Thursday, August 31, 2017

Overconfidence and Underconfidence

The carebears of highsec have a lot of problems. Two of the biggest: Overconfidence, and a lack of confidence. Confused? Read on.

By now, we're all familiar with the loudmouth, braggart miner who claims to have powerful friends in nullsec, or possibly an elite PvP main character.

One such miner demanded Agent Bing Bangboom fight him in Deklein. Curiously, the miner wasn't ganked himself; Skvatman merely witnessed a nearby miner being ganked and got triggered.

When miners start behaving like they're entitled, our Agents remain courteous, professional--and assert their authority. The New Order is always in charge.

Nevertheless, people who have done nothing in EVE other than AFK mine in highsec will still try to puff up their egos with big talk.

So many highsec miners are in desperate need of humility. They need it far more than they need ore, ice, or isk.

As we've seen, overconfidence--the same character flaw that contributes to miners slinking around highsec without a permit--is a big problem.

...But so is underconfidence. So many miners absorb one gank and become completely helpless.

Although ganking has been scientifically proven to increase retention rates overall, some miners feel utterly defeated by the loss of a single ship.

The underconfident miner no longer believes in his own ability to succeed in EVE. These miners are incredibly lucky that our Agents usually stick around to help them after a gank.

Nevertheless, newly Retriever-less miners can feel so worthless that they don't even have the strength of mind to read the Code. Think about that. The sluggards can't even read!

"If I can't AFK mine in total safety, I may as well crawl into a hole and hibernate." Sometimes I wonder if these miners have anyone in their life who cares about them--aside from our Agents.

New Order Agents are advised to exercise extreme caution when dealing with depressed miners: They may be putting on an act to extract sympathy isk. Stay on your guard!

(Protip: All human civilizations in world history involve people "making claims on shit and using lethal force to enforce it.")

The underconfident miners are lucky, because when they seek help, they always get it. They get it in the form of the Code. (Now available in six languages!)


  1. And straight after being ganked, Rex went directly to Lowsec and fought bravely.

    Proof that the New Order is a caring, educating institution, working for the betterment of all.

    Unlike those hissy fits in AG, whose only contribution is to show how to fail, daily.

    1. And rex fought bravely in low sec which is a place where code cannot tread because they hide in high sec and cannot pvp.

  2. A portion of that 315,000,000,000 given as reparations to wronged Eve players would go a long way to mend Jamey's despicable reputation. But of course his greed would never, ever let that ISK go.

    1. That ISK is returned every day, one Catalyst at a time. Spent on the tools and tactics that have proven effective on the criminals and corporations that harbor them. By teaching the carebears through punitive actions, gankers are using the donations as efficiently as possible, and in the carebears best interest.

      If you just gave the money back to the carebears they would immediately use it to further break the law, endangering themselves and the good, law abiding, tax paying populace. The good citizens of Hisec can rest assured that their donations are bein spent wisely by their duly elected officials.

      Nice try though.

    2. Oh yeah the bailout from AG, yeah just more proof that Code is just as greedy as miners, hide in high sec like miners, and refuse actual pvp like miners. So they are miners.

    3. Keep trying hard cryanon635. Cry some more over your inability to stop the mean ol' gankers...

      In a video game.

    4. Calm down code miner

  3. DB: We are starting to see a space race between India and China and I think that is going to play out gradually over the next few years.

    SP: I don’t really think there’s a race in that sense. For China space is a way of instilling national pride and support for the Communist Party, a way of improving industrial quality and of attracting young people into the science and technology fields.

    DB: In the West we get a new space policy with every new president or government. There is a general lack of continuity and a lot of time and money are wasted. China has the advantage in this – it has a non-democratic political system that can lay out plans several years in the future and expect to see those accomplished.

    SP: The Americans are committed to be there until 2024, the problem is whether our partners will be there through that time and that depends on the future relationship with Russia. Both the US and Russia are very tied to the ISS, it’s a deeply mutually dependent exercise. Every effort is made to insulate that from other problems in our relationship.

    DB: The Russians can’t continue to operate the ISS on their own, as it’s not owned by them. I think the whole thing will be deorbited. By the time we get to 2020 it will be more than 20 years since the initial elements were launched.

    SP: The future of the space station depends on the future of international partnership. And if we don’t have a clear path on what we do next after the space station, the real answer is we’re going to be going out of business. Human spaceflight will certainly continue but it won’t be led by the West.

    DB: We are seeing a number of quite serious concerns about keeping it running. Over the last year we’ve seen a lift in the number of hours spent on maintenance.

    SP: By the mid 2020s we’ll see a Chinese station up there and Europe is in discussions with China over having one of its astronauts on board.

  4. Lawrence must have written this shit today.

    1. I cannot seem to find anyone in game with your name john, and no connections to EVE in your blogger profile.

      You are still just an anon, even with the false bravado.

      You would get more respect as an anon, instead of a try hard throw away identity.

      What you so mad about friend?

    2. Calm down code miner.

  5. Ah, another buzzword miner. This one chose 'noob'. If it seems ironic that a pubbie would turn inexperience into an insult, consider that he is most likely projecting his own insecurity onto others. In other words, he is trying to take control of that insult he is most vulnerable to, before it can be used against him.

    He need not be so fearful. New Order Agents do not discriminate based on age or (in)experience. We care only that capsuleers respect James 315 sovereign territory and embrace the PvP spirit of EVE.

    1. Nevertheless Never

    2. Check the article again Lawton looks like one of your agents refusing PVP and hiding as always. People that hide in high sec and flee from duels and combat are all miners.

      Keep trying code miner.

  6. The Code always wins! Always!

    1. If you check the record Concord always wins.

      Keep trying miner.

  7. In before " you have been trying to kill me for years " just as irrelevant now as you were then. Just stay mad and licking the undocks.

    1. Karma, maybe your butt hurts too much to admit your failure.

    2. Concord never fails, another article and more of codes ships being destroyed, except this one has one of his agents cowering in high sec failing to accept a PVP duel. WOW such miners.

    3. whineyanon536, where was an Agent offered a pvp duel?

      I know I have seen many carebears offer to shoot at a ganker if the ganker would be so kind as to undock while onder GCC, but anytime a ganker has agreed to fight any ag in low or null (where game mechanics allow -10's to stay on the field more than 20 seconds) the ag miners ALWAYS fail to show up.


      Or did you not know that gankers cannot undock during GCC without CONCORD showing up?

    4. Failed to read as well, no wonder you stay in high sec.

  8. Another example of how Code refuses to dual and PVP. I think they use a term for people like that.....


    1. Where is that example whineyanon? Where did one of you scared little ag girls actually offer to "dual"(sic) any gankers?

      Are you basing your claims on the fact that gankers cannot undock and do anything during their 15 minute GCC? Well that's game mechanics, something whineyanons knows nothing about.

      If you truly think gankers won't go to low or null to kill you then you should feel perfectly safe offering a challenge to any highsec ganker to meet your pvp char in any low or nullsec system of your choosing for one of those "duals" you think are so important.

      So offer your challenge on your pvp char and you can prove your claims. Or forever be known as just another whiney little highsec mineranon.

      Whiney and wrong, it's the highsec miner way.

    2. Bring it then, all your killboards say is you all die in low sec (Whoa Proof). Feeling froggy code miner, then jump, till then keep playing saviors and miners.

  9. That's a very orientalist thing to say.

    Xerxes wasn't Scandinavian, Genghis Khan wasn't American, Oda Nobunaga was absolutely not European. Fairly sure Tokugawa Ieyasu didn't talk like a pirate either.

    Mind you, none were anti-ganking. All four succeeded in some way.

  10. And all four died in glorious battle, something code knows nothing about, they don't actually fight.

    Stay in high sec miners, that where you belong.

  11. Anon 12:20
    You are, as always, factually wrong on so many counts. I doubt you know you're wrong, such is the scale of your imbecility.

    Tokugawa Ieyasu died of illness, aged 73. He did not fall in battle.

    Oda Nobunaga committed seppuku. He did not fall in battle.

    Xerxes was murdered by one of his own men. He did not fall in battle.

    And Khan's death is not factually recorded.

    A little research would have saved you the embarrassment of your errors, but as ever, nothing but failure can be expected of cretins such as yourself. You really should get a permit, little carebear, a permit to learn internets.

  12. The whineyanon crying about gankers not dueling or pvping could get a duel or pvp from CODE. any time she wishes just by posting under her in-game name. She claims gankers can't pvp but she won't try to pvp them. Come on whineyanon, just ask with your pvp pilot and you will have all the pvp you could ever want, unless you are scared.


    What? You don't actually HAVE a pvp character? But you sperg all day about gankers and pvp, as if you were quite experienced!

    How could you know anything about pvp without a pvp pilot?
    How could you have a pvp pilot and be scared to fight gankers with it?

    Oh I get it, all you can do is whine here because you are one of those scared solo highsec afk miners, playing EVE wrong, and your primary weapon is tears.

    At least you have plenty of ammo..

    1. N I just laugh at how all you code miners play like your doing great things being little miner bumpers while real pvp takes place. Its entertaining to see how you act.

      Like die hard marines watching kids play with GI Joes.

      Make sure you take down that evil terrorist organization code, we sure are counting on you.

  13. Sorry I've been absent eve, just getting shit sorted, I'll be back! Snigie Audanie! I've missed the hunt!

  14. You know nothing of what a man leaves on the battlefield, stay home snowflake.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.


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