Friday, June 29, 2018

Over One Trillion Five Hundred Ninety-Five Billion in Shares Sold

Things just keep getting better and better for the New Order. Viirilithizu Ward bought 1,000 more shares of our stock, pushing us past the the 1,595 billion isk mark (so close to 1.6 trill!) and earning her a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.


Everyone in EVE is talking about the 331 billion isk jump freighter killed by the mighty CODE. alliance. Video game journalists, naturally, took a keen interest:

The Imperium News Network released an article on the kill. The author, Savvy Kneel, interviewed Agent Australian Excellence, who offered some additional insight on how the monumental gank went down.

Naturally, there were a few salty commenters.

In addition, I'm now in a position to declassify the post-gank information EVEmail that Australian Excellence sent to the jump freighter pilot shortly after the 331 billion isk kill.

Hopefully the carebear will take heed and accept the constructive criticism in the spirit with which it was offered. Then again, gank recipients aren't known for being good sports--another thing they could learn from our Agents.


  1. That Nomad, holy hell. Carebears don't belong in EVE. Lol now that guy has to biomass that character, or be permaganked on undock. And laughed at like the silly shitter he is.

    Apparently The Code always wins!


  2. Agent Australian Excellence, displaying good sportsmanship by reaching out to his opponent after their round of PvP and offering well-meaning advice for him to grow and improve.

    1. Indeed - most miners have difficulty with basic reading and writing skills. Australian's e-mail is concise, uses a simple vernacular that the average highsec miner (might) be able to comprehend, and oversize font to assist the miner with understanding the letters.

      Furthermore, he makes good use of colour to highlight the core components of his message. Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference.

    2. I think it was too soft, it should have been laced with anthrax.

      Kill all miners, before they can shardani their families!

  3. Holy shit! In game anthrax of course, you silly miners! You dipshits need to stop with the RL violence over a PVP game you don't even belong in.

    Silly shitters, EVE is for PVPers! Not the pink parts of carebears! The ONLY reason suicide ganking is a thing in highsec is because cowardly carebears try to avoid legal highsec PVP by corp hopping, or even worse, spending your entire EVE career in an NPC corp. All very anti-EVE.

    So CCP gave the real EVE players a vioce with which to protest your anti-EVE behavior, and antisocial TOS breaking actions: The suicide gank. An action so EVE in it's nature that it instantly exposes and seperates the cowardly carebear from the real EVE player.

    There is no shame in a cowardly carebear admitting they don't belong in EVE. The shame lies in their inability to accept that fact, and the way in which they react to the real EVE, not a bot-aspirant's willfully ignorant idea of EVE.

    They only way to help them is to gank them until they understand how EVE really works. Why would we do any less for the poor ignorant shitters?

    No shitter left behind, right!?


  4. Congratulations Viirilithizu Ward!

  5. Wow just wow antigankers are failing so hard right now

  6. 800m dropped... How much costs 27 Talos?

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