Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Powerful Nullsec Alts Go to Nullsec

Rebel carebears are a paradox. They remain in highsec for the extra safety, yet they reject the safety of the Code--thus ensuring their destruction. Chwho Bacca knew all about the Code, but his failure to obey it led to the demise of his yield-fit Hulk.

If that name sounds familiar, it's because Chwho's EVEmails were featured in Highsec Miner Grab Bag #138.

As you'll recall, Chwho claimed to be the alt of a "big player" from nullsec. Today, let's see if we can discover the identity of his powerful nullsec alliance.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Gheth
Chwho Bacca > fuck off
Lawrence Lawton > Welcome to zkillboard, 8 year old virgin!
Laanndo > Why would you do that?
Agent Lawrence Lawton was drawn to Chwho in part because the miner had spent so many years in EVE without being recorded on a killboard.
Laanndo > He comes back
Laanndo > He is an old player
Artemis Athonile > Welcome back to Eve
Lawrence Lawton > I wanted to see what kind of goo you had in your head
Lawrence Lawton > You were also missing a mining permit.
Chwho's Orca alt, Laanndo, did most of the talking.
Lawrence Lawton > Kill: Chwho Bacca (Capsule)
Lawrence Lawton > Just a standard set? I feel bullied.
Laanndo > Bunch of yellow belly's
Laanndo > Couldnt survive in null sec
Laanndo > So you come here
The highsec miner looked down on our Agent for choosing to PvP in highsec--yet Laanndo himself had spent close to a decade mining in highsec.
Enkidooo Arnolles > We're cowards because we don't want to lose ISK?
Lawrence Lawton > As the CEO you should understand that there is no mining in James 315 Territory without permission.
Laanndo > English mofo...do you speak it?
Laanndo > Yeah yeah
Laanndo > James lol
Laanndo > Eat a sausage
We've seen that miners are crabby folk who tend to argue with each other; in the absence of an Agent, they'll extract each others' tears. Laanndo accidentally insulted Enkidooo Arnolles, a fellow highsec miner who was offended by the idea that only cowards avoid nullsec.
Enkidooo Arnolles > Getting tired of bouncing the noobs yet?
Lawrence Lawton > The Code is over five years old now miner. I'm surprised that the other miners in system didn't explain it to you. You must be quite upset with them.
Laanndo > I know who CODe are ya plank
Enkidooo Arnolles > I'm just shaking in my booties
Lawrence Lawton > Bot-aspirancy, missing permit, failure to tank, and AFK.
As Lawrence continued his conversation with Laanndo, Enkidooo became increasingly confused. He thought at least one of the two was talking to him.
Laanndo > I know all about you, but my motto is, go and f* yourself :D Cause... Memes
Laanndo > Bot? In a hulk? What moron would Bot in a hulk :D
Laanndo > You have to empty every few seconds
Laanndo > ffs lol
Enkidooo Arnolles > Look I get what Code is trying to do...I"m not even in oppostion to it
Oddly, Laanndo insisted that he wasn't botting because he needed to empty his Hulk every few seconds. Apparently he never considered that a bot could perform that task. Regardless, Laanndo was certainly a bot-aspirant.
Lawrence Lawton > It's a laundry list of charges miner. I am willing to forgive your crimes if you buy a site license for your corp and promise to follow THE NEW HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT.
Laanndo > CODE are just null sec rejects that gets their as kicked
Laanndo > If you went to the south, yo uwould get your sass handed to ya
Laanndo > But you attack ships without guns
Laanndo > Because your a bunch of nerds that play spaceship games
Highsec miner Laanndo continued to pour scorn on all those who live in highsec--his barbs once again hitting Enkidooo by mistake.
Enkidooo Arnolles > i'm sorry am I supoosed to be impressed by this?
Laanndo > No...
Enkidooo Arnolles > Or perhaps you're not talkin to me
Lawrence Lawton > If you're going to play EVE, better to PvP than suck rocks.
Laanndo > ..Go forth little penis man....seed your oats to non pvp players and show the world how small your man hood really is
Lawrence wasn't impressed by Laanndo. Our Agents have learned to be very distrustful of highsec miners and their secret nullsec greatness.
Laanndo > For all you know I could be apart of a large null sec alliance multi boxing
Laanndo > alts dude
Laanndo > Tell James to suck my turds
Laanndo > Lick my boots
Lawrence Lawton > Calm down miner.
Laanndo > I am not angry
Laanndo > I am just like...that isnt even art what you do lol
Try as he might, Laanndo couldn't persuade Lawrence to believe him. Needless to say, reimbursement was off the table. For all his bluster, Laanndo did manage to do some good, though--even if by accident.

It wasn't Laando's intent, but Enkidooo had been stung by Laanndo's anti-highsec remarks. He decided to give up highsec mining and join a nullsec alliance.

And as for Laanndo and his alt?

I guess a highsec miner can only go so long before he grows tired of falsely claiming to belong to a nullsec alliance. The solution: Join a nullsec alliance for real! And with the departure of those miners, highsec becomes a little more compliant.


  1. Your blog is compliant save for the unacceptable comments made by WOLF SOPRANO, till this action is corrected my agents will continue to spam your blog.

    Rectify this issue immediately.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

    1. The very thought of me sends carebears into a spasm. I appear, and they run squealing like little pigs to the slaughter. I speak, and they cry "James, save us from Wolf, he's mean!!!!11!!!"

      As for your request, it is denied. You have no right to demand anything. You have one right and one right only: Follow the Code.

      That is all you need to know.

    2. Hahahahaha. This whole section is great.

      p.s antigankers are failing non-stop daily ALL the time!!!1 XD XD XD

    3. Well then let the spamming continue.

      Sorry James but your lack of control over your agents is disappointing, a good leader must be able to enforce his rules on his subordinates, anyone who fails to do so it a poor leader.

      Trolls win, ALWAYS!

    4. Understand WOLF SOPRANO I am not making the demand of you, why would I sully my time demanding a lackey to follow the law, no I am demanding that your leader put you in your appropriate place, you play your game and enforce your law as see fit in the game, but here in the internet you must abide by blog law, you have a proclaimed leader and therefor we address him, you are just a lackey with no power.

      Follow the law or be spammed, you do not run this blog, therefor you are of no consequence. James however must be the one who runs this blog so I will address him about your failure to comply.

      Trolls win, ALWAYS!

    5. Wolf Soprano, calm down commenter, no one is attacking you we are addressing your superior and dolling out penalty for infractions made to blog law, you are the one to have brought up the infraction but it is your boss we must address not his underlings.

      Go play now.

    6. Poor Soppy he thinks we are addressing him, he thinks he has power in this blog, what a deluded fool, this is how James has failed to be a leader, he cannot get his followers to understand that he is the responsible one and he must instruct his followers on how to behave properly, he has a set of rules for them to follow yes but it seems he holds none of them to those standards.

      Failure from the leaders means failure for the whole.

    7. How cute Wolfy boy thinks we play his space shooter game. Sorry kid but we don't play your space pirate game we moderate and investigate infractions of blog law. Now go play your game while we enforce the law, the blog moderator did not abide by the laws and now must be spammed, with no less than 100 posts per day.

    8. Whats with the 11, you too stupid to hold the shift key while press 1? James has a special needs kid here.

  2. Wow who knew there were all these big players in EVE that mine high sec in fail fit Hulks in their spare time?

  3. I sense an inundation of tears headed for this comment section.


    1. Look Galaxy pig has already told us he is going to cry.

    2. Warning, Galaxy pig has alerted us that he will be crying today, make sure you have his pacifier and security blanket.

  4. EVE can be somewhat disappointing in that out of all the threats certain players issue, none are ever followed up.

    You're such cowards, aren't you.

    1. Rules, you need to follow up on them. You know actually follow them. your either a hypocrite or your too stupid to follow your own rules.

  5. the more I read how miners behave the more I feel I did the right thing supporting CODE

    miners need to straighten out their act and stop being so hostile in a pvp game

    1. This coming from a Nazi, good job.

    2. Code needs to start acting appropriately in a public blog or continue to be spammed by trolls. Those are the rules and we have a 100% success rate, we never fail to enforce public blog law.

  6. Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.

  7. When miners get that mad it makes me worry that soon they will be trying to emulate kalynn. Can't anyone save the poor shitters? Are they all doomed?

    1. Its agents like you always bringing a real life death into the metagaming environment that proves you cannot differentiate between the game and life. Its Your constant bringing up of the dead that caused the infraction in blog law that now makes James suffer through hundreds of comments a day.

      Do as instructed and be compliant.

      Trolls win, ALWAYS!

    2. anon325 seems a bit rabid. Having problems seperating the game from actual important stuffs?

      I guess it's a good thing you have these comments to cry in, probably saves your family much abuse. Please comtinue to vent your frustrations here, we do worry about your family.

      Don't be a kalynn, seek help now friend!

    3. Another one who cannot differentiate between reality and a game. What a pity.

  8. Looks like the code failed again. Cant even do simple tasks like follow the rules. No wonder their parents tried to abort them.

  9. I see James 315 has yet to put his subordinate in line. Maybe we should put in another article for him to read in 100+ different parts. Should we do science fiction or predictions on space exploration?

    1. It doesn't matter what you do anon848. Whatever you try, it just proves that you are mad and unable to control yourself. Lashing out solves nothing, but it does alert the adults that you need supervision.

    2. Calm down commenter, we are the adults here and your blog is in violation. Once it is compliant we will only observe and remind.

      This is for the good of all blogs.

  10. Looks more like Lawrence got put in his place, didn't want to offend the real pvp star from Pandemic Horde. Good call Pandemic Horde are true pvp stars while code just pretends.

    Pandemic Horde you are true saviors of the game.

    1. "the real pvp star"

      Do you mean this dude?

      Oh yeah! He's a real pvp star....

      It's amazing to me how some people get so mad that they end up posting lies and tears uncontrollably.

      Is it embarrassing to be an "adult" and still act that juvenile? Maybe you can overcome whatever disability it is that makes you act like that in public.

  11. What happened to Lawrence its like he just froze up around the Horde guy. Did he piss himself?

  12. Wow this site is still nerfed, looks like your losing that battle of comments and blogging. You poor dipshits.

    1. Calm down commenter.

      My mother is not part of this issue, please act like an adult and follow the proper protocols for commenting. Content is being moderated for the betterment of this blog.

  13. I can tell you know nothing about pvp, elite or otherwise, and even less about PH. All of your teary comments make you look weak, spineless even. If you were a real EvE player you would be out shooting those characters that you don't like in game, not crying like a toddler in these comments.

    Were you trained by rusell maybe?

    Good luck to you whineyanon, maybe one day you will have the guts to play the game correctly. Maybe.

  14. Hey whineyanon535, what have you ever done in this game?

    That's right, nothing. But you try hard when it's time to cry in these comments, too bad for you that's nothing to brag about.

  15. We do not play games we research blogs and moderate them as seen fit by blog law. You play the games we watch and enforce blog law. Do not act surprised we have been doing this for years we just had not come across your blog till recently. Change is good and moderation is good to help better content emerge and do away with unwanted content.

    This is better for all just accept it and be content with knowing that unwanted comments will be removed and a compliant and helpful blog will emerge.


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