Friday, August 11, 2017

Orca Enforcement Made Easy

Agent Alt 00 was on patrol when she noticed an Orca hanging out in a nearby ice anomaly. She suddenly got a bad feeling about that Orca.

ToxicBurn struck our Agent as a potentially toxic miner. Not because of his name, but because his bio was entirely lacking in any show of support for the Code. The dude didn't even own a permit!

What to do? Alt 00 didn't have the firepower to gank the Orca, and she didn't feel like bumping it. That's when it dawned on her...

As an Agent of the New Order and a member of the mighty CODE. alliance, Alt 00 had authority over all the miners of highsec. So she simply commanded the Orca to leave.

ToxicBurn was incredulous. Who was this "Alt 00" person to tell him what to do? On the other hand, the locals started offering him words of caution. They'd seen the power of the Code on display too many times to doubt it.

The Orca pilot put on a brave face. Maybe that would be enough to dissuade our Agent from attacking him.

At the last moment, ToxicBurn lost his nerve and docked up. Miners, never play a game of chicken with our Agents. They always win--always.

Upon docking, ToxicBurn arranged to buy a mining permit from Alt 00. There was no sense in taking any unnecessary risks. Not in New Order territory.

'Twas another glorious, bloodless victory for the New Order. When reason and common sense prevail, miners don't need to lose their ships.


  1. Replies
    1. So Professor, to you this is elite PvP. This is also roleplaying. So that means that you role play a character that is ok with killing unarmed people, now think about that.

      You can accept and play as a person who is actually perfectly fine and happy to promote killing unarmed people.

      A sandbox game allows players to express who they are deep down inside but do not do so in a public setting for fear of reprisal.

      That means you are in fact an actual person who is ok with killing unarmed people.

  2. Gave me a hearty chuckle before retiring for the night.

  3. hah hah!

    better luck next time ehnea.

    1. Well, it is his ISK and time. Nothing I can do to change his mind. As long as he is satisfied with his choice to get a permit.

    2. Miss Mekh, let me congratulate you on this occasion! I feel your very subtle suggestions helped Mr Burn making the right choice.

      You seriously give the impression that you want to be the best influence on your fellow miners. This is constructive and respectable.

      I hope you'll see the inevitable end of that road soon, so we'll meet in various gank-fleets, representing order, integrity and the granite-solid will to do endless, benevolent education.

    3. Test of Valour. Prove you are not afraid to die by Coding a valuable ship, and do so in a manner that demonstrates integrity and honesty.

      Test of Wisdom. Correctly answer the almighty Ehnea's questions three. Each question must be answered within 20 seconds. The Questions Three will be different for each code monkey each day.

      Test of Fortitude. Walk a mile in the almighty Ehnea's shoes by becoming a miner. You must continue to mine for an indefinite period of time.

  4. A good blog is a moderated blog, good job falling into line, its good to see you finally accepting your place.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

  5. I feel sorry for that person in and out of the game

  6. The well moderated blog still within compliance. Keep up the good work, we will be watching, any infraction to our rules will result in further trolling.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

  7. "Ive called for security backup". Don't need it when you got a permit HOMEY


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