Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Solitude Investigation, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Solitude region was full of dangers, but Agent Bob the Fourth faced them all with extraordinary courage and skill. After months of uninterrupted victories, Bob was confronted by his most formidable opponent yet: Abaddon Remillard.
Abaddon Remillard > please nigger I stopped mining 2 yrs a go
Abaddon Remillard > Now I'm your worst nightmare
Abaddon Remillard > Skilled up and looking for retribution on your arse.
Bob the Fourth > this is not the way to a peaceful end. 10 million isk per character is a small price to pay for a whole year of safety.
Abaddon Remillard > Nigger please you have to die by my hand is fated by the Gods.
Bob hoped for a nonviolent solution, but Abaddon was only interested in combat. The rebel was determined to stop Bob from ever enforcing the Code again.
Bob the Fourth > okay, just out of interest, if you're not a miner, why do you care about this system? Mining is about all it's good for.
Abaddon Remillard > I wat to get rid of the pestilence that is James 315.
Abaddon Remillard > It is gone and the goons are ripe for retribution.
Abaddon Remillard > The geoploitical timimg is perfct.
Abaddon revealed that for all these years, hiding in his dark, obscure corner of highsec, he'd nursed a grudge against the Saviour of Highsec and the Goons. Now his moment had arrived.
Abaddon Remillard > I mined foe 3 years (not botming) thje hard way.
Bob the Fourth > retribution against the goons? how are you going to do that from high sec?
Abaddon Remillard > Are you retarded by taking small pieces of you. "death by a thousandbcuts".
Abaddon Remillard > "Goons"are irelevant.
Abaddon Remillard > Lets be real.
Bob the Fourth > ok
Three years of mining gives a man a lot of time to think. Abaddon had spent that time devising a strategy for defeating the New Order and turning the entire EVE galaxy on its head.
Abaddon Remillard > Lets pretend i'm not stupid ok.
Bob the Fourth > ok, lets.
Abaddon Remillard > epic fight like McGregor and that pussy Mayweather.
Abaddon Remillard > Pussy!!!!
Abaddon Remillard > You are just like Mayweather pick your fight the ones that you can win.
Abaddon Remillard > Typical American.
Like so many other villains, Abaddon couldn't resist sharing his plan with Bob. He had difficulty articulating it, so he indulged in a little pre-fight trash talk instead.
Bob the Fourth > really, are we calling each other names now?
Abaddon Remillard > You can't fight for shit
Abaddon Remillard > Is that clear enough?
Bob the Fourth > hmm, and here it is you, asking me to leave.
Abaddon Remillard > I respect you but at the end of the day you are a pussy.
Abaddon Remillard > You are a bully and a coward
Abaddon accidentally suggested that he respected bullying and cowardice. So far, Bob was unimpressed by what Abaddon had to offer, but the threat remained very real.
Bob the Fourth > I wonder what that makes the alliance that can't get rid of me?
Abaddon Remillard > Fuck the nlliance
Abaddon Remillard > look what is in front of you
Bob the Fourth > ok,, at this moment, a belt full of compliant ships
Abaddon Remillard > Complient for how long Mayweather
Abaddon Remillard > I mined for 3 yrs not going back when I can kill you
Abaddon Remillard > Complient that
So far, Bob had been able to enforce the Code at will. He held the field, so to speak. It was up to Abaddon to take some action that would change the game. Bob waited.
Bob the Fourth > that's the thing isn't it, you can't kill me.
Abaddon Remillard > Lol really you think thats true...god thats a joke.
Abaddon Remillard > I found you in lowsec today what makes you think I can't find you anywhere.
Abaddon Remillard > Please Nigger.
Bob encouraged Abaddon to explain what he was talking about. The rebel couldn't quite manage that, but he did seem extremely confident. Maybe Abaddon had something up his sleeve after all.
Bob the Fourth > by found, i gather you mean watched me fly by
Abaddon Remillard > Lol yes I was flying by...but what happended if I stop and started to pay attention to you.
Bob the Fourth > um, about as much as is happening now i would assume.
Abaddon Remillard > lets stop the Bullshit and the Bravado and do this right now.
Bob the Fourth > what would you like to do? i'm open to discuss your permit purchase.
As the two men sized each other up, the tension in local only rose.
Abaddon Remillard > Fuck that shit
Abaddon Remillard > Fight me
Abaddon Remillard > 45 Bil for me.
Abaddon Remillard > And my number 2 is not far behind me.
Abaddon Remillard > Do you care about your pawns Bob?
As time went on, Abaddon became more and more eager to fight Bob. One of the most important combat skills in EVE is the ability to force an opponent into battle with you. But did Abaddon have a strategy other than begging?
Bob the Fourth > which pawns would they be then? Do tell.
Abaddon Remillard > Are we not playing a geopolitical game
Abaddon Remillard > Please Negro.
Bob the Fourth > tell me more of the grand game that's afoot
Abaddon Remillard > Lol it begins with you going "all in".
Earlier, Abaddon had made a bunch of poker references. They never went anywhere, and Abaddon abandoned the theme. Suddenly it reappeared.
Abaddon Remillard > You are being played.
Bob the Fourth > played by?
Abaddon Remillard > Me.
Abaddon Remillard > Who else
Abaddon Remillard > You were caught on the flop being encouraged in the turn and crucified on the river and you have no idea. Lol.
Apparently Abaddon thought the whole card shark (or card sharp) thing made him look cool. Sadly, it did not.
Abaddon Remillard > You have my interest....thats a bad thing.
Abaddon Remillard > I aim to
Abaddon Remillard > Put is this way.
Abaddon Remillard > Fuck with me
Abaddon Remillard > I fight back.
Abaddon Remillard > Fuck with my Chickens and they will never find your body.
Abaddon referenced his corporation, the Wayward Chickens. Believe it or not, Abaddon is the CEO of a corporation with 68 members. That means more than 60 people looked at Abaddon at some point and thought, "Yeah, I'll follow this guy."
Abaddon Remillard > fight me for freedom.
Bob the Fourth > pay and follow The Code.
Abaddon Remillard > Anything else is bullshit an you know it.
Abaddon Remillard > Lick my bqalls
Abaddon Remillard > Fuck you and the bullshit code which is dead.
Abaddon was yet another victim of the myth that the mighty CODE. alliance is dead. That explains why he thought the "geoploitical timimg" was perfect.
Bob the Fourth > and yet i'm still here.
Abaddon Remillard > You are a coward from birth.
Abaddon Remillard > fight a real man
Abaddon Remillard > do you want me to post this shit fir all to see....your true colours :)
Abaddon Remillard > You are a coward
Then Abaddon threatened to release the logs of his conversation with Bob. He was sure that this would make Bob look bad.
Abaddon Remillard > you have always been a coward.
Abaddon Remillard > Losing the battle
Abaddon Remillard > check local
Abaddon Remillard > Bob talk to me.....stay with me,......clear....fuck me is "DRT"..."dead right there".
Abaddon Remillard > How about here you fucken loser Bob the Fourth
The rebel continued to beg Bob to duel him. Bob had gone AFK, so Abaddon would need to carry the conversation on his own.
Abaddon Remillard > Fight me
Abaddon Remillard > Bob the Fourth warp to the sun you pussy
Abaddon Remillard > Fucken Coward
Abaddon Remillard > you see that its the erosion of James 315 may his cock forever be limp just like yours Bob
Abaddon Remillard > Fight me you lame cock motherfucker.
Abaddon's desperate words in local chat echoed through the system.
Abaddon Remillard > Be a man.
Abaddon Remillard > Bob the Fourth Yoy are a fucken coward and everyone knows it bitch.
Abaddon Remillard > Bob you are losing the "PR"fight heavens to mergertudre .
Abaddon Remillard > You have no way to deal with the Chickens who all up in your grill scared like the little fuck you are.
Abaddon Remillard > Bob you have already lost :)
Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten > chill duder its a game
In the end, Abaddon failed in his mission. To his great shame, he was unable to stop Bob from enforcing the Code in the Solitude region. For all his words, Abaddon couldn't talk his way into a victory. For victory belongs to the Code--always!


  1. It appears the conflict between Agent Bob and the pleb above escalated further a month later, with an entirely predictable outcome:

  2. It's "Heavens to Murgatroyd" you dummy and what a potty mouth!

  3. It's almost like Abaddon Remillard is the unsuspecting victim of a gag dictionary--with certain words substituted for other words--like the N word for Sir.

    1. So Professor, to you this is elite PvP. This is also roleplaying. So that means that you role play a character that is ok with killing unarmed people, now think about that.

      You can accept and play as a person who is actually perfectly fine and happy to promote killing unarmed people.

      A sandbox game allows players to express who they are deep down inside but do not do so in a public setting for fear of reprisal.

      That means you are in fact an actual person who is ok with killing unarmed people.

    2. Its like the code substitutes the word Jew with Miner.

    3. Anon 6:06 do you refuse to play chess because only a monster would want to kill women and civilian pawns, even if they're pieces in a game? Please.

  4. Sorry its been a bit.

    James Akbar!

  5. I guess you didn't look at the kill mail Alt 00 linked...

  6. Bob hoped for a nonviolent solution, but Abaddon was only interested in combat

    What? When did Bob become the miner in this conversation. Nonviolent solutions are for carebears.

    1. Don't kid yourselves. Even the dirtiest pirates from the birth of EVE have been carebears. They use alts to bring them goods at cheap prices and safely, rather than live with consequences of their in game actions on their main, from concord to prices

  7. > Let's pretend I am not stupid, ok.
    > Ok, let's.

    I loled :D

    1. The miner admits to his own stupidity at least, that is pretty rare.


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