Thursday, June 28, 2018

Forever Young, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A bombshell accusation was made against four Agents of the New Order by miner Viral Anguis. Viral claimed that they were guilty of breaking the rules against scamming new players in rookie systems. The victim? Viral himself. But our Agents uncovered the shocking truth behind Viral: His account was eight years old.

When Viral's true age was discovered, it set him back on his heels. Our Agents moved in for the kill.

Viral linked an article about the rule against scamming new players in rookie systems, only to have the contents of the article thrown back in his face. The miner was probably beginning to wish he'd simply taken his Mackinaw loss and moved on.

Now the litigious miner was on the defensive, challenged and accused by the four Agents.

Viral's practice of mining ore in a special "new player" system came under heavy scrutiny. This eight-year veteran was stealing from newbies!

The miner had grown quiet. Unable to defend himself, he pretended to be busy writing his petition to CCP.

If Viral had hoped to intimidate the Agents, he failed. They were clearly enjoying EVE much more than he was at the moment.

In fact, as we saw earlier, Viral did care enough to write an EVEmail directly to the Saviour of Highsec after these events transpired. For now, though, he was apparently composing a lengthy essay to send to CCP.

Once again, our Agents had to deal with a miner who didn't mind losing 300 million isk but was really peeved about being asked for a 10 million isk permit payment.

Now Viral began his painful effort at backpedaling. Even if he wasn't a newbie, the Agents were guilty of scamming newbies if they didn't know he wasn't a newbie.

Finally, the carebear pulled a familiar trick: He tried to classify himself as a "new returning player". But even then, he admitted that he'd logged a few months in the game over the past eight years. He wasn't "a pro or whatever", so he still considered himself a new player.

The miner clumsily attempted to craft an argument of some sort, but it got him nowhere. He was stuck.

Viral wouldn't accept defeat--or reality. He insisted that selling a permit to an eight-year veteran was rookie scamming. He was just a very, very old rookie.

The miner grew frustrated. Why didn't anyone agree with him? He'd explained everything so clearly.

At last, Viral gave up and walked away in a huff. If there was any justice in the world, he thought, the people who ganked him would be banned. And, in fact, there is justice in highsec these days--the Code's justice. That's what got him ganked in the first place.


  1. This old new returning rookie needs financial help. The mark of James 315 will be that help.

    1. Don't forget to go gank that idiot at least once, it's the proper thing to do, and he should be easy to find. How many systems are on that list?

  2. I'ma find this dude in game.

  3. What a villain. Reminds me of Brothers Grimm telling of Cinderella, where the evil step-sister lops off toes to fit herself into the glass slipper to fool the prince into marrying her.

    1. Sounds like a typical highsec carebear shitter.

      Stereotypes ftw!

  4. Has anyone sent a link of this article to that viral shitter? He should definitely see this.

  5. That's a sad sack of shit coward hiding in a "rookie" system sucking up all their ore. And then the retard tries to get someone else banned because he got caught? Oh man, he should be punished. Properly.

    winky winky

    All you carebear sjw's can calm right down; we'll be keeping it in game. XD

    Never forget shardani!

  6. Is Kalynn shardani guilty of rookie greifing for killing his kid?

    I think a posthumous permaban should be installed on his in game character to set a standard.

    1. His complicit wife was trying to sell that character, like a greedy carebear. Guilt by association? Nah! She was guilty by nature.

    2. Even she publically stated he was not a nice person.

      Never forget ag moderator shardani " rookie killer ".

    3. "Kalynn Shardani was not a nice person IRL". Fucking understatement of the year.

  7. CCP should ban any character over 30 days old that is caught carebearing in highsec. Anywhere in highsec, not just the newb systems. If a carebear gets ganked in highsec and he is not a rookie then he deserves some time off to think about his poor choices and bad behavior.

    That would correct miners like viral.

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  9. Meh seems made up

  10. And he is admitting to account sharing. That's a permaban right there. Time to file some reports with CCP. Unless he is claiming that he bought it off the Bazaar...….is the Bazaar still even active anymore?

  11. Veteran hiding his bot behavior in a rookie system.
    Stealing from new players.
    Submitting false accusations against law abiding pilots.
    Attempting to exploit Eve's EULA for his own ill gain.

    Sometimes I feel the occasional sympathy for hisec miners. All I can manage to feel for Viral is disgust.


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