Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nemesis, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping...

We've faced a lot of anti-Code resistance movements over the years.

They usually started with a lot of promise, or at least with a lot of promises.

Most of the rebellions relied on the carebears to organize and defend themselves. For some reason, this idea never worked.

Other resistance movements went the cloak and dagger route.

Still others depended on CCP to nerf the New Order to death.

But no matter how tiresome or bizarre each new anti-Code organization was, they all shared one thing in common: They were all complete failures. It seemed to most people that nothing would ever be able to stop our Agents from saving highsec.

...But those people never met Alex Kevall. Appearing as if from nowhere, Alex rose up out of obscurity and declared that the total destruction of the Code was at hand.

Alex hadn't been ganked by Agent Liek DarZ, but someone put the rebel leader in touch with him.

It had only been a short time since Alex lost his Retriever and swore an oath to eliminate the Code--but Alex had been busy. In no time at all, he'd already transformed himself into the resistance's major arms supplier, and he'd infiltrated the mighty CODE. alliance at the highest levels.

Oh, and in his spare time, Alex identified the members of the New Order's secret financial team and had them slated for destruction, too.

True, many others had promised to defeat the New Order. But Alex wasn't like those guys at all. Not remotely.

Alex had all of the strengths of the previous rebel leaders, but none of their weaknesses. A lesser spymaster might've given out the names of his spies right then and there. Alex carefully sidestepped that pitfall by not disclosing their names. That way, he could continue to use those same spies, rather than having to start all over again and recruit new ones. This guy knew what he was doing.

The rebel mastermind reveled in his own brilliance, savoring in his mind the victory he knew he'd achieve.

Though Alex claimed industry and manufacturing as his area of expertise, he placed a lot of confidence in his intel network.

True, Alex didn't know everything about the New Order. There were a few gaps left to be filled in. I mean, he'd only just recently discovered the Code.

Alex was focused on his primary objective: Getting revenge against the two gankers who'd killed his Retriever. Destroying the CODE. alliance was merely icing on the cake.

In fact, Alex was so good at the intel game, he'd tricked Agent Liek into revealing the existence of "killboards", which contained detailed records about CODE.'s kills and losses.

Okay, maybe this miner had some work to do before he could surpass the rebel leaders of the past. But even though he may someday grow up to become our archnemesis, there's a silver lining here:

Another player successfully retained by the New Order. CCP, you're welcome.


  1. Another epic ending and another soul saved! Praise James! \o/

  2. CCP would be wise to consider offering incentives like free game time for elite player-retainers, with honorary lifetime subs as the grand prize.

  3. Come now Jamey: "resistens"? Don't you know how to spell when you are making another fake chat discussion?

    1. And you read every word miner. The Code always wins! XD

      My favorite part: "The New Order is destined to take over all highsec whether you like it or not."

    2. "Resistens": I was quoting our dear old friend Mine Teck.

    3. Lol 740anon failed. Always!

      You poor ignorant shitter, you're out of your league. Maybe you should be crying on the hello kitty forums, it's more your speed I'm sure.

    4. hahahaha anon shitposter gets owned by the saviour himself and is quiet.


  4. If he has our secret schedules, CODE is all over......

  5. "Another player successfully retained by the New Order."

    TBH I'm not sure I'd be bragging about helping keep this shitter around. Just sayin'

    1. Nah man, he's bad but not criminal bad like foxbolt or kalynn or jtclone. Plus if he sticks around we can all have a shot at him. ;)

      Who knows, maybe he will join NOL soon. Or faildo could make him a pet project, get him into NOL and so forth.

    2. Your obsessing again. Stop. It's weird bro.

    3. You're

      Lol, it's amazing how many brain-dead people have access to the webz.

    4. You're creepy stalkeranon.

      How's that?

  6. I love happy endings!

  7. Yay!!! Another Rebel Leader!!! And he has a corp that can be wardecced. How unusual...>:)

  8. antigankers that actively try to stop ganks are becoming hard to find. Has something changed that I don't know about? Is the end of villainy and tos-breaking-tears near? Will the the New Order remain unchecked, winning always!?

    It's about time ag called it quits, wtf were they thinking?

    Oh that's right, most ag are simpletons and the best way to teach a retard is with repetition. "Simple minds, repetitive tasks" is the mantra of "special" educators everywhere. Like when you have to gank a miner miltiple time before they learn to follow the Code and play compliantly.


    Never forget shardani is a hero in ag chats!

  9. The joke with the top-secret schedules is, I am afraid, lost on the poor fellow.

    Also, I bet the two code-spais were the gankers who directed him to Minerbumping. Here he used his superior intellect to identify the top supporters list stickied to the top-left side of the screen.

  10. Yet another kid with grand plans of revenge in their little fantasy world. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.


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