Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kills of the Week

EVE is a famously challenging game to learn; it is often said to have a "learning cliff" instead of a learning curve. But the cliff is surprisingly easy to ascend, as long as you start off right. The first step: Obey the Code. Once you've mastered that, the rest is a breeze. Even so, ignorance and bot-aspirancy lead many EVE players into avoidable disasters. From the week of August 27th @ 00:00 EVEtime through September 2nd @ 23:59 EVEtime:

You all know of my feelings on mining frigates being used in highsec. Bearsilent went against my express wishes and suffered the usual consequences of doing so. Agents Lisa Tancos and Jacob Tancos barely had to do more than give this mining frigate a stern look to take it down.

This is how you lose more than a quarter billion isk on a mining ship worth 19 million.

...And this is how you lose 440 million isk on a mining ship worth 23 million. I guess none of the rebels bothered to tell Tolen Thellere that "isk tanking" with an unlicensed mining barge is impossible when highsec is constantly patrolled by countless Agents. Tolen's bizarre concoction was capped off with a pair of highly illegal ORE Strip Miners. Agent Guybertini knew the protocol: to strip miners of their ORE Strip Miners.

This week's theme seems to have been a lot of carebears putting expensive stuff in the flimsiest ships they could find. MAD Monster piloted a destroyer equipped with nothing but fireworks. (So, was this a "ship that can't shoot back"?) Somehow, MAD Monster got the idea to pack up the ship with 1.8 billion isk of cargo and fly it into Uedama. Agents Lisa Tancos and Yumla Cos braved the fireworks and won the battle. Regardless of all the people who say EVE is dying, there's still plenty of elite PvP to be found in this game.

Farcical--like all carebears who disobey the Code.

Seaman Tanmens's freighter is a perfect example of premeditated bot-aspirancy: Rather than fitting it with tank modules, or even modules to improve its align time, Seaman chose to increase its top speed. Clearly, he intended to send his freighter through highsec on autopilot. His wicked scheme was thwarted by Agents Collateralized Contracts, Captain Cortar, Tantaria Stavanghar, ClearLove, Perlo Tissant, Urban Worrier, Ren Sano, dAbOsSlAdY77, Jet Set Milly, Ivana Freemam, Pat Makunt, Kon Xanithex, Mark Ormerant, Horace Goes Ganking, Emergent Gameplay, Selina Love, Unfit ForDoody, Padme Love, Yojiro, Basic Black Bitch, Lunar Love, Gea Stormbound, and Bluekiss. A freighter without a mining permit is going nowhere fast--no matter how many overdrives it has equipped.

castiel Fera triple-bulkheaded his freighter. So far, so good. But he utterly lacked the foresight to purchase a mining permit and contact an Agent to arrange safe passage through New Order territory. This was incredibly risky; his Providence was worth just shy of 15 billion isk. And what Agents Darnoth, Synamic, Padre Gankero, Amanantian, Padme Love, Panizia, Unfit ForDoody, Basic Black Bitch, Slipstream Prediouca, ClearLove, Matt18002, Mindy Miromme, Bers, dAbOsSlAdY77, Perlo Tissant, Jet Set Milly, Mark Ormerant, Horace Goes Ganking, Kon Xanithex, Urban Worrier, Bluekiss, Selina Love, Sheenah Ash-carrier, Lunar Love, BJBee 686, and Resnar Ash-carrier discovered in the wreckage was even more damning:

Though the freighter carried a lot of stuff, most of its value came from a collection of decadent mining drones. Gross!

Drizzd was tooling around in an unlicensed Noctis--a surefire way to be fired upon by our Agents. Sadly, the bot-aspirant was too AFK to escape with his pod, which was worth far more than the ship he lost. As the residents of highsec have become increasingly cautious about using expensive implants, it's more and more difficult to find decadent pods. Agent Alt Proxy was up to the challenge, though.

Ah, another highsec industrialist whose implants betray a long-abandoned dream of specializing in combat. Maybe this lossmail will serve to remind Drizzd of what could've been--and could be still, should he embrace the Code.


  1. The Code always wins! Always!

  2. They probably should have bought --̶-̶p̶e̶r̶m̶i̶t̶s̶-̶-̶- a different game

    1. You said different game that's win 1 for me on this section.

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  3. Congrats on POTW, Alt!

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    2. So Professor, to you this is elite PvP. This is also roleplaying. So that means that you role play a character that is ok with killing unarmed people, now think about that.

      You can accept and play as a person who is actually perfectly fine and happy to promote killing unarmed people.

      A sandbox game allows players to express who they are deep down inside but do not do so in a public setting for fear of reprisal.

      That means you are in fact an actual person who is ok with killing unarmed people.

    3. Anon-2:23, you could not be more wrong. They are not unarmed. They have drones and can tank their ships. And if they were smart they would team up with others for defensive boosts, and a little ECM help.

      300 people in the anti-ganking channel. Five years and you guys still haven't 'organized'. What are you waiting for?

      Also, you of all people should leave IRL out of the game. We are not the ones killing unarmed people.

    4. We make our own rules and enforce them.

    5. But Anon-2:23, you keep bringing it up. Just look at your comments at 2:23, Anon-2:23.

    6. HAHAHAHAHA your going off on some anons copy/paste, oh really, your an even bigger snowflake than originally thought if that bothers you. Oh it must hurt being you.

      Oh god really think every post is from one guy that makes you either stupid or gullible, this is the kind of elite players code has seriously the guys you kill must have 0 brains which makes your fights even less pvp.

      You have my sympathies but oh boy did you get one hell of a laugh.

  4. wow antigankers are continually failing so hard that all they do is rage/whine AND cry in their top secret anti-ganking channel.

    When will they step up and actually anti-gank instead of screaming for ccp to save them?

    1. It was even more damning !

    2. Wolf said fail that's a bonus, 10 wins for me.

    3. Like code miners who cant survive in low, so they made up a set of rules so they can never fail no matter how many times they blow themselves up. Seriously if you want a game where you cant lose try the infant section.

    4. Maybe no one wants to fight you because its a fight in futility, even if they win and several have you just remark how your rules prevent them from winning and claim victory, so no one wants to play with kids who cannot accept defeat like mature grown adults.

    5. When I hear comments like this it reminds me of the ancient earth creature: starfish. When the tide would come in they would be trapped on the shores, and an ancient human would throw them into the ocean whenever he could.

      Once someone asked him, you can't save all the starfish, why do you bother.

      The wise ganker, picked up another starfish and said, it matters to this miner.

    6. A nice philosophy unfortunately you misquoted it.

      Try again code miner.

    7. Once upon a time, there was an old man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work. Early one morning, he was walking along the shore after a big storm had passed and found the vast beach littered with starfish as far as the eye could see, stretching in both directions.

      Off in the distance, the old man noticed a small boy approaching. As the boy walked, he paused every so often and as he grew closer, the man could see that he was occasionally bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea. The boy came closer still and the man called out, “Good morning! May I ask what it is that you are doing?”

      The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves,” the youth replied. “When the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.”

      The old man replied, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”

      The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”

      adapted from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)

    8. Sad to see such works rewritten to satisfy a bunch of children who cannot make up their own works.

    9. Yeah pretty sad to see people still hiding in high sec and scared to try their elite pvp in low sec and null sec.

      We call them code.

    10. We threw code back and they never ventured forth again. James didn't even try.

  5. You all know of my feelings on mining frigates being used in highsec. Bearsilent went against my express wishes and suffered the usual consequences of doing so. Agents Lisa Tancos and Jacob Tancos barely had to do more than give this mining frigate a stern look to take it down.

    1. She had to cry about it.

      Keep trying lil code miners.

  6. Wow I may not have to do a copy/paste attack to win this match of blog game. I'm soo good.

    1. This week's theme seems to have been a lot of carebears putting expensive stuff in the flimsiest ships they could find. MAD Monster piloted a destroyer equipped with nothing but fireworks. (So, was this a "ship that can't shoot back"?) Somehow, MAD Monster got the idea to pack up the ship with 1.8 billion isk of cargo and fly it into Uedama. Agents Lisa Tancos and Yumla Cos braved the fireworks and won the battle. Regardless of all the people who say EVE is dying, there's still plenty of elite PvP to be found in this game.

    2. Got a PVP comment 13 wins. YAY

    3. Oh theres an assumption comment above thats 14 wins. 15 counting the use of profanity 16 for assuming its crying and 17 18 wins for the use of butthurt and impotent. Sweet!

    4. As for using profanity in local and in exchanges with our Agents, you are correct in mentioning that it is, indeed, a common feature among highsec miners. You should keep in mind, however, that by sticking to this way of communication you by default make yourself equal to that exact lowest denominator, which is why addressing the perpetrator as "miner" when asking him to calm down (as in "Miner, calm down") is recommended by the New Order Agents' SOP.

  7. Hey all you US folks that are joining me tomorrow on one of our beautiful beaches or waterways, please remember to drink responsibly. Let's all make it back for another miner killing fleet!

    That's minEr not minOr you silly ag baddies! Stop rl infanticide!

    1. I got the miner/minor response that 12 wins so far. WOOHOOO.

  8. Drizzd was tooling around in an unlicensed Noctis--a surefire way to be fired upon by our Agents. Sadly, the bot-aspirant was too AFK to escape with his pod, which was worth far more than the ship he lost. As the residents of highsec have become increasingly cautious about using expensive implants, it's more and more difficult to find decadent pods. Agent Alt Proxy was up to the challenge, though.

    1. 19 wins for me for this comment being a repeat of the above article. Geez you guys suck at the blog game.

  9. Looks like someone is playing a game on your blog, well sorry for my absence but its time to continue to post lots of articles in your comments section to enlighten the heathens who cannot understand laws.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

    1. Trolls I got a trolls comment that's 20 wins now

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    Ansbacher, Heinz, and Rowena Ansbacher. 1956. The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. New York: Basic Books.

    Manaster, Guy, and Raymond Corsini. 1982. Individual Psychology. Itasca, IL: Peacock Publishers.

    Orgler, Hertha. 1973. Alfred Adler: The Man and His Work. London: Sidgwick and Jackson.

    Sperber, Manes. 1974. Masks of Loneliness: Alfred Adler in Perspective. New York: Macmillan.

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  16. AND now for something totally different.
    So, I'm mining omber in my brand new retriever, first thing I've bought since I resubbed, having quit once years and years ago. Guy warps in, scrambles me before I can warp, kills me, attempts to pod me but is stopped by concord. He opens a chat. It goes as I assume you guys would expect.

    I'd like some confirmation that this is true (and how justified this all is) because I'm not really in touch with the EVE community or forums, having just come back. It looks to me, at worst, to just be some dirty racketeering business that gives people an excuse to suicide on other people in the name of justice; and at best, it seems to be a law aimed at stopping botters in hi-sec... FOUR YEARS AGO! And has mutated to everyone everywhere needing a permit to exist in hi-sec. Doing anything.

    I'd like to mention, yes, 10 mil is actually pretty cheap. I'll pay it with the insurance money I got and start back up in a venture. I'm more angry about this archaic anti-botting "law" being used to try and justify killing anywhere in hi-sec. Is this actually a thing?

    (I just gave it like, a good 25 minutes trying to format this log so it'd fit in Reddit, but it isn't working out. I'll have to just attach the log here and save only the parts I want to get across. I have edited the below for readability only.)

    Opening few minutes:

    •Galaxy Pig: You've really never heard of it before, huh? It's been the law of the land in highsec for almost 4 years now. So you feel you've been griefed?

    •Native Faith: Deciding to kill before confirming any understanding of this "law" is certainly a way of enforcing it that causes unnecessary losses. For both of us. Assuming you understand this, I'm lead to believe that you are simply doing it this way on purpose, in order to have an excuse to kill players under a player-created law. So yes, long story short, I would believe this kind of action is lose-lose and it's sole purpose is for grief

    Interesting tidbit I want confirmation on:

    •Native Faith: People OWN hi-sec? Isn't that meant for sovereign space? You know, Sovereign, free from the reigns of npcs? Where players and citadels lurk?

    •Galaxy Pig: that's a common misconception. Most space in the game that is claimed by players, doesn't have sov mechanics: NPC null, wormholes, lowsec; all of it is "owned by npcs". But player alliances actually rule those places. Same in highsec.

    •Native Faith: Sure seems tough for a new player to get started on anything besides missioning. Unless missioning is owned as well, for some inexplicable reason other than the keep the poor poor and the ones in alliances in power. Which, in all honesty, is probably the best part about the game.

    •Galaxy Pig: all activities in highsec are under our jurisdiction. Permits are only 10 mil and good for a whole year. You will likely explode if you try to operate in Highsec without a permit

    •Native Faith: you're telling me that paying 10mil to this corp for the allowance to even exist in hi-sec, not even just mine. You're saying missioning, ratting, flying at all...

    •Galaxy Pig: yes, any use of James 315's space 

    •Native Faith: This has absolutely nothing to do with the original goals of stopping botting.

    •Galaxy Pig: and bot-aspirancy 

    •Native Faith: you are clearly, clearly, just a part of some greater griefing, racketeering scam. 

    Ending parts; It's how I feel now:
    •Native Faith: this was some law created to stop people from mining. Not playing the game.
    •Galaxy Pig: it was created to stop them from botting/mining afk 

    •Native Faith: that's great. I like it.

    •Galaxy Pig: because highsec was once taken over by these kinds of players 

    •Native Faith: It's now used to kill players doing anything anywhere in highsec. That's bad. I don't like it.

    1. It's bullshit. You pay them and then as soon as someone tracks you down again, they invent an infraction that invalidates your "license".

      Just fit your ship for omni tank and leave it at that. If you can survive the initial attack, they'll get popped by concord and you'll be fine.

      If they actually gave a shit about bot mining, they'd be out in russian owned sov fighting those guys.

    2. Galaxy pig is in the comment that's 21 wins.

    3. They are just high sec gankers. It's like some neck beard that took role-playing too seriously but their gaming group couldn't stand them so they now role play in Eve online as space enforcers for some retarded reason.

    4. To be fair. Everybody runs around in Police comets arresting people at least once in their Eve career.

    5. Don't get annoyed about it or take it too seriously.

      They're a weird bunch of dudes who like to play the game a weird way and hey, it's a sandbox so whatever.

      There's absolutely zero use trying to argue with them, they'll roleplay a fanatic devoted to James 315 and probably love the argument itself.

    6. "New" Order.

      It's been a few years now, I think "Certified Pre-Owned" Order would be more appropriate

  17. Welp, this and the other replies are heartening. Looks like I wasted alot of time and stress actually arguing why the laws are ridiculous. They... They were meant to be ridiculous I guess.


  18. They are just role players that like to blow up miners. Ignore them.

  19. and blinged missioners, and autopiloted shuttles, and anyone to happen to pass near them with not enough tank to diss them

  20. The whole point of this, if none of these answers make his motivation clear, is to kill a valuable indy ship knowing concord is going to kill his cheap ship. No amount of isk is going to stop them from doing it,.

  21. Highsec protection racket.. gankers.. etc. As someone said here, mine in a Procurer and they likely won't touch you

  22. This. Just a bunch of filthy casuals trying to PvP to extract "max tears like it´s 2007 lol - we are still funny, right guys? guys?". Tank your ship and ignore them.

  23. Some people play eve for content.

    Others play to take away others' content.

  24. I think what they are trying to do is RP so much that people will self-destruct and pod themselves just to not have to read what they are saying in local.

    Just gank already and shut up about it.

  25. Honestly just filter out the RP bullshit. I just wish they would get it through their heads they don't need RP to gank. Just gank me already ffs and save me from your RP.

    P.S. Prioritize tank over anything and they wont be able to gank you successfully. I do not mine often, but when I need to go afk I log on my mining alt, go sit in a belt in 0.5. At least once a week I come back with a ganker wrecks next to my retriever. Oh, and regarding drones... 3 hobgoblins to deal with rats and 2 ECM drones for the gankers.

  26. it's the law of the Supreme Ruler of highsec James 315 He was unanimously elected (by proxy) to bring about a new order.

    Actually its emergent game play and once you start reading you will probably find the role playing hilarious due to James being such a failure in low and null he went back to high. Just one of the many things that makes eve great, players making the content. Put a tank on your barge.

    1. That time they tried to roleplay as Pvpers in the AT was hilarious

    2. Didn't they gank the hauler full of ships that belonged(allegedly) to their next opponent?

    3. Would have paid good money to see a catalyst vs Proc match up

    4. that would have been much more classy than not showing up

  27. That's what was sent to me. I didn't find any lines in there about killing, just bumping, and on top of that, there are no provisions for killing people who are doing missions, ratting, exploring, etc. It's why I was so pissed.

  28. Lyrics
    To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day
    Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn't have too much to say,
    No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip
    The stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip,
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    It was early in the morning when he rode into the town
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    About to meet his death

    There was twenty feet between them
    When they stopped to make their play
    And the swiftness of the Ranger still talked about today
    Texas Red had not cleared leather when a bullet fairly ripped
    And the ranger's aim was deadly, with the big iron on his hip,
    Big iron on his hip

    It was over in a moment and the crowd all gathered 'round
    There before them lay the body of the outlaw on the ground
    Oh, he might have went on livin' but he made one fatal slip
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    Big iron, big iron,
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  29. The comments just keep rolling in I'm gonna have to call it a super mega win for the blog game today, Yess I am the blog game champion.

  30. I had an encounter with one of your pets today in Gamis. I was seeking to move an old an long neglected "hauler" from there to a nearby system, when I was bumped. Said pet claimed that if I wished to mine I needed to pay a license fee.
    So far so good.

    Now, your pet either needs new glasses, needs to reread the referenced CODE OF CONDUCT because when I informed the pet that I don't mine, have never mined or have never mined anything but ships, he claimed that the same licensed applied to haulers.

    [04:22:09] The pet> Because The New Halaima Code of Conduct requires you to have one
    [04:22:30] The pet>

    Problem the first: There is no place in THE NEW HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT that explicitly mentions haulers. And as I was simply moving an empty ship, not hauling, it could arguably be claimed the ship wasn't a hauler in the first place.
    Problem the second: In your code of conduct is says: "Keep local clean. Miners should be courteous in local and should refrain from the use of profanity." I might have uttered the words "I don't give a ****" which some might construe to be profanity - but then this would not be subject to a violent reproach as I, as I said am not a miner.

    Following this encounter I had the opportunity to get back through Gamis by way of a minor distraction of 22 interceptor jumps from my poorly placed clone in PF-.

    Nothing would be further from my patient person than to seek recompense for the destroyed ship, it was after all a lowly Mammoth. However, if it pleases you I would be appreciative of a voluntary gift, for the loss 5 minutes purposeful gameplay caused by rerouting through Tribute to Gamis, in the order of 2 billion ISK. You can donate them in my account any time you feel convenient.

    And please fix your code of conduct to an THE EVEN NEWER AND CORRECTED HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT

    Best regards,


  31. "There is only one authority in this game, and that my friend is violence. The supreme authority upon which all other authority is derived." ISD Max Trix

  32. ROFL (oh sorry rofl) That was a quote for the page
    I suppose CODE. are mad?

  33. better watch out, code will wardec you and send you a strongly worded mail to your ceo requesting you be removed from any alliance then never wardec you or reply, these guys are scary business

    1. If you beat the wardec they will dissolve it and make a new one and say they never been defeated.

  34. They're suuuuper serial

  35. really? people operate without permits and code don't do anything, lets not pedal code propaganda like its mandatory to have a permit, we all know permits mean jack

  36. hope you have a permit otherwise code will enforce the law on your bad self

  37. The little code misfits are at it again trying to act elite when they still hiding in High sec like the miners they claim to hate.

    HA keep playing miners and saviors little kiddies, its your tears and impotent rage we love to see because you cant hack it.

    with love,
    True players.

  38. A bunch of role playing highsec gankers.

    They "believe" that they are on a holy mission to save miners from their self inflicted lives of boredom, by punishing what they call "bot-aspirant behaviour", which I think means afk mining and autopiloting. But they also gank anyone who doesn't follow a bunch of other rules, including a mandatory 10 million isk "minng permit".

  39. That would be nice if it didn't gloss over this obvious fact: CODE. do not stop at things like "reasonable" tanks or "reasonable" fits.

    They're out to grief and get results in the forms of as many irrational tears as they can, which is a perfectly reasonable attitude. They really don't care about promoting reasonable fits, and will go above and beyond reasonable to get their prey - again, a reasonable attitude.

  40. I don't live in highsec, but I despise CODE. I don't like my mining ships blown up. So what so we do? We shoot them back. That's when they bitch cry rage and sperg because they claim they can never lose, which means they have to dissolve that corp and make a new one without the loss on its record. They cry like babies when they actual have a real fight and lose.

    "I didn't lose we never lose, you just didn't play the game correctly."

    Please they cry so much more than the miners they gank its like a fucking kindergarten class gone wrong.

  41. CODE is an alliance with many member corporations. In conjunction with the Goonswarm Federation alliance, they spend considerable time hunting down and destroying players in high security space (systems with .5 security status or higher).

    They are called CODE because they follow The Code of Conduct of New Halaima.

    They owe their allegiance to a player known as James 315.

    Essentially they are out to destroy ships in High Security Space for multiple purposes:
    1.To prove that High Sec is not safe
    2.To show CCP that they made a mistake in creating high sec
    3.To make life in High Sec exciting and difficult
    4.To teach players to properly prepare themselves and their ships for non-consensual combat
    5.To punish people for AFK behavior or behavior that looks like automation to stop its use
    6.To enjoy the crybaby behavior that some engage in after being shot. "You assholes shot my ship! Why?!? I didn't do anything to you!" They refer to this as collecting tears, and they publish screenshots of crying in local or eve mail to them on their website linked above.

    They further try to provoke players into paying them for mining permits, which cost $10 million ISK and give the player a supposed amount of time free from being destroyed in high security space by them. These permits are put into the character's bio, and are usually cringey and shameful displays of cowardice, making all who read it ashamed for the industrial player displaying one.

    Purchasing the permits does not help. Many others engage in this behavior and do not honor the permits. CODE has no database of permits and does not honor them either. Goonswarm follows the code of conduct and destroys industrial ships, but does not honor code permits. The permits are an inside joke, and those who purchase them are fools.

    To avoid CODE is easy:
    1.Never AFK
    2.Always watch local
    3.Set CODE and Goonswarm Federation alliances as contacts with terrible standing and watch for red players entering local and station up when they arrive
    4.Fly a ship that is difficult to destroy solo. Most high sec ship destruction is performed by one or two ships attacking a miner. If you fly a ship that is properly tanked, you discourage most attacks.

    Accept, however, that sometimes, just for shits and giggles, they will field 30 battlecruisers and attack you even though they lose money.

    1. Good summary Agent! Some parts may make me suspect that there are still a few aspects of the philosophy of The Code that are still eluding you, but all things concerned, it serves the purpose of advocating compliant behavior.

      Praise James 315!

    2. I James praise another win for me

  42. Funny how James claims high sec but his alliance never shows on any territory map, also funny how James claims he can "uphold" his laws when he really cannot. Concord has a 100% effective rate of upholding their laws and not one loss. Funny how every time code upholds their laws they die too.

    Guess they just haven't figured out how to play properly and too dumb to know that its Concord space, not code space or James' space.

  43. FAQ:

    How much can I haul before I become a target?

    You are always a target. There is no financial incentive to ship destruction as explained above.

    My retriever ...

    STFU. Never fly a retriever. That ship cannot survive an attack by a solo catalyst gank fit in a system below .8 security status.

    When I autopilot...

    STFU. You cannot autopilot in Eve. That button indicates stupidity when pressed.

    Do you have a recommended mining ship fit?

    [Procurer, Procurer fit]

    Mining Laser Upgrade II
    Mining Laser Upgrade II

    Medium Shield Extender II
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    ML-3 Scoped Survey Scanner

    Modulated Strip Miner II

    Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
    Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
    Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

    That is plenty of tank to prevent two catalysts from destroying your mining ship in high security space. If you want more, put a damage control II in one of the low spots.

    But my retriever mines faster.

    Actually, no it doesn't. It just has more cargo space.

    I will destroy them with my drones!

    No, you will not. Gank fit catalysts have sensor boosters with scan resolution scripts on them to allow instant lock. It only takes two shots to destroy your retriever. You will be destroyed before you push F.

    How do they warp to me?

    A cloaked ship flew by earlier and bookmarked the rock you are sitting too close to. Or, a mining alt mined very close to you and served as a fleet warp point for the ganker.

    Code will protect me!


    I will put a bounty on them!

    The bounty system is broken. You will basically be paying them for killing you. They will have a buddy shoot them, collect the bounty, and pay it to them.

    I will make killrights available everywhere.

    No, that won't work either. They will have a buddy kill them and clear the kill rights. Also, most CODE ganking characters are -10.0 security status. Kill rights don't matter. They are always in null sec everywhere they go. They will laugh at you for putting kill rights on them.

    But muh retriever


  44. Oh man, I joined the minerbumping chat. The roleplay is surreal. Lots of "thank you sir" and "of course Madame". Within five mins they made it clear that they gank anyone. If you happen to have a permit, then you violated it. What drives me crazy is that they pick on the little guy, and they have that sanctimonious attitude about it. Beating up children while scolding them.

  45. HAHAHAHAHA. Just checking in, I tried to join the code and did as this site tell you to do but then they just told me that I couldn't join because I didn't follow this site. I don't think these guys have mastered the fine art of reading their rules or procedures. None the less I did get a guy to help me out went in to gank an orca, failed to do it but learned how it was done, so I went home started fitting up and found that damn ganking miners is easy.

    Theres nothing hard about this at all.

    Good job giving out the free blow jobs tho.

    1. Note: If you are unable to post a comment, try enabling the "allow third-party cookies" option on your browser.

  46. The midnight hour is close at hand
    Creatures crawl in search of blood
    To terrorize y'all's neighborhood
    And whomsoever shall be found
    Without the soul for getting down
    Must stand and face the hounds of hell
    And rot inside a corpse's shell

    1. Thriller reference another win for me.

  47. high court ruled with a petitions from the global parties, the actions of CODE. and all of it's followers are indeed violating several of eve online's terms of services. Expect stern warning to be dished out to all those members to cease and desist in such behavioral activities or face permanent account suspension.

    PS: you stupid people went to far and now karma is coming for you.

    1. Kinda gotta call BS on this one, CCP doesn't do shit to code because code cries too much about it. If they nerf the game further code wont get any kills.

  48. I just came back from a break and wow the BS in local. When did all this start. Following the "CODE" paying crap? are these clowns just High sec goons?

  49. They wanna be pirates but lowsec's too scary, so they stay in their little themepark and annoy the other kids.

  50. Being a High sec Pirate is like playing basketball against a retarded kid. You already know what the outcome will be, and the rest of us look at you like you are a jack ass. Only like minded douches buy into ganking miners, and new players.

    I'm about as carebear as they come, but I still have the stones to live in null, low, and spend time in WH space. The shit people give high sec players for never leaving can be attributed to these guys as well, the only difference is, that at least carebears don't fly around with an inflated sense of pride because they pad their kill boards with kills from people who can't fight back.

    I'm sure these are the people who play fps games against novice bots, and claim that they are l33t.

  51. "You're not playing my game right blablabla"

    Real PvP is hard so they just shoot at poorly fit mining barges. Fly a proper tank fit Procurer and they won't touch you with a 10 foot poll.

  52. Code is basically a group that likes to fight the defenseless/easy fights. Generally flying catalysts. They take their RP seriously, but are generally a bunch of annoying shmucks harassing the indie playerbase. Mostly goon alts too iirc.

    Buy a falcon, fly into a system where they're operating, start collecting tears (ganker tears have 10x the satisfaction concentration!).

  53. Ganking and extortion are valid interesting mechanics, however the fan club of these activities are typically a bunch of risk averse manbabies.

    I mean fuck they didn't even show up for the alliance tournament because they were fearful of loss and tried to play it off as meta game.

    The other piece of this though are new players making themselves easy targets by fitting inappropriately for lack of knowledge and making themselves subject to manbaby ganks. Gankers take advantage of the fact that they have incomplete knowledge. No-ware in the mining tutorial do they inform you that drones, shields and awareness are your primary tools of defense in high security space as an industry pilot. In fact dscan isn't even a thing in the tutorials.

  54. CODE guys are pretty much the Console Gamers of EVE

  55. Bunch of professional saggy-titted whores hiding being a lousy roleplay to justify pirate action on high sec miners.

    My last encounter with these cockroaches was with two newb catalyst who thought they could suicide gank my Skiff. Ah, enjoy my drones

  56. thanks mate. And I was restraining myself. CODE is to EVE what diarrhoea is to regular bowel movement.

  57. •give only valid argument for why code highsec lolifes are the most pathetic in all of eve

    •wow, your so salty

    This is their logic... Lol

  58. High sec gankers are the most risk adverse cheap thrills easy kills group of people. If you want to mine and make money, cinsider moving into a null sec indy corporation.

  59. soooo scientology for EvE yes?

  60. Well, that isn't very nice. Is how other people play the game really such a problem for you?

  61. You're an idiot, hiding behind the worst roleplay I've ever seen in this game. You're so-called mining rules are absolutely pathetic, as pretty much everyone in your little group of retards. I'm a pacifist in this game but everytime I can spank one of your member I do it with absolute pleasure.

  62. "There is little that brings us more enjoyment than to know that we've broken someone out of the chains of a PvE playstyle into the real game."

    Translation: "Play it our way or we cry and bitch and grief."

  63. Your demands have no meaning to a Disciple of Bob. Whilst I forgive you for your actions, only Bob can decide what fate shall await you in His realm.

    May Bob have mercy on your soul.

  64. The PVP people have it all wrong. They have had it wrong from Day 1. Listen to me carefully, not everyone wants to shoot stuff. Not everyone finds pleasure from harassment of others... See the problem is has been mentioned the strong get 90% of the benefits while the weak are basically punching bags that after a while quit. Most weak people see the benefits of fighting back, but say a 4-year vet kills a 3 month old character. Whoopdie-shit.. I can go ATTACK HIM? Yeah, no thanks.

  65. I do remember talk back in 2013 of James 315 running for election.


  66. As you can see when it comes to bringing content to this blog a troll has an in ending supply of content with which to bring upon you, be it relevant to your game, name or just randomness to throw at criminals of blog law.

    We are many and proud to enforce blog law and so long as you James 315 are outside of the law we will continue to bring a torrent of comments to flood your site until you again find your way back to the right side.
    Remember this is for your own good.

    Trolls win, ALWAYS!

  67. Since I gave you short shrift on Monday, I figure I need to offer up something more meaty for this post. What can be more meaty than discussing my views on miner bumping? This has especially been playing on my mind since Corelin of The Fancy Hats paid me a compliment while giving us his take of the situation.

    To sum up the issue, back in late November CCP decreed constantly bumping another ship is emergent game play and not grief play. You can read all about it from CCP Falcon at this forum link. There are 30 pages of locked comments. Since that decree, bumping has gotten some press. I honestly hadn't thought it was really that much press, but it seems to have gotten into the current CSM campaign cycle. Besides, what do I know about the goings on of high-sec now I've got my head stuck in a wormhole?

    Corelin was right in one regard though. If someone bumped me enough to piss me off, I'd take matters into my own hands. I won't say they'd rue the day they crossed me, but I certainly know there are ways to hand it back to them in spades. But that's me. That's nearly five years of getting accustomed to this game and learning how it works. I'm comfortable with those thought processes now. But, I'm not about to tell other carebears that's how they have to play.

    And isn't that really the issue here? It's not about bumping. It's not about some players being so fail at real PvP they have to extort ISK from PvE players. It's not even really about bullies. This is about forcing people to play the game in a way with which they are uncomfortable.

    Die hard PvP players are tremendously afraid the carebear mentality will nerf their game, turning it into something they no longer enjoy. Carebears are tremendously afraid they will have to PvP or quit. It's two diametrically apposed alignments if you will, and CCP is caught squarely in the middle.

    As in all things EVE, no matter which side CCP appears to favor, the other side becomes even more afraid and the situation escalates. I'd like to think EVE Online players are better than that, but we are just a mob of people. Mobs are panicky blobs with no real intelligence other than survive or die instincts. So when confronted with our worst fears, we react accordingly. At some point, the problem resolves itself when one side or the other is eliminated. That is not an optimal solution BTW.

    So what does this have to with miner bumping? That miner you are bumping and extracting tears from is another player who is just trying to have fun in his or her own way. Your actions prevent that. They will determine whether that person continues to play EVE Online or leaves for another game. Chances are, if they are young enough in EVE terms, they will leave.

    And that my friends, is a real problem. I've pointed this out before. It hurts all of us when we lose players - new or old. It hurts CCP by lowering their revenue stream. It hurts current players because it limits future expansion: less revenue equals lower headcount which means fewer developers. CCP may claim that does not affect the quality of their product but that's just PR wishful thinking. I live and work in a real world. I know better. You should too.

    As rational human beings, I'd hope all of us realize that our actions online aren't just about us. What we do affects our virtual world tremendously. That's the essence of emergent game play. It's not about how you do things. It's about your actions affecting the game. It's unimportant how The Mittani took down BOB. It's only important BOB went down, Goonswarm stepped into the power vacuum, the Technetium Cartel arose and TEST found an incubator to survive in long enough to thrive. Null-sec as it is today - for good or for bad - would not exist if these things did not happen. They happened because of what The Mittani did, not because of how he did it.

  68. Was that good for EVE Online? With the luxury of 20/20 hind sight, I think it probably was. The net growth out weighed the losses from BOB rage quits. I'm sure a few of those happened during that collapse. Here's a Mabrick secret. One of the things about EVE Online that caught my attention back then was this exact event. It was better marketing than I'd ever seen CCP come up with. But at the time, had I been a player, I think I would have feared for the very game itself.

    I can't tell you miner bumping will be the end of EVE Online. That notion is frankly unwarranted. I also can't predict whether it could be its salvation. When BOB went down, how many of you bitter vets out there foresaw null-sec as it is today? I'd be tempted to call you a liar if you said you had.

    So back to miner bumping. About the only thing I believe all of us can accept is this: when you treat people poorly they will leave. When it goes from being a game to being personal, we are all hurt. The game suffers. If the suffering covers a large enough scope, we run the risk of loosing the thing we cherish most.

    Think of that when you play this most adult of all MMOs. Consider what your actions are doing to the other person and by extension the game you love. You can bump me and I'll stick around. Bump someone who is only three months old and struggling, and you'll get the other response. A response that harms you more than them. The decision is yours; choose wisely.

    Fly Careful

  69. Your arguments will be lost on the bumpers because they will say they are bumping AFKers and bots, and those types have no place in the game and have no opinions. I would agree with the sentiment. However, I have seen them continually bump and gank people even while having a conversation with them.

    I will disagree a bit with you though. As I primarily mine, I don't have a problem fighting back. The problem is I have to change my entire focus to fighting and not to whatever else I prefer to do. Every suggestion for how to fight back entails me changing my barges/exhumers into combat ships. The gankers and pvpers get to play the game they want. I really want bounties and mercenaries to work. James 315 and co. extorts 10M from people that I would gladly put 1000 times that much into killing him and his group over and over. Look at how they sidestep wardecs and bounties. Read Gevlon's latest about how they call all the shots. Read Ripard's post about who holds all the cards in this situation. Again, I KNOW I can remove all the mining enhancements from my ships and turn it into a battletank.

    I want to have a max efficiency exhumer that I can actually defend with a combat fleet, instead of providing a show that will hopefully have gankers pick easier prey. It's the frustration of having to play their game in order to have the small chance to fight back that drives people away.

  70. What has always gotten me is that all these supposed "Elite PVP'ers" aren't fighting at all. 95% of them are the worst Carebears in Null as well as being completely lost on the entire concept of building a playerbase. What I'd love to see is a list of definite connections between Alts and Mains so that if you get ganked, you can see ALL of the players on the guys account.

    Most of these guys would whine just as much if their victims had access to that information. Its so hilariously one-sided that CCP need to come in with big-dicks-a-swingin and lay down some serious ass rules. Highsec should be the "safer" island just like the Mangroves are the place where all the baby sharks grow up. Keep fucking with it, and the newbs will have no place to learn at their own pace...and they'll quit.

  71. We make our own rules and enforce them.

  72. The Mythos of Contention...

    ~or, Imagine a Hisec That Doesn’t Need a Savior…

    (Disclaimer: No this post has nothing to do with Incarna, WIS or any of that stuff.)

    Just imagine…

    You warp your cloaky scout into an Ice Belt…

    “Ahhhh yessss…” you murmer to yourself… it is ripe with many many foolish AFK Retrievers calmly, placidly munching ice…

    You fly carefully and make a BM at just the right spot…

    You move off so you don’t get decloaked, and with murderous joy you call in the Holy Fleet…

    A minute later the Agents in their fleet of Sacrificial Catalysts land on grid and open fire on the stupid defenseless Retriever!!! And you watch in sheer joy as …

    Huh? What!?!? CONCORD has landed as usual and all the Cats were sacrificed as planned but the Retriever is still there…

    Hmmm… you may have made an assumption, you close to lock range and scan the target… Damn, he is well tanked. This one was not fit for ‘Max Yield’ but for ‘Max Tank’… well, that answers that. Ok, so one out of ten has some brains… you scan the next one… huh, max tanked too, and different corp… so you scan the next, and the next… Damn! They are ALL max tanked! Every single one! You report your findings to your Savior and head to the next belt…

    And all you find in belt after belt and system after system is max tanked Retrievers and Hulks and even Procurers… heck in the farthest out belts there was even a fleet of mining Rokhs!! Your Savior calls… and you have to report that ANY gank attempts made today will fail. All the noobs and AFK Botters have learned how to tank their ships… the number of Cats needed now to take down even one Hulk before CONCORD does it’s thing… is simply too high.

    “Well…” your Glorious Leader says, “We can still bump em.”

  73. Now, this will never happen for a whole spate of reasons, from the fact many really are bots and botters don’t care about ganks, they are not ‘playing’ the game, they are ‘gaming’ the game for ISK usually for RMT. Some of the real miners don’t really care as they are actually older Industrialists and they make more out of their Mining and Industry than you can ever gank out of them as they build their own ships and mods etc. and mining is just one segment of their ISK stream. The ones the gankers affect the most, the ones that are ‘hurt’ by ganking are the noobs and the casual players who simply aren’t into PvP, and/or really don’t have, or want to devote, the time needed ingame to get into much else.

    There are those, James315 (who no longer matters) and Psychotic Monk (who I hopefully does or will matter, and yea I voted for him, low on the roster but he does represent a very real segment of the EvE playerbase and all parties have a right to a voice)… there are those who simply do not accept the above premise about players not wanting to be involved or wanting to play casually. They feel that any player in the game should be, to paraphrase Monk, adding or creating content for the rest of us. If they are not part of the games substance, then they should not be here.

    This is a position which I find utterly and completely fascinating. Think on it, more ‘words’, posts, flames, diatribes, dialogs and sheer shit has been written and discussed and argued about and over “Miners” (AFK, Bot or not) in Hisec, than any other single issue I have seen yet in EvE. Seems to me that “Miners” (AFK, Bot or not) have and are continuously creating far more ‘content’ than all of Nullsecs Big Blue Cockring ever has. I mean who else are these guys ‘interacting’ with? Who else does James315 and his minions log on to gank and play with? If there were no “Miners” (AFK, Bot or not) what pray tell would the Savior of Hisec and His New Order do???

    James315 damn near turned the whole issue into a probable CSM win until he realized he might actually win and have to deal with REAL people… and Monk has the guts and intelligence to back him doing just that. James315’s self-aggrandizement as the ‘Savior of Hisec’, his site (and the billions of ISK he has extorted and scammed from EvE players thereby) would not even EXIST were it not for “Miners” (AFK, Bot or not).

    Seriously… really try and imagine an EvE without ANYONE mining. Let’s say the minerals for all Industry were available ONLY through purchase via NPCs like skill books. And please, let’s not get all misdirected on how that would fuck up the ‘existing’ economy, I am postulating an EVE where mining NEVER took place and yet we have the magical ability to look back on an EVE that did… ok? Work with me here. It’s a hy-poth-e-sis (#2) ok?

    Anyhoo, try to imagine an EVE without miners. No Hulks, no Retrievers, no AFK Botters (mining at least)… Ruminate on that for a full actual minute and then answer me this. Who would the no-tank gankers gank? Why, Indies of course! Mammoths and Hoarders and Ittys of all marks right? But… would it be the same? to a degree, yes... to a degree, no.

  74. If you are fitting and Indy for Max Load you fill your lows with Expanded Cargohold IIs which could be used for tank… I guess. I fly Matarii ships so my Indy’s shield tank and that’s in the mids, in hisec I Max Load the lows (1 DCUII) with 1 Invulnerability II and an Ancillary Shield Booster in the Mids while in the hole or to/from the hole I switch my lows for GTFO mods usually Overdrive Injector IIs (1 DCUII) for faster warping or Warp Core Stabilizer IIs (1 DCUII) depending on scout info etc.

    The thing is, a lot if not the majority of Industrials do tank their haulers as compared to “Miners” (yada yada) so the game in that respect would be very different... but wait… isn’t that what the gankers and War Deccers etc. etc all WANT?? They all talk incessantly about how if players would ONLY learn how to properly tank their ships or actively play the game etc. then they would what? Stop ganking? Stop War Deccing? Oh please.

    James 315 wants to ‘force’ everyone into low and null so the “food chain” (read “PvP Killers and Their Victims”) would be unhindered by CONCORD. Plain and simple that’s all he and his kind want. Everyone would get to spend just enough time in Hisec to learn how to become good little targets and then they all go directly to Lo and/or Null so the gankers and griefers can kill ‘em and not lose their ships, IE their version of “How YOU Should Play EVE”.

    Monk on the other hand wants to keep the target rich environment he is used to in Hisec… he just wants a richer target environment… and I don’t mean blingy rich, though that’s always good too, I mean no corp jumping kinda ‘rich’. He states that he starts a ‘round of War Decs’ with usually approximately between 600 to 1000 or so targets and by the end of a week and that leaves him with 200 active of which, somehow, only 4 are actually available targets… hence he is prescribed Valium due to the deep depression he experiences at being down to just 4 or so war targets cause they all ran away or logged off… and all of this has something to do with how we look at and run corps… well duh. As far as I know the only way to do that is (1) corp hop or (2) log onto an alt in a different corp (same thing really) or (3) just stay logged off.

    Monk wants the rules & mechanics setup so that his War Dec targets cannot so easily evade and/or hide from him, denying him (and all of us) the game enriching content he so desperately needs so he can end his Valium addiction and just start enjoying them again like everyone else instead of actually needing them to get through an hour or so of boring EvE play… (OK, as far as I know Monk is not on ANY drugs… I was just making a point there and having a little fun with him, you should really hear him talk about this subject in the Lost in Eve – Episode 84 – CSM 8 Debates — Debate #4 starts at 56:00) a truly fascinating take on EvE gameplay).

  75. But again all of this is still just a desire to force other players to accept his version of “How YOU Should Play EVE”. Monk feels every player, Irregardless of his or her desire or intent or what they want out of their EvE experience in this great “SANDBOX” game should be playing in a way that will “create content”, for his (he says for all of our) benefit.

    I read a lot of blogs and forums and I have my blog here and I play extensively. I have been playing for 2 years, 4 months, 20 days as of today. While I am an Anoikis dweller and vastly prefer the rules and mechanics of holes over Hi, Lo and Null, I have and still do spend a LOT of time in Hisec. I traverse Lo almost daily, have roamed there many times and I lived in Null for several (painfully boring even though highly lucrative) months. And I have flown through the content of EvE everyday of those 2 years, 4 months and 20 days…

    Read… read the details of the daily Player Interaction that takes place between the New Order and random players… content. Read Psychotic Monk’s blog where he shares his stories of War Decs and ganks, tears and fails… content. If these two guys, myself, Jester and Mabrick just to name a very few of the literally hundreds of EvE Blogs out there (248 by my count on The EVE Online Bloggers Portal alone) If we can fill a page or two every couple of days (or like Jester fill a page or two every couple of hours… sheesh) then pray tell, is there some kinda massive ‘lack of content’ in EvE all these 248 bloggers are missing due to the incredible mass of content we are all so busily creating, joining in on and writing up?

    Or is it that James315, Monk and their brethren do not ‘like’ the emergent content as it currently exists in EvE? That the “content” they want is them winning every time without loss or risk? Intentionally getting a ship (or ships) CONCORDED in order to take down a higher value target is not “risk” it is part of a thought out and accepted loss to win ISK ‘winning tactic’.

    Like a Jihadist suicide bomber, they accept their ‘loss’ because they KNOW they will take out more than they lose. What they fear most… is that that loss/win ISK ratio might get changed… and thereby change their winning tactic to nothing more than a fail… and that is not the ‘content’ they desire. Who wants to write up a post about how you destroyed a single ship worth less than the gang of ships you lost in order to kill it?

    I say quite substantially… No one. I also say… HTFU bros, the myth that “Miners” (AFK, Bot or not) in Hisec are not creating Emergent Content is pure crap. All in all that part of the game seems to be Working just as Intended. =]

    Fly Safe and see you in the Sky =/|)=

  76. Man, no offense but this discussion is tiring. The James crowd is too lazy to attack real PvP ships and the HS miners are too lazy / disorganized / stupid to defend themselves. That's it. Virtually ALL bloggers writing nothing but this. Is there really nothing else going on in our Universe?

  77. It's not that... this was so not much about James and his Legions of Mouth Breathers, or that Miners (who are not stupid so much as focused on Max Yield) are boring as it is about the wider subject of 'content' in EvE

    Hence the Title, the "Myth' that 'Content' is not being created by Miners... or that they don't want to create any or that they simply don't care about it, which is their right and which is my argument... IE Miners have created a HUGE amount of content by the way their not actively creating content pisses off James and his ilk...

    IE it's about the SANDBOX 'ideal' and some wanting to force or control the way others play... which is not part of that ideal sandbox.

    Plus, for me, aside from my 'How to Fail at Salvaging' foray at the 'Titan Take Down' in Luminaire and I spent 2 boring weeks in Hisec grinding mishes to finally make the grade with Fed Navy so I can has Jump Clones in Empire... other than those boring details, things have been kinda quiet lately.

    My PI is going well, approx 500mISK a month nicely flowing into da wallet there and we (20 or so in fleet) recently ran sites 2 nights in Bastion and I should see upwards of a bISK for that... but we haven't had any raids or merc Ops or Incursions into the homehole to speak of so simply not so much of the 'fun' stuff to write about for me...

    Funny how during times of peace and plenty there just isn't all that much to say that's really interesting... =]


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