Thursday, June 14, 2018

You Can't Spell Toxic Without an X

Who has a problem with "James followers"? The bad guys, that's who.

Meet Culdaris Kahn X. He's an Anti-Ganker, which tells you most of what you need to know about him. Even among his fellow Anti-Gankers, he is known for being toxic. That's not good.

(Failed on both counts.)

Anti-Gankers rarely get along with anyone, but those who choose to inhabit the toxic environment of the Anti-Ganking channel get used to each other eventually. Somehow Culdaris managed to become notorious for being toxic, in a place where it's exceptionally difficult to stand out for that reason.

Since Anti-Gankers tend to be similar, they generally don't earn a reputation outside the channel--unless they have a funny origin story that got recorded on MinerBumping prior to their joining the channel.

Culdaris and his behavior caused enough disgust among enough of his fellow rebels that word began to reach our Agents. Agent Lawrence Lawton was particularly curious about the rumors that Culdaris had been caught making real-life death threats. He decided to investigate. Luckily, Culdaris was available for a quick interview.

Lawrence dove right into the heart of the matter. Culdaris denied the accusations by insulting the mighty CODE. alliance. That's not an effective way to make a denial, by the way. Innocent people don't usually go ranting about the government after they get charged with a crime.

Nevertheless, Lawrence gave Culdaris the benefit of the doubt. He tested the rebel by using a well-known litmus test: Invoking the name of the Saviour of Highsec. The results were conclusive.

Culdaris revealed that he held a personal grudge against me. As far as I can recall, I haven't interacted with him before. I suppose he must actually have a problem with the Code, then--and I can't help him with that.

Lawrence tested the miner yet again. Culdaris continued to fail. No wonder this guy is so unpopular.

Our Agent revealed to the troubled rebel a different path: His list of confiscated bling and the billions he'd made from them. Culdaris ignored it. Even wealth could not tempt him to improve his behavior.

Our Agent was genuinely curious as to why an Anti-Ganker would bother to persist in their failures day in and day out (and in some sad cases, year after year). Culdaris couldn't explain it.

The truth was, Culdaris himself probably couldn't understand why he tried (and failed) to oppose the New Order. Something was broken inside the rebel. Only the Code can fix it--if anything can.


  1. I think Culdaris presents a strong question here. Why even bother to ask where AG was when everyone knows that they are a joke.

    1. Out of the habit of rubbing in their incompetence I suppose. Sometimes I wonder if they only exist because we keep giving them attention.

  2. antigankers being toxic? No it cant be. I thought code were the bad guys.

    I feel it all started when antiganking moderator kalynn shardani murdered his infant child and then himself.

    Retards like culdaris are just terrible at this game. Maybe thomas could put some of his donations hes stolen to good use and help out other antigankers but nope hes stolen it all.

  3. Meh seems made up

  4. High sec security forces.................................


  5. It takes a lot of ignorance to intentionally be ag in EVE, this far into the the conflict. Every day some highsec shitter drops multiple bingo squares into local after my gankers go GCC. A lot of the time it's not even the dead miner that is crying like a bitch, but some ag "white knight" losing his shit over someone else enjoying EVE properly.

    I don't even try to sell permits anymore. I just kill the shitters and troll them mercilessly if they cry in local. The more they cry the longer our gank fleet loiters in local and kills the idiots. Maybe 1 in 20 will respond without vulgarity and hate. That one miner will be chatted up and helped to the best of our ability, all the rest can just "die carebear scum, die". EVE is not really for most people.

    "EVE at it's heart is a PVP game" - CCP

    So why do PVP-adverse cowardly carebears still even log in? The smart one's leave for pinker pastures, the retards cry to the devs for 'one more nerf' to a game they don't even belong in. Most highsec shitters are literally too stupid to quit. That's why they need our help.

    Oh well, more targets for the gank alts. More ignorant tears for the collection. And a good thing too, because the only way we can protect EVE is to kill as many shitters as possible, to the point of highsec miner extinction, before they get ANY more nerfs to PVP. In a PVP game.

    All it takes for evil to kill EVE is for good nullsec players to do nothing about highsec. It's EVERYONE's duty to kill highsec cowards.


    1. This is a balanced viewpoint grounded in reality.

      The Imperium puts in the effort to bring risk to Highsec with such pings as:

      People are still playing EVE in highsec. Let's do our bit to stop that. Gank time!

      Highsec pubbies are arguably the worst sort of pubbie there is. Let's go and explode some of them...

      Highsec is still full of pubbies. Please help us take their stuff.

      What about your alliance?

    2. Oh no! Realpolitikz crawl after people, even out here in the vast sov of James 315? I thought agents don't hold other agent's distant affiliations against each other..

      With that said.. it never occurred to me that my fellow anon of righteous zeal could have anything else but Imperial roots. Could it be that someone of such stature opposes the group responsible for Burn Jita? Or the only nullsec leader who's name appears in the very text of the Code?

      I hope the scholarly curiosity is still considered our merits, just as participating in constructive debates.

    3. "I just kill the shitters and troll them mercilessly if they cry in local."

      Provide proof or it didn't happen.

    4. Or I could just let you twist and cry, shitteranon317. EVE is not for your kind.

      Besides, what does an anon care if some highsec shitter believes him or not? Highsec shitters are non-entities as far as I am concerned, and only here for our entertainment. Or as a source of tears. Plus, you're a slow learner.


    5. Calm down, CHODE. slave.

  6. There can't seriously still be any concerted "antiganking" going on in this day and age.

    I think part of the NPE should be called the "Miner NPE", where miners are given a mission that has them get ganked repeatedly until they understand EVE is a PVP game. AND It should be a prerequisite to the mining skill. Surely that would fix the carebears.


    1. You're about right. The "anti-gankers" have long since abandoned the hope of actually stopping a gank. The goalposts have been shifted and the new priority is causing annoyance to the gankers, who will eventually become demoralized and quit.

    2. So ag aren't even anti-gankers anymore? Then why even call them ag? That's deceptive at best. It's time cowardly highsec shitters are rebranded with a more accurate moniker.

      I vote for: Cowardly Highsec Shitters. CHS for short.

      It's accurate, concise, and easily understood by the majority of the playerbase. When you say "Cowardly Highsec Shitters" everyone knows exactly who you are talking about!

      And, maybe idiots will stop trying to act like shitters if they understand how the rest of us view them.


  7. Lol that dumbass Culdaris accusing LL of being a beggar. Ignorant fool needs to learn the difference between 'beggar' and 'duly appointed permit fee collector'. And he needs to learn his place at the bottom of the EVE social ladder. Actually carebears don't even have a rung, they're that low.

    If that miner were not completely brain-dead he would have gladly bought a permit from LL. But he chose to be a shitter, willingly, and now his teary ignorance is on display for all the community to see.

    Carebears should just give up now. How could they possibly prevail against the Code and it's inevitable win?


  8. Incredibly you describe it, it is very nice to read it.


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