Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Awesome Samaritan, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Twelve-year EVE veteran William Bell suffered the tragic loss of his even more tragically-fit Hulk. But his luck turned for the better when he ran into Kintaro Kitsuji, who offered to help him get back on his feet. What William apparently didn't realize, however, is that Kintaro was an Agent of the New Order.
William Bell > well I hope I can trust you because starting over......idk if I could take that right now.
William Bell > to much going on with life
Kintaro Kitsuji > I feel you.
William Bell > I'm 34 and a truck driver who will be going back on the road the following monday
Kintaro offered to help William move his belongings into a safer area of highsec. William was a little nervous about the idea of handing over all of his assets to a complete stranger, but what choice did he have?
William Bell > checking charon stats.... I hope to have one someday:)
Kintaro Kitsuji > They're easy to get into. And you should keep your ISK.
Kintaro Kitsuji > Let's get your stuff here and then put up orders for Amarr.
William Bell > ok I'll start gathering things together
William dreamed of one day owning a freighter, presumably so that he could send it AFK into Uedama. For now, though, he didn't need a freighter. Kintaro was willing to transport William's stuff for him.
Kintaro Kitsuji > Where abouts will it be? I'll start that way.
William Bell > most in Autaris
Kintaro Kitsuji > Nice, only 17 jumps and I can keep it in highsec.
William Bell > I need to buy a new clone how do I do that
Kintaro Kitsuji > Clones don't get upgraded anymore.
William Bell > I don't want to die and loose my skill points
Much had changed in the 9 years since William claimed he'd last played. While William organized his property in preparation for handing it over to Kintaro, our Agent helpfully answered all of William's questions.
Kintaro Kitsuji > No SP loss on being podded.
William Bell > that's a plus
Kintaro Kitsuji > ISK is a bit easier to get now, too.
William Bell > i see the astroids are bigger
William Bell > well looks like I'll have to sell my ore, you can't take it in one trip
Kintaro Kitsuji > I can compress it.
Strangely--perhaps alarmingly--William asked no questions about how to get a mining permit or obey the Code. It was a major blind spot for the miner.
William Bell > how much m3 can you carry again?
William Bell > I'm at 1,535,036.7 with ore
Kintaro Kitsuji > No worries, I can run twice.
William Bell > ok thx a ton man, I really really appriciate this
Kintaro Kitsuji > No worries. I know the pain of being ganked hard.
Agent Kintaro was more than willing to help a miner in need. It's in the Agent job description, after all.
Kintaro Kitsuji > So, I hate ganking.
William Bell > NO JOKE!
Kintaro Kitsuji > Compressed Solid Pyroxeres
Kintaro Kitsuji > Compressed ore.
William Bell > double/triple checking everything
Kintaro Kitsuji > Awesome.
Kintaro tested William to see where he stood on the subject of ganking. William was against it. Kintaro took note of this.
William Bell > setting up contract now
Kintaro Kitsuji > kk
Kintaro Kitsuji > I've got a couple contracts going that way anyhow, so it works out.
William Bell > they guys that pvpd me posts their kills , the first one they have is a charon.....didn't make me feel so good because I really really want one
William did have a few points in his favor. First, he had the presence of mind to check the killboards of those who'd ganked him. Second, he acknowledged that the gankers had "PvP'ed" him. He didn't have the "ganking isn't PvP" mindset that so many rebel carebears do. Maybe William really had been absent for the last 9 years, and had avoided some of the rebels' poison.
William Bell > LOL the value of this first haul just about made me fall over
Kintaro Kitsuji > Heh, I won't even look.
Kintaro Kitsuji > It'll go into plastic wrap.
Kintaro Kitsuji > don't worry about a per jump charge
Kintaro Kitsuji > just make it 0
William Bell > I just hope you're as nice as you seem:)
Kintaro Kitsuji > Yeah, lol
William separated all of his worldly possessions into two separate courier contracts. Since William enjoyed mining and hauling, I suppose he'd taken the time to at least learn about the contract feature.
William Bell > lol this one too for est. value lol AAHHH!!!!!! lol
Kintaro Kitsuji > hahahaha
William Bell > well I hope nothing happens because it took a long time to get that stuff.
Kintaro Kitsuji > It'll be fine.
Now it was time for William to entrust everything he owned to Kintaro, who had patiently waited for the opportunity to prove himself.

Kintaro accepted both contracts and prepared to transport William's possessions to their intended destination. Just as Kintaro was about to do this, he noticed something very troubling: William Bell didn't have a mining permit. Was he a bot-aspirant? Kintaro certainly didn't want to be accused of facilitating another player's bot-aspirancy. Now our Agent had no choice but to open the courier packages and see if there was any additional incriminating evidence.

Kintaro's heart sank when he discovered what was inside the packages. In addition to a large supply of illegally-sourced ore, William had a collection of mining crystal blueprints and other contraband. Kintaro decided to confiscate everything. In all, 600 million isk of property was taken from William (who was old enough to think of that as a lot of money).

Following this action, William cut off all communication with Kintaro. This is not uncommon, as many carebears are so greedy that they treat their friendships in a very transactional manner. Nevertheless, Kintaro was satisfied that justice had been done. You might say this victory for the Code was nearly ten years in the making. The CODE always wins--always--no matter how long it takes.


  1. Kintaro Kitsuji I know your heart broke into a thousand pieces after seeing all that miner stuff ready to be used for nonpermit operations especially after you gave it your all to welcome back a player

    you did the right thing though...the sale of that stuff will help build a better miner community

    you will see!

  2. The way William fell for Kintaro, it's astonishing he didn't give his home address, cell number, bank account details. 'Twas love at first sight.

    Note to carebears: this is NOT an invitation for you to scam in real life.

    1. Yeah we keep telling Code agents that but they keep on trying.

    2. No, it's just good practice. Once a scammer always a scammer, in all facets.

    3. Just stop trying to steal in real life, its getting annoying.

  3. Damn, I actually felt bad for the dude.

  4. Yep, just as I predicted. One of Jamey's CHODE. slaves preying on the weak. They have no sense of decency, or shame for that matter.

  5. I commend you, Kintaro, for your kind-hearted offer of help to a pilot in need. What a shame that he tried to take advantage of your kindness by trying to smuggle contraband.

    I certainly hope that Mr Bell learned a valuable lesson that crime does not pay. A purchase of a mining permit would be a good first step in his rehabilitation.


  6. why didn't antiganking stop these evil scammers? oh yeah they are actively trying to fail hard non-stop daily.

  7. You're so right. That miner had no heart and no brain.

  8. It's so heartwarming to see these dedicated agents selflessly enduring their sisyphean struggle to educate these poor miners.

    Mr Bell received the lesson of a lifetime. Such knowledge has no price in ISK, so whatever it took him was a bargain.

    I will hold onto the hope that one day he will express his gratitude towards the benevolent agent who took all this effort to make him more knowledgeable.

    Praise James!

    1. No we must kill him for not being one with our code

      James Akbar!

    2. Yes, kill James315!!!

  9. Ah its so nice to see that has been staying compliant for so long now. I am glad that your group and James 315 has decided it is best to keep this site nerfed for the well being of its followers and visitors.

    Do remember you have to comply by the rules or you will be trolled and prosecuted again.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

    1. Dear anonymous carebear, we just want original tears, not the same pages of spam every day. This is why your posts are allowed, as they at least vary a little bit.

      Hope this helps.

      -Galaxy Pig

    2. I'm sorry Galaxy pig but again your blog is moderated in accordance with rules that must be followed or a repeat of past actions will occur. Now if you are seeking new content I suggest you seek a new website as the articles here seem to be quite repetitious.

      Please do try to stop crying, make people worry about you.

      Your better,

  10. Eve really sucks a big one now

  11. The problem with code is the simple fact that they are hypocrites. They claim to be doing "elite PvP" yet they do not do any PvP, They do not fight players who fight back, they would get more fight from NPC's. They also claim to hate "nerfing" yet what they do is nerfing, they are eliminating players that could rise up and provide an elite PvP experience and thus allow the code to have the glory of claiming an elite status. Instead they are keeping them down so that they never get to that point. By doing this they are in fact keeping the game nerfed in their favor.

    Code does not want elite PvP they want the game to remain nerfed in their favor.

    1. Thanks for your inane drivel anon.
      One day you might even pull your head out of the sand little ostrich.
      Perhaps you could "show us how its done" Oh wont even show us who you are.

      Its good of you to try new things tho, like thinking. Just keep at it, you might succeed one of these days.


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