Saturday, August 19, 2017

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #138

Help is on the way--thanks to the New Order. Welcome to yet another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Miners say it's wrong to shoot miners. This "rule" has no basis in anything other than the self-serving desires of the miners. Unlike the Code, which is principled.

The miners who complain about not being warned have it all wrong. When miners lose a ship, that is a warning--about the loss of their future ships. We can take an infinite number of ships away from the carebears.

Van Diethelm was just a disposable PvE alt, but he thought very highly of his main character...

Unfortunately, Van's elite PvP main never appeared. Must've been busy doing something important in nullsec.

Joshua Pugnatores attempted to undermine New Order rule in his favorite mining system. Apparently this anarchist considered laws to be government blackmail.

In fact, our Agents and their Code are the only reason highsec doesn't spiral completely out of control. Can you imagine a highsec run by miners?

Luckily, highsec will never be ruled by miners. The Code is forever.

In the previous edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag, I answered Nion Nostro's questions about the Code. After the post went live on MinerBumping, Nion received a strange EVEmail:

It would seem there are some rebels who troll this blog for potential recruits. Seriously, have they even read the stuff that some of these miners write? No wonder the resistance is so toxic.

Chwho Bacca couldn't care less about the mighty CODE. alliance or the Agent who'd ganked him. I mean, he really didn't care. So much so that he gave quite a bit of thought to how little he cared.

No wonder Chwho Bacca looked down on our Agent. Chwho was the alt of an extraordinarily powerful EVE player. Cool!

With nearly 10 years in the game, Chwho's main character must possess some incredible skills: Mining, docking, going AFK...

The Code is great because the Code is good. It's the most powerful piece of literature ever produced by EVE Online. Why do we send miners a link to the Code after we shoot them? Because the miners need it, and because we care. No wonder EVE's smartest players recognize that we're the good guys.


  1. Replies
    1. Its a shame you cant enforce your authority like james 315 can. Nice try though.

    2. Indeed Wolf, you've hit the nail on the head there.

      To John: That's wonderful news!

      Now all you have to do is write a watertight 'constitution', establish a soar-away blog, form, sustain, and develop a highly successful PvP Alliance, inspire and motivate EVE players from right across New Eden, light the fires of opposing passions - and you'll almost be there!

      So, John, what's your next move?

    3. I employ James315 to do that for me

    4. I claim sovereignty over your sovereignty, and as an Agent of the New Order, mine takes precedence.

    5. Moving into the new studio at Paramount, and to follow your instructions.

    6. It is delusional for anyone to claim sovereignty over Highsec, when it is already governed by the democratically elected James 315, and lovingly nurtured by his dedicated Agents.

      To attempt to undermine James 315 is to undermine the core principal of democracy itself, and to disregard the will of your fellow miners who voted by-proxy for him.

    7. I am here to help and to be helped. Being delusional is a good first step to success.

    8. Im just here for these delusional carebear tears

    9. To say that James 315 was democratically elected is to say that he was elected by the people when in fact he states it himself that he elected himself by proxy. He was not democratically elected. Educate yourself.

      John Pirtle I will support your claims.

    10. Anon 417am: I voted for James 315, as did everyone else. That includes you. Educate yourself.

      John Pirtie: all pretenders to the throne of James 315 have failed. Miserably. They will continue to fail. Miserably.
      Beg the devine forgiveness of James 315, for he is merciful.

      His Agents, however, are not.

    11. Sorry but you will have to provide a CCP official document proving the election results, they have them for every officially elected person. As for everyone voted for him, it is even in his manifesto that he "elected himself". So he even admits that he elected himself and no one else. If your going to be a good agent at least know the bullshit you claim to love.

      Now either James must admit that he was not elected, or he must admit he was and face charges from CCP for impersonating an elected official as that is against the EULA.

      Have a nice day.

    12. There is no need to bow and ask for forgiveness from James315, for he does this freely to all that ask. The second step toward success.

  2. Just got told this morning by miners to make myself solent green, kill myself and they hope I get cancer... all for supporting CODE.!

    miners sheesh...,gonna post those local Abudban logs later when I am at my desktop

    1. Well what do you expect when you constantly refer to a real life Murder and suicide as a platform to insult another in game group. But I guess rules are just for miners and carebears not for anyone who claims to follow James' rules.

    2. Is that like when your agents tell people to be AN HERO's?
      Or when you bring up real life murder?
      Or Kalynn Shardani?
      Seriously if your gonna cry about miners telling you to kill yourself you should at least stop telling them to do it.

    3. Yes please cry about it.

    4. Do not post about it, you must make jihad and kill the unbelievers.

      James Akbar!

    5. hey anonymous 4:19 a.m. I never did stuff like that. I get all this:

      [ 2017.08.19 13:51:19 ] Micos Blowdatup > Aeonaa Kalfren is running around like an litlle Hitler soldier ... hahaha
      [ 2017.08.19 13:51:59 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > Micos Blowdatup why do you have to use such horrible words....dont you know if you overuse a word to something that does not apply it loses meaning?
      [ 2017.08.19 13:52:16 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > its no wonder miners are looked down on so much....saying mean things

      [ 2017.08.19 14:04:02 ] Micos Blowdatup > Fucking new generations don´t get anything ....get your shit toghter now Aeonaa Kalfren ! im getting mad now for real ... are you stuped for real ?
      [ 2017.08.19 14:04:06 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > no rudeness no sloppiness no afk bot aspirancy

      [ 2017.08.19 14:04:56 ] Toidal > people like him are the cancer of eve
      [ 2017.08.19 14:05:04 ] Toidal > then why are you feeding the troll
      [ 2017.08.19 14:05:32 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > Toidal that is an awful disease. you are equating people to a disease that has taken so many lives
      [ 2017.08.19 14:05:45 ] Toidal > well, I hope you catch it
      [ 2017.08.19 14:06:02 ] Toidal > o, you already have it? even better.
      [ 2017.08.19 14:06:05 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > Toidal that is really not cool
      [ 2017.08.19 14:06:10 ] Toidal > it is.

      [ 2017.08.19 14:06:50 ] Micos Blowdatup > If you and i Aeonaa Kalfren where in the same room i would ripp your face off
      [ 2017.08.19 14:07:02 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > Micos Blowdatup threatening people is against te eula
      [ 2017.08.19 14:07:06 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > I could report it
      [ 2017.08.19 14:07:18 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > but I wont cause I am woried about you

      [ 2017.08.19 14:21:16 ] Poopellar > you know what is sad, Aeonaa Kalfren is an alt of JuManFu
      [ 2017.08.19 14:21:35 ] Poopellar > if you're so desperate for attention that you're having a chat with your alt in local
      [ 2017.08.19 14:21:38 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > Poopellar seriously?
      [ 2017.08.19 14:21:42 ] Poopellar > you're better off killing yourself tbh
      [ 2017.08.19 14:21:54 ] Poopellar > the both(tm) of you
      [ 2017.08.19 14:21:58 ] JuManFu > haha omg this dude
      [ 2017.08.19 14:22:00 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > Poopellar dude that is an awful thing tosay

      [ 2017.08.19 14:33:52 ] Aeonaa Kalfren > Tom Shaftoe I dont know what the code response is but the Aeonaa Kalfren response is no one wishes another person to die no matter how much they disagree on things
      [ 2017.08.19 14:34:13 ] Toidal > great, glad we aren't the same
      [ 2017.08.19 14:34:26 ] Toidal > now go go be soilent green
      [ 2017.08.19 14:34:30 ] Toidal > you're worth nothing
      [ 2017.08.19 14:34:41 ] Toidal > not in EVE

      all because I donate to CODE. and bought a permit to support an agent.

    6. Aeonaa Kalfren August 20, 2017 at 5:32 PM said:
      > :words:

      Those miners you quoted are each violating the EULA and The Code. Observe their unfounded sense of entitlement. Notice the presupposition of their own self worth.

      James 315 Territory and New Eden as a whole are better off without such toxic individuals. Gank and bump them into submission, and be sure to petition their bad behaviour. They will either integrate into society or be cast out.

  3. Dear Savior,

    You wrote: "It would seem there are some rebels who troll this blog for potential recruits."

    The correct word to use instead of "troll" should be "trawl". No one "trolls a blog for recruits", they do, however, "trawl a blog for recruits".

    All praise your almighty name.

    Your humble servant,

    1. I have to disagree with you there, GrammarNazi. The meaning of "troll" involving fishing seems to work fine in this context, just like "trawl".

    2. Admitting your a Nazi is the first step. Answering your Nazi followers = PRICELESS.

  4. Another lovely moderated day here at I'm glad to see the continued acceptance of the new order when it comes to moderation. I will allow this blog to have a few days without my presence so as to see if you have indeed achieved a level of maturity where you can be left alone without supervision.

    I hope to return to find you have continued to remain compliant of the new rules.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

  5. I claim supreme rule over all space.

  6. Oh boy I actually like that ragey guys idea, just think of it boys miners blowing up left and right, getting popped for not having a permit, getting popped for having one. Its madness, and if he does get enough people then it would just be fires blazing across high sec everywhere.

    Talk about a hot time.

    Come on Jamey boy lets have some fun with that, I like it, just good old fashioned chaos.

  7. "I am a big account of a big player in Eve"

    Do these people realize how stupid they sound?

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