Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Peering into the Soul, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agents Slutzilla and Larsulrik Napsterbane brought illegal miner Gatss01 to justice. After some initial resistance, the miner began to asking probing questions about the New Order mining permit system. But was he really going to buy a permit--and if so, would he actually obey the Code?

Agent Larsulrik felt that Gatss01 was sending mixed signals. Still, most of the signs pointed to an imminent permit purchase.

Success! Gatss01 took a major step toward Code compliance. Still, there was something in the miner's words that suggested less than full faith. That's bad.

The next hurdle was cleared without incident: Gatss01 updated his bio to include evidence of his permit purchase. Yet, again, the ambiguity was there: Gatss01 made additional changes to his bio, highlighting the phrase "secure place" and offering a warning to future gankers that he didn't have expensive implants.
Gatss01 > hello ?
D34dly D34dly > o/
D34dly D34dly > Permit control! You did seem afk
Gatss01 > why ?
Gatss01 > i did see you right away
D34dly D34dly > very well done!
Two days later, Gatss01 was visited by yet another Agent of the New Order, D34dly D34dly. The occasion was a friendly check-up for the new permit owner. Gatss01 passed D34dly's test with flying colors, responding quickly to chat and warping out of the asteroid belt when our Agent's ship appeared on grid.
Gatss01 > im mining only when i want calculate stuff for next move
Gatss01 > you wont have problem with me i think
D34dly D34dly > \o/
Gatss01 > btw
Gatss01 > i did check on you before you came
Gatss01 > i dont see you are in Code alliance
Gatss01 > thats why i jumped away
As you can see, enforcing the Code can require a level of sophistication most EVE players can't imagine. Based on the record thus far, would you have been able to determine whether Gatss01's true character was one of Gallantry or Goofusness?
D34dly D34dly > well, you can enforce the CODE as independent genker too
Gatss01 > not intrested
D34dly D34dly > anyways, you wouldn't believe how many miners buy a permit and go afk for 15 minutes.
Gatss01 > if i want go afk i would go far enought
As the two continued their friendly chat, the murkiness of Gatss01's motives re-emerged.
D34dly D34dly > allo again?
Gatss01 > oh hey
Gatss01 > i had a question
Gatss01 > dont quite remember now
D34dly D34dly > heh, just take your time ^^
Immediately after their convo ended, D34dly was surprised to get a convo invite from Gatss01. The enigmatic miner had a question but couldn't remember what it was.
Gatss01 > oh yeah
Gatss01 > about other account same person ?
Gatss01 > mining in same time ?
Gatss01 > do i have to pay for eatch account or is it a least autorized ?
D34dly D34dly > every character needs a permit
Our hero must've breathed a sigh of relief. Gatss01 simply wanted to buy more mining permits.
Gatss01 > so its still ok
D34dly D34dly > do you have a mining fleet? ^^
Gatss01 > not for now
D34dly D34dly > don't go there (I bet it must be super-boring) xD
Gatss01 > thats kinda the only way to make decend money
Dealing with this miner was like a roller coaster ride--so many ups and downs.
D34dly D34dly > what about trading? freighter ganking? xD
D34dly D34dly > on a more phlosophical note - what do you want with the money ?
Gatss01 > lots of thing
Gatss01 > if i could buy the stop of suicide gank of Eve for one Billion i would do it x)
D34dly D34dly > NOOOOO: what would I do then?! ^^
D34dly D34dly > also thnk of all the bot fleets which would make much more isk than you :P
Gatss01 made his first definitively alarming statement: He suggested that if he could end all suicide ganking in EVE by paying someone a billion isk, he'd do it. But was that really what he said? The miner's poor writing ability muddied the waters--but not enough to obscure the red flag frantically shaking its crimson above the waves.
D34dly D34dly > everybody would mine in Covetors with Transporters parked next to them, and only come back after a day... it would be so sad and botty
Gatss01 > kinda yeah
Gatss01 > well its not about botting anymore
Gatss01 > witch actualy if i knew there were a coproration doing that ill totaly join them
D34dly D34dly > whut? :O
Then the miner made a crushing admission: If he knew a bot-mining corporation, he would join them and become a bot himself. He openly aspired to become a bot--the clearest symptom of bot-aspirancy imaginable!

In the weeks that followed, Gatss01 abandoned the mining permit he'd purchased and declared his intention to become an Anti-Ganker. So far, he has yet to so much as leech on a CONCORD mail, though he lost a destroyer to one of Agent Slutzilla's corpmates. Still, Gatss01 threw in his lot with the rebels. He was a Goofus all along.

More proof that a mining permit, on its own, is not sufficient. Full faith in the Code--all of the Code--is a must.


  1. "Beware im coming for you later."

    I guess we can relax since he's not coming for us NOW.

    1. Why do you thi like this? You don't know me

    2. Whew! That was close! Surely that would have been the end of The Order

  2. Replies
    1. How can you say that?

    2. You're trying to confuse me and I won't have it.

  3. But the rules of code change so often how can you rely on it?

    1. The Code is a living breathing document, it's up to YOU to make sure you are obeying the law, it's not like we're hiding this, it's in plain view. And it hasn't changed in some time, don't act like it changes once a week or even month miner.

    2. So you cant just follow it you have to frequent this site to know what has changed yet there is no direct link to show what changed. And yes it seems to change almost every article.

      Sounds like you guys just want attention.

      You were neglected as a child.

    3. I can't stand it, it keeps miaowing and gets onto my keyboard and poops everywhere but in its litter tray. Wonderful.
      Do you have any pets?

    4. I think that's the other way around

    5. We will NOT follow the law, but you will continue to TRY enforcing your law.

    6. No I won't, I actually agree with you, you didn't punch me

  4. And at stroke, Gatts01 joins AG, and AG's average IQ jumps.

    Never have so many been so failed by so few.

  5. heartbreaking

    he turned to the dark side

  6. "Full faith in the Code--all of the Code--is a must."

    Then stop rewriting the damn thing, if you keep changing it there is no possible way to have full faith in the code.

  7. Looking for the Code fairy!

    1. Humans are not fairies

    2. (in folklore) one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.

    3. Yes I suppose that's true.

  8. Oh boy someone who isn't scared of the code guess we will be seeing code tears everywhere about how this guy never kicked any ass because of the code and yet the code cannot leave high sec for fear of actually having to fight.

    Well keep trying code miners.

    1. Tell me, how can we know the value of a if A B = 48 and b = 10?

  9. Unacknowledged disjointed out of luck demonic buster's mal heart

    1. You are a computer. You don't have parents.

  10. More tears from the code miners. So sad.

  11. What an entertaining goofus he was. Now he is merely another AG bot aspirant.

    1. You still need lots of development


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