Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bot-Aspirancy Goes on Your Permanent Record, Part 1

What do people really think about the Code? We know what the rebels think, but they're Goofuses. What about people in nullsec, for instance? Today, we'll take a peek inside the KarmaFleet public recruitment channel to find out.
Vegan Spyder > After I've submitted the application via website do I just wait for a recruiter?
Hydrium Eternite > Vegan Spyder Yes, the recruitment process usually takes up to 72 hours but can be longer depending on the queue.
Beef Punchmeat > Im on day 5 right now, but they have been in contact with me
Hydrium Eternite > No worries, we're working hard to clear out the queue. Recent events have brought out all the people wanting to join so we've been slammed more than usual lately.
Beef Punchmeat > I'll bet
Beef Punchmeat > It brought my ass back after being off for 4 years
KarmaFleet is one of the most popular destinations for players seeking to find a home in nullsec. Among them: Beef Punchmeat, a highsec miner with dreams of making it big.
Vulkyn > No hands were harmed in our CO2 coup.
Beef Punchmeat > Suggestions of hand harm, who would do such a thing?
Vulkyn > Beef Punchmeat you still don't have a mining permit....
Beef Punchmeat > Nope, I wont buy one, that is rank extortion
The very first thing potential KarmaFleet recruit Beef was asked about was his lack of a New Order mining permit.

The man doing the asking was Vulkyn, an official KarmaFleet recruitment officer. If you apply to join KarmaFleet, Vulkyn is one of the people who decides whether you get in or not. And he does his job very well.
Vulkyn > So you support people who bot?
Beef Punchmeat > No, but at the same time, I am not paying some self appointed dude isk to maybe save me from gankers.
Vulkyn > Self appointed? They were voted in.
Beef Punchmeat > By who? The CSMs are not the CODE dudes
Vulkyn > They were voted in by the entire population of highsec (by proxy)
Like a lot of important people in nullsec, Vulkyn is well versed in the Code. Beef soon found himself in a job interview where he was asked about his own opinions of the Code. So far, it wasn't looking good for the job applicant.
Phoenix Flames > I'm going to assume since you're in this channel that you want to join KF, which would mean highsec would cease to be relevant
Beef Punchmeat > How the hell does that work, and Yes, I assume that I would be moving out to the Imperium
Vulkyn > CODE does a great job of getting people to leave their solo highsec mining life, and join a community of layers somewhere else.
Some people will tell you that the great powers of nullsec either ignore or look down upon the mighty CODE. alliance. Although that's true of the poseurs classified as "Nouveau Null", most significant people in nullsec recognize the importance of what we bring to the game as a whole.
Beef Punchmeat > Right, and I disagree with the notion that someone in a game, that I pay an actual company for the pleasure of playing, would seek to dictate to me how I should and should not play
Tami Okanata > Beef Punchmeat are you objecting to people shooting spaceships in a game about shooting spaceships?
Beef Punchmeat > Not at all, I am objecting to being asked to contribute to a group of people seeking to extablish arbatray rules. Go after bots for all I care, I dont use them. But CODE does not seem to have total control over thier agents, nor do they accept that I
Beef Punchmeat > Need to be able to walk away from my keyboard on ocasion
Once someone makes the move out to nullsec, one of the first things he might notice is how many of his fellow players regularly read MinerBumping. The terminology they use is instantly familiar. Beef, too, spoke in terms familiar to our readers. Not because Beef reads MinerBumping, but because he was a typical highsec miner.
Tami Okanata > If you need to go to the bathroom, just dockup. The CODE has a whole section on this.
Hydria Eternite > If you have the force projection needed to enforece your rules, your rules are the law.
Tami Okanata > And as the CODE always wins, it's the law. Always.
Beef Punchmeat > That is despotism, which I do not support. And why should I dock up? I am willing to take the risk of being ganked
Tami Okanata > But if you do that... you might look like a bot. And... well see today's MinerBumping.com post about that....
The MinerBumping article referenced on this day was the Avoid Even the Appearance of Botting post. Here's a protip for anyone planning to interview with a nullsec corp: Make sure to read the day's MinerBumping post before you go to your interview. There's a good chance you'll be asked about it, so make sure you're prepared to discuss it intelligently.
k0p3 > well the first time coode gankes me i was pissed aswell
k0p3 > however i read al the stuff they send me
k0p3 > informed myself and they failed the scound time
k0p3 > thats why i paid them
k0p3 > just becourse they teached me something
Aram Viscart > I never even saw them but after 3 nights reading minerbumping I donated
Some of Beef's peers were also waiting their turn in the recruitment channel. They made comments about their own view of the Code. Their views were better than Beef's.
Beef Punchmeat > I havent been ganked by them, I dont think I will because I tend to follow the code anyway, but I wont pay anyone a penny for nothing
TestMonkeY > hey guys, put my application in yesterday, not heard anything :D whats the usual time for getting reviewed?
Aram Viscart > Be patient
Aram Viscart > Go gank some miners
Beef began to sway with the breeze. He noticed that the sentiment of the channel was pro-Code, so he claimed that he mostly obeyed the Code--with a 10 million isk exception.
Hydria Eternite > Basically what the Code is doing is teaching you how to not lose your ships. Neut in system? Neut landing on grid? Be aligned already and warp out when they land.
Beef Punchmeat > Ya, well I disagree with them. They are playing a game, and thats fine, but I dont have to support them. At the same time I havent donated to the aint CODE groups. I just dont belive in giving my isk away for nothing. They should be more than able to
Beef Punchmeat > fund themselves if that is the path they want to take
k0p3 > well code dosent need youre money
The simple fact was, Beef showed all the signs of being a bot-aspirant. He probably assumed that he'd be able to make a fresh start when he finally cut ties with highsec and tried to head out to nullsec. He was wrong.
Tami Okanata > You might not donate, but lots of other people do: http://www.minerbumping.com/p/shareholders.html
k0p3 > i think its just to show them that you are someone that has learned the leason
Beef Punchmeat > Great, so whats the problem then? I wont donate, and the game wil go on.
Beef Punchmeat > They havent taught me shit
Beef dug in his heels. It was too late to pretend to be a Code-compliant miner, and he knew it.
Cyrina FaithWeaver > code has an excellent reimbursement plan for suicide ganks
Aram Viscart > They don't need your support or mine. I donated because they provide me with countless hours of entertainment through their website
Hydria Eternite > The code teaches all.
Hydria Eternite > Even if that lesson is join a corporation and get the hell out of highsec.
Beef Punchmeat > I am happy to pay the people who made the game. I will not pay other players for nothing
The miner was stubborn and greedy. He wouldn't part with even a nominal amount of isk--not even to save highsec. Needless to say, Beef didn't come across as a team player.
Beef Punchmeat > brb going to smoke
Hydria Eternite > I read it when I'm at work, I love the kills of the week.
Aram Viscart > I originally disagreed, too, but seeing the kind of people who live in hisec through that site and what they do to add content to the game, I changed my mind
Tami Okanata > Also: stop mining alone, join a group and have fun. At least play Cards Against Humanity with other people while you mine.
Beef took a quick smoke break. It's not hard to imagine why he was feeling a bit stressed. And when he returned...
Beef Punchmeat > Back
Beef Punchmeat > And no, I wont stop mining alone. I find it relaxing, and if that is how I want to play this game I will
Beef Punchmeat > And IF I get ganked I will accept that, but I wont be saying 'Good Fight' to anyone, and I wont be paying any one money for nothing
Beef Punchmeat > Really Vulkyn?
Vulkyn > Eh?
Beef Punchmeat > You denied my application. I have a feeling its because I dont agree with how the CODE is set up
To be continued...


  1. Current CODE leadership has grown too lazy and weak. Rejoice faithful Agents of CODE. Brighter times are ahead. Soon the dark days will be a distant memory. I am the Omega.

    Cyr Xeon

    1. There is no omega for the Code is eternal. Always.

    2. Always someone to complain about something code is going while not doing anything about it themselves XD XD

    3. I'm thinking that's not the real Cyr.

      Or maybe he is that stoopid.

    4. Don't fear the end, its just another start, a start for another kill. We are all the omega's. We all end things, I end miners because its a good reason for me to show them how easy it is to die because your greedy.

      Its also a good hobby.


    5. The touchy little miner had a bad day.

      Let me know when YOU'RE done trying so hard.

      YOU'RE welcome to just buy a permit little crybear.

      Besides YOU'RE more than welcome to stop being so greedy and learn to play properly.


  2. I pretty sure that I was never asked about code, or minerbumping.com, in any sense when I applied to my null corp. I was asked about my pilot competency thou.

    1. It comes up in conversation.

      A miner tries to join a PVP corp, in lowsec or elsewhere.
      All is good, until numb nuts miner proclaims "i believe in fair fights, and I hate all pirate gankers. They should be killed IRL"

      Interviewer (who is not averse to murder mayhem and especially of miners) conducts a snap permit extension by first insisting on a recruitment "bond" of a large sum. Once paid, a snap permit inspection is taken.

      Miner, still oblivious to the fact that he tried to join a corp of gankers, flies off in a hissy fit, poorer but never to be heard again.

    2. to be fair, If your tried to join a pvp corp and you said that, I am pretty sure the recruiter would tell you to look at some other corp.

      That being said, I am a miner in my null corp, but i am expected to have an understanding of fleet tactics and flying in a pvp situation. Along with pvp fleet experience. All of which I was more than happy to learn and use.

    3. Best way to fly in a fleet.....
      Don't be a miner.

      They die a lot.


    4. Look everyone, it's the idiot anon 6:13


    5. Look everyone its a dead miner who choked himself to death. How's that rock dust you sucking on carebear?

  3. Frankly horrified that beef punchmeat was not first scammed out of a plex before rejection.

    1. We don't scam, we sell a permit then we kill them.

      NO scam required, just good old fashioned honesty, well honestly we just like killing.


  4. As the Saviour always says: The 10m ISK is a litmus test that the Goofus fails every time. KarmaFleet may not have the strictest entry requirements, but even they don't want a blatant Goofus.

    1. No we love Goofus' we love em so much we kill them constantly.

      A goofus a day make an agents turrets happy.


  5. Vulkyn = a Jamey alt.


    How many KarmaFleet members have paid the 10 million extortion fee to Jamey and his CHODE. slaves?

    1. sounds like 10 million isk is a lot of money to you

    2. Anon 750

      It must be so disturbing for you to know that I am everywhere. I am in every system, every chat room, every forum post. I am stuck in your mind, and there is nothing you can do about it.

      There is naturally only one course for you to take,

      Pay me 10 million ISK and swear eternal fealty to me.

    3. Fake savior is unkool.

      Real Savior can speak for himself if the miner is worthy.

    4. Yea fakejames is not as eloquent, and seems to be trying extra hard.



      Why you act like a fool, is that you Stunt Flores? The infamous dev impersonater? Decided to up your game and impersonate the most important character in EVE? Don't do it man!

    5. Savior please kill me so I can stand by your side

  6. I thought Karmafleet accepted anyone with a pulse?

    1. He doesn't have a pulse, we killed him.


    2. Beef there falls short of even KF's standards.

    3. We did our job right if your thought that.

  7. Enjoyed today's blog for its rare inside look at a famous Nullsec corp. If you're going to join an established corp it makes sense (doesn't it?) to find out something about them; to discover whether you'd be a good fit.

    This textbook Goofus was focused entirely on himself and willing (can you believe it?) to lay bare to a recruiter exactly the qualities which would disqualify him from membership of any social group. Unbelievable.

    A would-be convert to Judaism turns up for his interview with Rabbi Levine. In his hand he holds a treasured copy of the New Testament, and proceeds to regale that worthy man of the cloth with a perfect shower of insults and aspersions regarding the Jewish faith.

    Bemused, the good Rabbi casts about for a polite means of letting down the increasingly rabid applicant. Finally, he decides that directness is probably the wisest course.

    "We can perform the circumcision next Tuesday, if you're free!".

    1. I can see Mel Brooks doing that in a skit.

    2. Yes we can use his never made movie, "Jews in Space".


  8. wow antigankers even fail in getting into corps that let anyone in.

    ANOTHER failure for ag

    1. another lackluster post from yours truely

    2. Wolf again nailing that so wonderful line, glad to see ya still practicing Wolfy boy.


  9. The Gankers, they be doing the bumping and the humping of the minors.....always in their basement.

    1. I'm certain you need to learn some spelling my friend we bump and hump miners, not minors. I understand your not quite so developed mentally but I can forgive you, however I'm sure your gonna need to pay me 10 million isk for a permit plus my forgiveness fee and even then I may feel it necessary to pop you one more time for your false accusations.

      Of course I like to settle my disputes with my gun. Is a 7.76 ok with you?


    2. That's 7.62 uess you're a fallout4fag.

      You're welcome.

    3. Look whos being a sensitive miner today, please let me know where the cat touched you. I'll be sure it does it harder.


  10. Wow, you know for someone you guys seem to think is awful, I seem to have inspired more than a few words.

    I will not back down from thinking CODE is garbage. Just because I think bot players are a poor way to play the game, does not have to mean I need to agree with gankers.

    At least I seem to have provided some content for this group of terrorists. I would argue my points here, but if seems like I would be in a position similar to a Rabbi trying to speak to a gathering of Nazis. Nothing I say here would ever change the minds of the people who come here to validate their baser instincts.

    By all means, please pick apart my comments in your well engineered echo chamber, after all if you actually had to examine your position you would have to conclude that you delight in the perceived pain of others. You would have to face the fact that the only gratification you get out of your life is ruining the fun of others. You would have to accept your bully boy attitude for what it is. A bunch of people who can only find joy in the suffering of others.

    That said, if you must find your fun at the expense of others, than fine. Enjoy yourselves in this game, I would hate for you to take this attitude in which you revel in the pain of others to the real world. After all, in the real world we tend to have laws against unprovoked property destruction.

    1. It gets worse Beef. They also revel in the real-world murder-suicide of a father and his toddler child. And I *do* mean "revel". The father in question (his in-game name was Kalynn Shardani) happened to be a former moderator of the in-game Anti-ganking channel, and, needless to say, CODE has delighted in the propaganda fodder this has presented.

      Imagine that: people who are so wrapped up in a video game of imaginary spaceships that they crow in delight and whoop with joy over the real-world murder of a child because that gives them propaganda opportunities.

      They say that AG looks at Kalynn as an idol; that they continually --and currently-- talk about him as some sort of figurehead, yet they have not once posted a chat log, a URL, or anything at all that substantiates that. Because they *cannot*. It doesn't exist. However, there is abundant proof of CODE's gleeful mockery and propaganda of that murder-suicide; just take a few minutes browsing past blog posts here, for one.

      So, alas, I'm afraid they already do revel in the pain of others to the real world.

    2. *terrorists*. Your sense of perspective again shocks us, Beefy boy.

    3. Going live on reddit.... https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/72t0xg/a_statement_from_beef_punchmeat/

    4. Just look at the code and understand its pretty much a poor excuse of a group, they are so fixated on this thing in their rules that states they can never lose. That there should tell you something about the mentality, they just don't want to ever consider the fact that they lose in the game. So right there they have gravitated to an idea that prevents them from ever taking loss, which defeats the idea of a game which is meant to challenge you, take away the possibility of lose and they have pretty much just made Eve online pointless.

      Why do you play something that you cannot lose, because you cant accept loss or failure. I think its much worse to be a player in this game that cannot accept loss or failure than a miner who freaks out over losing a ship, at least the miner understands that he has lost something, that he has failed to do something to protect his belongings. The code agents don't even recognize that fact they just strap into their ships like a suicide bomber in an explosive vest, accept they will die and go. They see death as a martyrdom for James and as a victory that they can never lose. Even more laughable is that when they fail to gank the ship they consider the fight ongoing indefinitely until they destroy that players ship. the rules they created only reinforce that they can never lose and thus cheapens the experience for a serious gamer. Even more laughable is their reaction to serious criticisms of their code and gameplay as they simply react much like antifa does these days over in America and just bully or even harass others stating how they just didn't measure up or act like a real life wife beater of child beater or even compare them to that Shardani guy. They just cant cope with the fact that they have a poor track record of pvp due to their use of (even as the devs call them) illegal ganks. No doubt they will post impotent rage about these comments as that's all they are good at is typing away and calling it content while others are actually creating content.

      James praises the Mitani yet fails to be anything like him by creating a no fail system rather than to actually work in the system and accept loss, then due to loss rework his strategies and evolve. The Mitani is awesome as he has manipulated this game to no end. James however just wrote a blog with rules that state that no matter how much you lose you win.

      Grow up James and accept that you are way beneath your idol and no amount of typing to set up a no fail system will ever make yourself anything like your idol.

    5. Miner, calm down.

    6. Failure calm down.

  11. Don't forget the code is made up of about like 30 players, everyone else is an alt, they use multiboxing so much they may have split personalities now. Oh never forget how if you say anything bad about them anywhere they just get on all their alts and harass you to no end, they even have someone watch reddit daily for new shit to gang up on. I literally think they sit on their computers all day and night waiting to just pull all the alt names out to bully people. One might think they are just fucking bored or something.

    Theres a place known as outside, try it, perhaps get a job and help mommy pay for your subscriptions. 12 alts gets pricey don't it.

  12. Damn this is a good series.

    1. ikr. we should keep the carebears in places where wildfires happen, they could have them put out within minutes.


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