Friday, February 23, 2018

Over One Trillion Five Hundred Seventy-Seven Billion in Shares Sold

The New Order is all about giving: Giving the gift of isk, giving the gift of gank...

Agents of the New Order are entitled to request reimbursement of gank ships expended whilst giving the gift of gank to Code-violating carebears. Minx Mattel decided to dedicate her losses to the Code by buying shares. 'Tis the circle of life!

One minor correction on the amounts, though. Back in the days of the original Reimbursement for Knights of the Order post, ships were worth different amounts and reimbursed at different rates. The Ganks page has the current rates: 3 million isk for a tech I Catalyst and 10 million for a tech II fitted one.

Therefore, Minx purchased an additional 3,278 shares, which took us past the 1,575, 1,576, and 1,577 billion isk marks and earned her a Triple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

What a week for Agent Minx!


Agent Siegfried Cohenberg gave the gift of bump, elite PvP'ing this Orca until she gave up:

We've seen haulers get killed by NPCs while being bumped, but Kipsley Caton apparently chose to make the best of her Drone Damage Amplifier II. She attacked our hero (so much for ships that "can't shoot back"--or is it "can't bump back"?). Siegfried prevailed.

Haulers get tired of being bumped, but our indefatigable Agents never get tired of saving highsec. That's the difference.


  1. The Code always wins!


    Kill all carebears!

  2. So I guess that Orca would be called a 'rage loss'? Carebears are so violent. Have they no shame?

    I'm glad I was raised better than that. I can't imagine growing up in an environment that promotes rage, or the willfull abandonment of good manners, or threatening someone over a game, or killing your own child in a rage because you can't stop any ganks, or mining illegal ore in highsec because you're too scared to play EVE properly. You know, like an ag shitter.

    Yea, I was lucky to be raised by intelligent people. Thanks Mom and Dad! You'll never have to worry about me besmirching my heritage by acting out like a raging shitter. You did not raise a savage.

    Anyone who gets that mad over a video game should have been institutionalized a long time ago, or at least kept segregated from the normal players.

    1. Actually I think you're just a pleb - and most readers will agree.

    2. Calm down faildoalt218, it looks like no one agreed with you.

      Are you mad that your parents didn't raise you well? Good thing you found the Code, silly miner.

  3. ow.
    Goons and CODE troll and grief players,
    to make you give up, to make you log off, to make you quit the game.

    And these are the people who we fight each and every day.

    Why does Loyalanon spam the blog every month with reminders of a EVE player's RL murder-suicide?

    Because he wants me to quit EVE.

    from thomas en faildeaux

    hahahaha nice of him to omit from his cringey email that it was his fellow antiganking moderator that killed his infant child and then himself.

  4. ag has been so thoroughly discredited that even carebears don't have any faith in them. They have failed all day every day for over 5 years now, and every idea they come up with is terrible (cf. AFK ships should automatically go invisible--but only in highsec). They lose (or ban) members faster than they can recruit. As we've said all along, you simply can't stop PvP in a PvP game and The Code Always Wins. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that even Thomas has gank alts.

    1. What's worse is when they try to change and join CODE. and keep on failing because nothing has really changed. Is a sad day for ag scum.


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