to ruin someone elses day
Just when it seemed that the miners of MRM were about to give up on the Gelhan system entirely, something unexpected occurred: Kalorned vanished. Georgia had good reason to believe that Kalorned had gone out of town and was taking a vacation from EVE; MRM carebears hoped that their petitions had finally been answered. Regardless, Gelhan went quiet, and MRM slowly crept out of their dens to resume mining.

Had Mission Ready Mining won after all?

Out of nowhere, a Machariel appeared and started bumping miners out of the ice anomaly.

It was Georgia B Dixie! In Kalorned's absence, the bumper decided to take up the mantle of New Order Agent and enforce the Code.

MRM miner Baiba Salaspils was taken aback. It was like that Kalorned nightmare all over again!

At first, the miners were in denial. Surely the bumper would go away if asked nicely. Surely this wouldn't be another long, drawn-out campaign. But Baiba's private convo with Georgia went nowhere.

The Code enforcement persisted. It seemed the rebellious miners of the Gelhan system were in for a bumpy ride.

To be continued...


  1. Noncompliant miners depend on being left alone for extended periods of time, and bumping forces them to stay at their keyboards even when they've dropped corp or brick tanked. Blessed are the bumpers.

    1. So Professor, to you this is elite PvP. This is also roleplaying. So that means that you role play a character that is ok with killing unarmed people, now think about that.

      You can accept and play as a person who is actually perfectly fine and happy to promote killing unarmed people.

      A sandbox game allows players to express who they are deep down inside but do not do so in a public setting for fear of reprisal.

      That means you are in fact an actual person who is ok with killing unarmed people.

    2. Ooops seems you commented without paying a permit fee. Sorry Professor looks like trolls are back to screw with ya.

  2. "the rebellious miners of Gelhan were in for a bumpy ride" lol
    Another clever turn of the phrase by the Saviour!


  3. Despite all the case law, despite the Supreme Protector's judgements, these uneducated, ignorant, unwashed plebs still don't understand the simple rule that all highsec belongs to James.

    1. That is what it boils down to. The very existence of noncompliant miners in James 315 Territor is an affront. The audacity that one would to ask a Knight of the Order to leave!

    2. No it does not, and to act as if it does is against the EULA.

    3. Look a Nazi lawyer. Tell me where the Jews touched you

    4. Anon 10:37
      I clearly am Jewish. That should be obvious even to the likes of you. Now pay your taxes to James 315 and be silent before your betters.

    5. No. Besides I see your site is moderated because you found your betters. Have fun with that. Also your not Jewish.

  4. Yes please petition CCP to make disbanding and reforming corps to avoid war decs an exploit...

    1. But then all of Codes corps would have to actually fight instead of cheating.

  5. Good content and story although incorrect . Much like the American president Trump.

    1. That story is incorrect. Here is my specific example:. Oh wait. I meant to say "hot air". Oh well. I'll give some reasons for my post. Oh, there are none? Quick! Mention relevant political reference!!!!1

    2. Oh look, Nitetime Video is crying again

    3. What he is best at.

  6. How hard is it to look in the upper left corner of the UGI? If the number is between .5 and 1.0, the system belongs to James 315 and the Code is the rightful, and enforced, law.

    I mean its staring them right in the face.

    1. Not for James315, No sov in these areas of hisec

    2. worry less about "sov", and more about "sav"-ior
      then get a permit.

    3. Sorry but James is impersonating an elected official and that is against the EULA.

      He does not own anything.

    4. Not a savior, will never need a permit

    5. Sorry but your worshiping the antichrist.

      Yeah he needs to obey the rules of the game and stop impersonating an elected official.

  7. Oh such glory to have nerfed your blog again and to see it still nerfed.

    The code cannot elite blog, they cannot blog properly, and they must be continuously nerfed for infractions against the trolls.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

  8. Since when did code decide people cant fly Ventures?

  9. "A king is he that can hold his own or else his title is vain."

    The Silmarillion J.R.R. Tolkien

    1. "Suck my dick!"

      Ron Jeremy

    2. Dictators ride to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.

      WINSTON CHURCHILL, While England Slept


    3. In a democracy, you believe it or not; in a dictatorship, you believe it or else.



    4. The concept of the benevolent dictator, just like the concepts of the noble thief or the honest whore, is no more than a meaningless fantasy.



    5. Ignorance is an evil weed, which dictators may cultivate among their dupes, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens.


    6. HA James doesn't even gank.

      Guess he just likes to talk and let his robots do the work.

      Cant hold his own.

  10. The code is like a pigeon playing chess:

    It walks onto the board knocks over the pieces, then shits on the board. After that it struts upon the board as if it won.

  11. Kalorned > Otherwise they're going to have a bad time and probably quit. CODE MAKES PLAYERS QUIT! By Kalorned's own admission.

  12. Actually from the devs themselves code encourages players to continue but only contribute to less than 1% of gameplay. They only talk big they really aren't big at all, just a bunch of alts for few people.

  13. So much salt lol.


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