Monday, February 26, 2018

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 38

Previously, on MinerBumping... Mission Ready Mining's mining colony in Gelhan was melting before our Agents' very eyes. The miners blamed everyone but themselves for their failure; they cursed the mighty CODE. alliance--and The Marmite Collective for allegedly colluding with them. MRM's leaders hoped that our Agents would get bored and go away, but instead, they settled in and made the system their home.

From time to time, seemingly momentous threats arose, only to fizzle out. Could nothing stop our Agents?

Agent Kalorned found few MRM members willing to fight. Instead, he was spending most of his time administering the empire.

Luckily, Kalorned was able to delegate.

After seeing so many miners fume about kill rights on -10 security characters, it was refreshing to see people who knew how to use them.

Kalorned noticed that some of his familiar foes no longer belonged to MRM. Regardless, our hero vowed to protect Gelhan from all threats, from the mundane to the exotic.
HoleySheet1 > this is funny
Kalorned > What amuses you this fine evening, good sir
HoleySheet1 > being in butthole nowhere
HoleySheet1 > the hubs are more exciting
Agent Kalorned was tending to the Gelhan system when a strange visitor arrived.

Something seemed a bit off about this fellow, but Kalorned wanted to make the guest feel at home in Gelhan.
Kalorned > True, the baseline level of activity isn't the same as hubs - however stick around long enough and you will find that these remote areas have their own distinct excitement
Kalorned > You wouldn't know passing through, however there is currently a conflict ongoing this very moment
Kalorned > A mining corp in conflict with the good guys enforcing proper gameplay
HoleySheet1 > who are the good guys?
Maybe Kalorned's first impressions were wrong. Had he judged HoleySheet1 too harshly?
Kalorned > The New Order of High Sec, Marmite, various others
HoleySheet1 > pfft
HoleySheet1 > i made marmite
HoleySheet1 > it still rides off its success in 2012
HoleySheet1 > theres no new order...just greedy morons and soft wet paper bag citadels now
HoleySheet1 > wake to reality
On the other hand, Agents of the New Order are known for their superb instincts.

Kalorned received additional insight from a member of MRM; he was routinely supplied with information from some of its more open-minded members.

Though HoleySheet1's reputation wasn't stellar, Kalorned felt it was worth spending a few more minutes with him. However, the visitor was eager to be on his way. Kalorned only had time to play one more card: The name of the Saviour of Highsec. Drop it into any conversation and you're bound to get to the truth.

What Kalorned didn't anticipate is that this time, truth would come in the form of a conspiracy of epic proportions.

To be continued...


  1. Holeysheet1 - stargate and station hugger extraordinaire xd xd

  2. Holeeeee sheeeeeeeeeeet1

    Is how it's pronounced. And he is definitely a character. For a gate hugger.

  3. Does he believe the eve galaxy is flat to?

  4. Too bad the Lead Farmers website went away...I used to post the convo where Holyshit gave director roles to a guy he met 5 minutes ago and then was.....upset....that the guy dissolved the corp and stole all his crap. It was glorious. And he hates Marmite because Tora let him in for a short time...and then kicked him out. We all told Tora he was making a HUGE mistake...and he found out the hard way what happens when you let Holeyshit anywhere near your corp...alliance....stations....

    As for why he hates Vendetta.....if memory serves Holyshit got spanked by them hard, and then when he got evicted from Marmite he thought he was a 'hard merc' and tried to join VMG...they denied his app so fast it caught on fire. Basically Holyshit is the premier assclown of EVE...he's permabanned from the forums (it took less than a week for him to get permabanned after the last forum switch), and we all wish CCP would permabann him from the game.....he's pretty much the poster child for Most Useless Player Ever. Even Xenuria gets more respect than Holyshit, and that's saying something.

    1. Thanks for the recap. The name rang a bell, but not loud enough to get me to look into it.

  5. We got a badass in the house boys.

  6. So all of this is a fictional ISK sink for CCP? Well that's good to know.

  7. Holysheet should biomass, IRL of course.

    Wait! was just kidding! I am bad at satire ;)

    Seriously though, holyshit1 never has a kind or pleasant word for anyone, if he's not currently sperging it's because he's saving up for a spectacular display of tear filled ignorance. He loves to try and belittle people who prove him wrong, but all he ever succeeds in doing is looking like an ignorant, uneducated man-child.

    I hope James pulls no punches with this one, holyshitter1 needs a through thrashing, an it couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

    I too would like to see him permabanned, as much for his own well-being as ours. It seems to have helped foxbolt, and they share some of the same symptoms.

  8. Is that the same sperg lord as Fabulous Rod/Alpha_Slow/Trash_Burner? IMO if you're enough of a shit stain they ban you from the forums, they should ban you from the game, too.

    1. Fab Rod is just some whiny baby who lost a failfit Retriever, and is so upset about it that he will spend months of his life writing pathetic walls of text about how ganking shouldn't be in the game. I don't think they're the same person, they are just equally spergy for different reasons.


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