Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Cat, New Creed, New Life, Part 1

Pop quiz, dear reader: Spot the ganked miner.

Thorin Hammerfield's Covetor was popped by a pair of Catalysts piloted by Agents Zen Stenier-Tian and Xan Staraider.

Jelly Heed tried to warn Thorin, but the miner failed to... heed... her warning. Jelly also went so far as to try intervening in the gank, but the miner died anyway.

Xan Staraider knew of what he spoke. A former Anti-Ganker himself, Xan was all too familiar with the futility and emptiness of trying to prevent the Code from being enforced. Like so many other rebels, he switched sides and began to enforce the Code himself, making him a controversial figure in both pro-Code and anti-Code circles.

Jelly was apparently the system's local resistance leader. She was disgusted by the rebel-turned-Agent and his ability to succeed at doing things rather than failing. Yes, she was disgusted, or, perhaps... jelly?

Xan and Jelly continued to discuss Thorin and his problems. If the miner was still in the system, his ears were surely burning (along with the wreck of his Covetor).

Yep, still in the system.

Thorin had put his safety into Jelly's incapable hands. He had not, however, delegated his rage.

Thorin continued talking--with the inevitable result of alienating the locals.

Only Jelly was willing to defend the miner, and she'd already proven herself distinctly unqualified for the job.

By contrast, Agent Xan seemed to be cultivating new friendships. This is a typical pattern: Agents and miners both tend to push people into the New Order camp.

But would anyone trust Xan once they learned of his dark past?

To be continued...


  1. who else is ready for some major meltdowns in local from antiganking???

    I heard grand design went ballistic in local yesterday because he couldnt stop any ganks XD XD

    Hey Thomas wasnt burn jita last week?? were you wrong again? hahahhahahaha

  2. Thorin tries to tough guy act but the fact is he was afk mining. I am sure he is super elite at pvp in his nullsec corp when he isn't mining!

  3. Almost the end of February and I've mined and banked over 2 billion isk in ore, all in various high security systems. Most of it while watching the Winter Olympics at the same time.

    Not a CHODE. slave to be found. They truly are irrelevant to the vast, vast majority of EO denizens.

    1. Lol every time. Like a true retard.

      Imperium folks are making that much (low end) a day in nullsec you silly shitter. Plus, we don't believe you anyway.

      But as long as you keep lying, I'ma call you a shitter because you earned it, unlike all that imaginary ISK.

    2. Xan has a dark past? O_O

    3. wow just wow. antigankers are failing so hard non-stop daily.

    4. Stormrode,windrode....target list updated. I am tired of your sperg pete.

      Lets see your bottom line for the month of march.

    5. LOL!!! OMG 2 BILLION ISK you must be the spacerich!!!

      I make around 20 billion a week station trading, and never have to undock.

      If I made 2 billion ISK in a week it would be because I was on vacation...or playing Fallout 3 again....

  4. Oh it's that dude again....


    1. I look so young back then. I was all of 2 months old into my Eve experience. And ag put me in charge of their organized resistance effort! Pretty funny stuff. XD

    2. To be fair he was trying to get bot aspirants to actually play the game for once.

  5. Why has that Xan character been recycled 3 times?

    1. Cause I was torn about playing that character after the original incident back in 2014. But bob damn I loved that character's name, and it's on the Eve monument for chris' sake. And at this point I've done everything in Eve, or at least everything I ever wanted to do.

      I love this game. I love PVP. So I brought Xan back as my main with full acceptance of all my past mistakes and knowing full well that I'll never be trusted with any corp roles. XD

      I'm happy to help preserve the game I love, I enjoy hunting miners and helping them see the light that is the Code. If people are upset about that, well that's hilarious. XD


    2. No offence, but I have a hard time believing someone (who's first instinct was to join antiganking) can fully embrace highsec miner killing.

      I mean, from first contact I knew ag were not my kind of folks.

    3. Don't listen to the skeptics and cynics agent Xan! The Code is meant to mold the people of Highsec into better people. It fills my heart with joy to see your ascension by it.

      James is cruel with that cliffhanger though.. But I believe, firmly, in the integrity of the Code and the New Order of Highsec.


    4. Thanks! I will strive to prove myself by my deeds. I'm already having a blast doing it. XD

  6. More so now than ever before,bot aspirancy continues to be a cancer in new eden.

    If ag were to be usefull and truly cared about this game they would fill the ranks of a new order corp and kill bot aspirants.

    Purchase a permit and follow the CODE. to show your disgust at those who choose to cheat.

    Unparalleled assaults are inbound to new eden. Do not give the appearance of bot aspirant behaviour and you will not have to cry like those ass clowns.

    Ghesis,You need to prove to me you are not a bot, i assume you all are.

    Consider me a bot check test like a website, the onus is on you.

  7. I came inside every anti gankers mom over the past 7 months.

    1. That's scary from an evolutionary viewpoint. All those shitters soon to be unleashed upon our descendants....

      Hopefully you had some planB with you.

  8. Jelly... heed... ugh. Pretty funny.


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