Saturday, February 3, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #150

In the Code era, every day is a nice day. Welcome to the 150th edition (so many editions--will the miners ever stop crying?) of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

My Russian is a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure Bob the Fourth is the good guy in the story being told here.

From one of the newbie help channels. First, we see a "helpful" veteran spreading anti-Code propaganda. But then...

It's official: CCP says highsec ganking requires you to "have a lot of skill". CCP has all but admitted that highsec ganking is elite PvP!

jenna watkins was killed by a "code squad". Actually, 31 gankers from the mighty CODE. alliance isn't just a squad; it's an armada. To answer your question, jenna, it appears your Obelisk was triple-anti-tanked. Meditate on the Code as you come up with a better way to transport your stuff.

"If you use a Procurer, they can't gank you."

It's funny to hear miners like Jaroslavka complain about gankers not working hard enough. As if AFK mining in highsec takes a lot of effort. Then again, these are the same guys who complain about ganking not being risky enough, all while shooting defenseless asteroids under the umbrella of CONCORD's protection.

Once we create a perfect highsec, even the dullest miners will see it was for their own good. Therefore, the faster we kill them, the sooner they'll like us.

People have been trying to impersonate me for many years now. You know how you can tell if someone is the real Saviour of Highsec? Watch him closely, and see what effect he's having on highsec. If he's saving highsec, then he's the real thing.

Someone named Cochise Chiricahua was caught distributing mass EVEmails to people killed by the mighty CODE. alliance. Was Cochise sending them valuable information about how to obey the Code? Uh, not exactly:

It must suck to be ganked by CODE. First you lose your ship, and then you get a bunch of spam from the Anti-Gankers. Strangely, Cochise talked about an "epic war" taking place between the gankers and his carebear militia. The gankers killed 2 trillion isk last month. What did the carebear militia do, other than fail? Sounds more like a massacre than a war.

James 315 is alive.

We have one of these: The Code


  1. There can never be enough editions of miner grab bags!

  2. damn antigankers failed hard.

    why didnt they stop ANY ganks?

  3. Cochise Chiricahua,
    So you're the last Bastard, and still sending out eve-mails to "victims" after all these months. You know that half the Bastard team followed me and created alts in Code. You should too:

    They say there is a thin line between anti-gankers and gankers. That thin line is misguided failure, even if an anti-ganker might win you are following the Code in part and therefore the Code wins. The Code always wins. Always.

    You, and the other anti-gankers, are on the wrong side of history. The good guys are the ones trying to bring order and peace to a lawless High Sec. We bring content and excitement where is was none. We are helping keep Eve alive. Matter of fact all the battles you've participated in have been brought to you by the Code.

    The Code helps miners and the other citizens of High Sec be better players. Read it: it's common sense. If miners are following the Code they are safer and are having more fun.

    Cochise, are you having fun? Because actually PVPing in a PVP game is a lot more fun than stuffing virtual envelopes all day.

    Join us. Help us hunt down the carebear menace. It would be fun to have my old friend back and High Sec is worth fighting for. Send me an eve-mail. ;)


    1. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read on this blog (besides the stuff that James 315 writes of course).

      Cheers for agent Aldo, and all the benevolent work he does for Highsec!

    2. Lol the real faildo raine is a nervous little highsec shitter coward with an education that never advanced past middle school.

      faildoanon455 is just someone trying to fuck with the real shitter, who btw has always been a spergy ag loser.

      Never trust a "former" antiganker, they are not roleplaying, they actually believe you are evil if you gank someone (in a video game about ganking folks). That type of person can never be fully corrected because he cannot seperate. He is only lying to himself if he thinks he's no longer an antiganker.

    3. Wolf: Always!

      Anonaganker4:14(if that's your real name) check your facts mate. Some of the best enforcers where former antigankers and Luckily I don't need your trust, I have the Code, and my actions speak for themselves. :)

    4. Anon 4:18 sounds like a butthurt ag'r.

    5. Are we forgetting that faildo raine is just another teary pejedus alt?

      And are we forgetting that pedojedus was RL insane? Much like his friend foxbolt.

      Every ag shitter that "converts" is just another loser lying to himself. (I'll grant Gorila was the one exception)

      Tell us more about how gankers are evil, faildo. Remember all that sperg you laid down in the ag chans over the years, and even in the comments on this site? So you are converted too? What part of your EVE career was fail, then or now? Were you wrong when you championed ag shitters like kalynn shardani? How about when you helped push frivolous petitions as a way to combat gankers? You do know a lot of players have EVE chats saved to a file automatically yeah?

      faildo will fail at this, much as he and all his previous incarnations have failed up to this point. Where is your permit and link to your character bio faildo? Where are your dried miner-ears-on-a-string?

      You don't have the right stuff friend.

      I have a hard time believing that Nitetime Video endorsed this loser.

    6. All tongue in cheek and for a greater cause. Did the Bastards have that big an impact on your ops? I didn't think so. But it served as a means of helping antigankers accept ganking as a tactic.

      "Every ag shitter that "converts" is just another loser lying to himself." How about xxBLACK SKULLxx 929? Or Salah? No I'm afraid you don't know what your talking about. I've been in Code for a very long time with many toons. I like my current too a lot and I'm going to keep him.

      And Kaylin and I were never friends. Ganking is a tactic, not bullying. But you already know that gankeranon? Right? If you really are a gankeranon...

      I don't need your approval. I have the Code.


    7. Also Pedgedus or Foxbolt? How many miners or bumping machs did they kill? No I'm not related in any way to either of those guys.

      Gorila was a good guy though and he ought to come back to the game. Eve was a better place with him in it. He didn't take ag as seriously as some agents.

  4. I think the funniest thing about ag is how fast they run.

    Nothing but dicks in soy boy hands when a blob of 200 plus karmafleet ganking in jita.

    54bill in destruction for less than 3 hours of ganking.

    Now that is some ag failing.

    Shardani is dead, never forget it.

    1. Yeah your best agent who killed his own kid to prevent him from being a miner. We can never forget how much you guys love killing in RL.

    2. Wow, that is bass ackwards miner.

    3. Reaper of the ghettoFebruary 5, 2018 at 7:20 AM

      Anonabeta 10:46 please calm down and remember your place.

      My only hope is that you instruct the executor of your will to visit and notify us all of your death when you finally go full shardani.

      Until then....

      Stay mad and take a seat at the back of the bus with the women and ag.

      Shardani was a rl murderer.

  5. How dare jenna watkins address the Savior as "fellow pilot", disgusting!


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