Saturday, June 30, 2018

Machine Come to Life, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 hunted and repeatedly punished Lexxos, a miner with a penchant for flying--and losing--the same mining ship in the same place. Lexxos' suspicious activities and dogged refusal to learn from his losses eventually led Alt 00 to believe that he was a bot.

Alt 00 had ganked Lexxos for at least the ninth time over a period of months. Our Agent yearned to speak with the bot, but at least Lexxos' death sparked a conversation among the other miners in the system.

The miners were relieved that Lexxos, and not they, had been the recipient of the gank. But many of them didn't take the lesson: They still lacked permits.

Agent Alt 00 was perfectly willing to sell them permits for only 10 million isk. It seemed that Fezline Wiggins and the rest were too proud--despite being highsec miners.

The accusations against Lexxos had given him a bad reputation; the other miners felt themselves above him. After all, at least they didn't bot. Alt 00 reminded the unlicensed miners that the Code has a lot to say about bot-aspirants, too.

Suddenly, without warning, Lexxos did the unthinkable. He spoke.

Alt 00 was almost too stunned to respond. She had been ganking Lexxos for months without ever hearing the bot-miner utter a word. Now here he was, chattering away in local like any other miner.

Our Agent's mission was to transform highsec into the image envisioned/mandated by the Code. If she could get bots to speak, she might get them to buy permits. Could a bot become human?

Lexxos stopped talking. Another miner, Rhian Crescent, entered the scene. Rhian picked up where Lexxos left off.

Alt 00 had noticed Rhian mining near Lexxos on previous occasions. Now she was confident that Rhian was Lexxos' alt. Since Lexxos was afraid of "feeding the trolls", he preferred to speak through a different character. It was clear that Lexxos/Rhian could no longer resist the temptation to argue with the ganker who had killed him so many times.

Our Agent tested the bot-miner by ignoring Rhian for a moment and engaging with one of her many other clients.

As Alt 00 anticipated, Rhian was frustrated, angry, and eager to defend Lexxos against the botting accusations.

Can a bot feel? People often debate what it's like to "play" EVE from the perspective of a bot-miner. If Lexxos/Rhian was any indication, they can get just as upset as any other carebear--if you gank them enough times.

Lexxos had spent months holding his tongue while being killed and called a bot. Now he demanded to see Alt 00's evidence. Speaking through Rhian, he was determined to clear his good name in the courtroom of local chat.

To be continued...


  1. Jeezus, why do carebears even think they can EVE properly?

    Scripts or not (we all know Alt 00 was was right), "playing" afk like a bot is not acceptable in today's modern Highsec civilization. The Code is the law until something changes drastically. Until that happens, criminal carebear bot-aspirants better watch their six.

    Any shitter hiding in highsec like a coward is expected to display their permits proudly, and follow the Code. Or die silently, we have enough of that particular flavor of salt, just keep your trap shut and try to die with some dignity, cowards.

    If it were up to me, every character in a non-pvp ship would have a portrait that shows them wearing an identifying armband, with maybe a six pointed asteroid embroidered on it, so we could easily see their shame. I bet a lot of them would flee back to wow, and that's a win for everyone.

    Oh, and I would delete CONCORD. That's the real solution to the carebear question, less safety for the weak.

  2. Wow just wow antigankers are failing so hard right now

  3. Replies
    1. New Eden: Become Compliant

    2. Now that sounds like a quality must see series!

  4. When a miner comes back with armor/hull damage following a failgank, hands down that's a bot. But every bot has an owner and he does his best to downplay his botting.

    1. You can witness this often in backwater Minmatar space: tanky mackinaws that survive the first solo gank attempt, only to return immediately to mining with ship damage unrepaired. The bot then dies to the second gank attempt because it was not programmed to repair, only to dock and undock.

      Makes the scripts easy to identify. And they should ALWAYS be reported, even after being ganked.


  5. With enough time, and correctly applied pressure, we can remove the bots and carebears from our game. I mean let's face it, the carebears are the botters. Neither of which belong in EVE.

    I am fine with CCP mass banning carebears for botting, even without absolute proof. The "innocent" ones may learn a valuable lesson about "even the appearance of impropriety". Guilt by association and all that. If they didn't want to get banned maybe they should not play as bot-aspirants.

  6. Save the children!

  7. Why did ag fail to stop shardani from rl ganking his kid?

  8. Meh seems made up


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