Monday, June 11, 2018

Bob Wins, Part 8

Previously, on MinerBumping... Things were looking up for Agent Bob the Fourth: He was capturing drones, popping ships, and winning hearts and minds. Even formerly rebellious carebears were beginning to see how much more fun it was to shoot miners than to mine. But Solitude is a region of many systems, and Bob wasn't done yet.

Agent Bob quietly went about his work. He was searching--scanning--for something.

While Bob was engaged in his quest, he noticed local chat blinking.

Acuita was the latest EVE player to return to highsec after a long hiatus. She was surprised to see how small the mining population was. (I wonder what happened in the last three years to bring that about? Must've been an incursion.)

As is always the case, the conversation turned toward the Code and the Agents who enforce it. Bob was the man of the hour.

Having been absent for the last three years, Acuita apparently harbored some old-fashioned notions about the effectiveness of anti-ganking tactics.

But Ariel Triteia didn't discourage Acuita from rebelling against the Code. In fact, she was excited by the notion of a miner resistance movement. In that moment, they made a pact: They'd stick together, and no one would get ganked.

Suddenly, Agent Bob made a grand entrance into local chat. This was the first real test of the embryonic rebellion. Would they give up and start buying permits?

Ariel and Acuita held fast. Neither wanted to look weak in front of the other, and they felt that surrendering to the Code would be cowardly.

Bob cautioned the rebels. And in return, Ariel cautioned Bob. What was she suggesting?

The rebels hinted at the possibility of armed resistance against the Code. Interestingly, Acuita was familiar with the Code, despite her long absence. That's how long we've been around: We were well established even before the "returning players" originally left.

A new player entered the system, NOmadS0uL. Was he friend or foe?

The miner quickly identified himself as an enemy of the Code. Would this new resistance movement catch fire--or would their ships?

To be continued...


  1. wow just wow. antiganking failing so hard non-stop daily continuously ALL the time.

    Anyone else notice that tetrafinity are just pure failures?

  2. In the mind of a miner a skiff is a titan.

    If this is going the way i think it will, a miners neck is getting wound in and reality sets in that they are nothing more than pond scum on still water.

    If you zoom out of a highsec heatmap, you can see how infected new eden is almost in real time.

  3. Meh seems made up


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