Monday, February 5, 2018

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 35

Previously, on MinerBumping... Gelhan was buzzing with the latest news about the ongoing siege. Mission Ready Mining's top analysts had determined that The Marmite Collective was colluding with the mighty CODE. alliance. Before long, Gelhan received a visit from Gai Heiyuu himself--the CEO of Mission Ready Mining.

MRM, one of the top ten biggest corporations in EVE, had thousands of members. Its CEO was engaged in a debate about mining permits.

Gai once again attempted to persuade Agent Georgia B Dixie to give up on her campaign and lift the siege of Gelhan. (Trying to talk an Agent out of enforcing the Code is usually a last resort.)

So far, Georgia had prevailed against everything that the thousands of MRM members were capable of throwing at her. She was confident that she was on the winning side.

Gai wasn't getting anywhere, so one of his subordinates stepped up to offer assistance. Slypher Hekki repeated the charges of collusion that had been leveled against CODE. and The Marmite Collective. Georgia brushed them off.

Suddenly, the MRM CEO dropped a bombshell: The New Order had a mole, and it was this individual who had leaked the details about the Marmite/CODE. collusion. But who could the spy be?

I have my suspicions.

The next day, Agent Georgia was back on the Gelhan beat. Though Gelhan itself remained her highest priority, she wasn't afraid to bump refugees who had fled into neighboring systems.

Despite weeks of demonstrations that the New Order had absolute control over the miners' destinies, they remained stubborn, sullen, and insolent.

A particularly grumpy miner was given a free trip: She was sent sailing out of the asteroid belt by Agent TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet.

The unanticipated excursion didn't cheer the miner up, but it did make her confess her crimes.

The miners were so bitter and cynical--a tragedy. They didn't realize what a wonderful future they could have, if only they followed the law. Instead, they joined gangs and uttered threats of violence against the New Order. Actual violence was beyond their capabilities, for now.

Rather than falling in love with the Code over time, some miners became hardened in their opposition. Their fate was to sit docked up all day, unable to mine. And they seemed to accept it. They were getting used to failure and helplessness.

What Agent Georgia witnessed shocked her: The minds of these miners were wasting away, right in front of her eyes.

To be continued...


  1. Georgia B Dixie rocks! Praise James!

  2. "I have my suspicions"

    I loled harder than I should have when I saw James posted up Ledrian's famous "schedules victory cry", holy shit some people are truly insane.

  3. After all these years, and all the carebears who were awoxed/scammed/tricked into believing someone had "Code secrets" to sell, it's hard to believe the mrm guys actually thought they had "someone on the inside". What a bunch of losers! At least we benefit from their complete humiliation and " re-education", as it is top notch content. But let's not forget that when we are finished loling at them they will still need further education. Let's not just leave them hangin in limbo, they need ganked until the buy a permit or leave highsec. Or both, just to show true penance for being such shitters.

    This will not end well for these mrm shitters, not well at all. Even this far removed from the actual events I make it a point to shoot at mrm and ex-mrm people when I find them. Or at least link the series in local, that's fun too!

    That C.E.O. is so stupid he gave away his one chance (as far as he knew) of having some suprise leverage or whatever. If the spai was truly a solid asset then Gai just gave away the element of surprise.

    mrm never stood a chance, they were outclassed from the first bump.

  4. Yay!

    Make them beg for a mining permit!


  6. Is there a part 6 to the spymaster?


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