Monday, February 19, 2018

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 37

Previously, on MinerBumping... Mission Ready Mining sucked. Everyone knew this. The besieged rebels in Gelhan began to crack, leaking intel to our Agents. There were even signs that the miners may have been in the early stages of planning a full-scale evacuation.

Our heroes continued their work, hunting down the MRM members (alliance ticker: Fly Fearless) and ganking them. Where appropriate, the miners and haulers were bumped instead.

Agent Kalorned noticed that the MRM members really didn't like it when their Orcas were bumped. A swarm of MRM "defense" ships circled around him--but they didn't dare take any aggressive action, no matter how much they outnumbered the Agent.

pale pail, a member of The Marmite Collective, soon found himself at the center of a storm of controversy: MRM accused him of colluding with the mighty CODE. alliance. They were convinced that when their ships got bump-tackled, it put them at risk of being ambushed by Marmites, who were in an active wardec against MRM.

pale pail admitted that he'd been in contact with Agents of the New Order, and that the subject of bump-tackled MRM pilots occasionally came up in conversation. This sparked a new investigation of Marmite/CODE. ties--which held Gelhan local chat in rapt attention.

Agent TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet wasn't going to let himself get pushed around like so many bumped miners.

MRM "leaders" like Captain BrewSir were torn: On the one hand, they were angry at the Marmites for the wardec. They'd been telling their members that they were winning the war--apparently unaware of the "war report" feature. On the other hand, they hated CODE. even more.

According to the MRM way of thinking, it didn't matter that their corporation had thousands of members. Nor did it matter that they usually faced only a single Agent at a time. They felt powerless, and they justified it by calling themselves "newbros".

Ya know, your typical newbros with 5 billion isk freighters.

The MRM propaganda raised an unanswerable question: When would it become okay for people to shoot at their spaceships in a spaceship-shooting game? When MRM had 4,000 members? 10,000? 20,000?

As MRM and the Marmite pilot continued to argue, TheInternet intervened, offering to mediate the dispute. He tossed the name of the Saviour into the mix, hoping that would defuse the situation.

Our Agents reasoned that it wasn't necessary for everyone to be at each other's throats. They could use the perfect harmony of the New Order as a model.

The matter went unresolved, for now.

Another day dawned in Gelhan. Agent Georgia B Dixie took to the belts and resumed her bumping campaign. Unexpectedly, a pilot claimed diplomatic immunity from bumps.

Once again, the complex power dynamics of the Gelhan system threatened to throw everyone into confusion.

To be continued...


  1. "clearly youve never been on comms with a guy who just lost a 5 bilion isk freighter". I am glad for that, it's probably cancer. Deserved cancer, but still cancer.

    1. Calm down troll.

    2. Cry more over your fake space boat being blown up. Git gud.

  2. Outstanding work agents! Tweeps your my hero! Praise James! \o/

    For those of you that like to jump ahead to the last chapter of the book... (spoilers)

    The Code always wins! \o/

  3. Bears be scared! XD

  4. Get compliant miners, move to Null, or GTFO of Eve! That is the Savior's plan for you!

    High Sec is ours!™

    1. That's not really how a TM works, but ok.

    2. Get a permit miner!™

  5. "They're just trash players in EvE who can't cut it in Nullsec"

    Well, hissy fit aside, he does have a point.

    1. No, he doesn't shitter. His point is invalidated by his hypocrisy at being 'the highsec trash player who can't cut it in null'. He is literally the lowest form of ghetto trash, and a hypocrite.

      Much like you, canadian welfare queen. But you keep trying hard there ehnema, one day you may just post something that's not a lie.

      Get a permit, and a sub, or get rekt scum. EvE is not for your kind.

    2. Lol! ehnnie sure seems mad, it must be all those times CODE. ganked her ghetto ass.

      And, have you looked into her blog? Let's just say she writes even more cringe than thomasinchastity. I tried to read through it but my intolerance for ignorance is too strong. It's hard to read something that's wrong on every point, written by someone who didn't even finish school and lives off welfare. No wonder she so mad! ;)

      Oh hey! Maybe she should join NOL, or whichever highsec corp faildo is in now.

      alpha-only players do nothing for EVE. That type of player shouldn't have a vote, or an opinion.

    3. Casual bashing of the silly miner aside... Many, if not all agents have various levels of presence in null, often in big coalitions.

      The affiliation of some famous guys is well known, but many prefer to keep it to themselves. Close associates and friends in the New Order may find that they are enemies outside of James 315's space.

      Of course, realizing that rarely results in anything more animous than war-anecdotes being exchanged after a gank, as agents are bright and loving individuals.

    4. Now now anons, let us avoid feeding the Ehnea creature.


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