Thursday, February 22, 2018

Without Intelligence

The title of today's post is a pretty good hint at the subject we're discussing.

Right from the MOTD, the Anti-Ganking channel seems designed to confuse its already troubled members. If these carebears want to stop ganks, why would they discourage miners from buying permits?

Alas, the "experts" of the resistance are merely the blind leading the blind. Only the Code can open their eyes.

'Twas another day of nonsense in the Anti-Ganking channel. All they ever seem to do is complain about highsec's heroes. It's like a really unhealthy, disorganized therapy session.

Naturally, the carebears clutch their pearls about "newbros", but they're just as likely to whine about losing a 10 billion isk freighter. And they drop Miner Bingo quotes unironically.

In a strange way, the Anti-Ganking channel does serve a purpose. In other venues, the bitter carebears must pretend that they're not bitter about being ganked. They don't want to admit that they're "victims" of the mighty CODE. alliance, yet they desperately want to complain about being our victims. So in comment sections, Reddit threads, etc., they spout some variation on "I've never been ganked by them before, but I hate them with a frothing passion (for some reason)!"

In Anti-Ganking, on the other hand, they can freely vent their frustrations about being ganked with a group of like-minded individuals.

...All that having been said, the Anti-Ganking channel has the most toxic environment possible.

Moreover, those who listen to and believe the channel's chatter end up filling their heads with disinformation.

Consider the "lesson" related above. According to Anti-Ganking's historians, World War Bee happened before the Code was founded, and then CCP removed static ice fields at the Goons' request. And apparently hearing this bizarre story is supposed to help miners avoid being ganked.

As often happens during conversations like this, the rebels started to develop a plan to strike back against the New Order. This time, the idea was to form a massive voting bloc of carebears who would pack the CSM and lobby for nerfs to ganking.

Of course, few carebears today would know about the history of the CSM and how its pro-theme park voices tried to push CCP toward eliminating all risk in highsec. They passionately argue that making highsec safe would improve player retention--completely unaware that the likes of Trebor Daehdoow and Ripard Teg already persuaded CCP to investigate the idea years ago, only to have their own studies disprove the notion.

It's easy to feel contempt for the rebels. Indeed, they are a pathetic bunch. Imagine spending all month mining in highsec so you can PLEX an account to mine in highsec for another month. It sounds more like serving time on a prison chain gang than playing a video game.

Ghost seraphims is onto something, I think.

Even if the carebears refuse the light of the Code, we can bathe them in the light of their own explosions.


  1. Anti-Gankers, stop being slaves of you're own misguided self-righteousness. There is a place for you here. Join us! We will teach you to pvp! You'll have fun, and the miners you blow up will thank you! (well, some of them will.) XD

    NOL is recruiting! \o/

  2. So in comment sections, Reddit threads, etc., they spout some variation on "I've never been ganked by them before, but I hate them with a frothing passion (for some reason)!"

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is 110% true.

  3. I'm crewed in the head. And I'm also a narcist.

  4. Funniest post ever. XD


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