Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On the RAZOR's Edge

Most highsec miner ganks are just that. But sometimes highsec and nullsec politics collide.

Agent Super Perforator spotted an enemy vessel in a Poinen asteroid belt. The situation was too urgent to wait for backup, so she went in solo. The target was utterly destroyed.

The enemy in question was Lea Altross. She claimed to be about as poor as anyone can be after joining the game. Even newbies who just finished the tutorial have more isk than Lea.

One might assume that Lea was one of the countless anonymous miners who live in NPC corps. Wrong. She belonged to an alliance--but apparently not one that financially supports its members. Was Lea a member of one of those scammy highsec mining alliances that rip off newbies with "ore buyback" programs and such?

No, in fact, Lea belonged to RAZOR Alliance. RAZOR is a nullsec alliance that's been around forever. They spend most of their time getting kicked around the galaxy. They don't currently hold sov.

Lea's corp, Indecision, styles itself a hardcore capital PvP organization. If you join Indecision, you can expect to actually use your carrier in battle--or use your Covetor in highsec, I guess.

Lea wasn't terribly loyal to RAZOR. She was willing to quit, if it meant she could mine highsec asteroids in peace.

(If you want more info about strawberries, I know a guy.)

Super Perforator wasn't sure if she was more disappointed in the miner or in RAZOR. I mean, we expect highsec miners to lie. But nullsec alliances ought to be better than dumping their newbies on highsec and leaving the mighty CODE. alliance to look after them.

Naturally, no one in RAZOR was willing to help escort the newbie through Tama, a lowsec system notorious for its gatecamps. And Super was busy saving highsec. Lea was stuck.

Stranded in the middle of New Order territory, Lea had no way to rejoin her alliance. All she could do was sit around and mine asteroids, hoping that she'd someday be found by a RAZOR rescue party.

In the meantime, Lea knew in her heart that she wasn't really a highsec miner. She was a victim of circumstance.

To keep her spirits up, Lea entertained Super with tales of the heroic deeds she performed back when she had access to nullsec.

If RAZOR wanted to get their ace stealth bomber pilot back in the fight, they'd need to come get her. She'd be in Poinen, launching torpedoes at Catalysts.

With any luck, RAZOR won't be holding any mandatory ops in the near future. Lea has her hands full on the highsec front.


  1. "(If you want more info about strawberries, I know a guy.)" - ROFLMAO!!!!

    1. Yup, James rewards long time fans with trinkets like that. I loled. When I am done here I will look up that post for the lolstalgia!

  2. "Ezpz"


    1. Ewwww, a "miner squeezie" sounds like a glass full of shit. No thank you.

      Nasty carebears would need a thorough cleaning before I would squeez one. I shudder just thinking about touching someone that greasy.

    2. In Australia, we put frozen cane toads in the blender and turn pests into fertilizer.

      If only frozen corpses made isotopes.

  3. "You can run where I'm highest when I pick up strawberry."

    Never stop sperging, Mine Teck.


  4. Interesting that an alliance should have to deal with this. This is a corp problem if it was ever one but regardless - KM is from May 6th and you post it in June 5th? A little behind or is the story made up?

    1. Did you think that the story is being as portrayed that it happened on June 5th? You haven't been here very long, lurk more before posting. I once questioned the dates too but that was for something like 6 months or more. One month is quite recent.

    2. So friend, you are obviously too ignorant to realize that this daily blog has so much reader-generated content arriving daily that James has to post what he can, when he can. At his leisure. Calm down miner, transparency is a Code trademark. Everything you see here is the gospel truth.

      It's obvious that you are the miner in question here, your tears have the same flavor of uneducated sperg.

      Get your permit, or get back to razor space. Oh wait, I guess you need that permit after all, newbean.


    3. Ah, good to see you Anon 747, I was in the Jeras system over the weekend running my locator agent missions. I am disappointed you never came to elite PVP me. Oh that's right you aren't actually an agent :)

    4. Anon918, in order to answer your claims we would first need to know who you are, anon.

      Oh that's right, you're just another highsec shitter making claims without proof. Way to fail ag, daily. What do you need a locator agent for anyway? You're too scared to use the information for proper pvp purposes.

      Get a permit or get rekt, miner.


    5. The alliance should have to deal with it because the criminal miner was sporting their ticker.

      No wonder razor is dying, the quality of their people is getting lower by the day.

      Die carebear alliance, die.

    6. Did you ever try running a blog with daily updates and articles?

      If you want to keep posting quality material -- with screenshots, illustrations, humor and a coherent narrative -- you will have to prepare ahead. Even though James must be a pro by now, I can imagine it would still take at least an hour or two to get the material together, write everything up, make it entertaining and finally double and triple check the final result.

      Some stories require a follow up on the characters. Like a former miner that saw the light and started ganking -- it would not be entertaining to see just some log excerpt. But this means waiting days or weeks till some kills can be presented, making the previous interactions quite old by the time the story goes public.

      On top of that, some of the posts cover immediate, high priority events. Such will take preference over the more leisurely continuations of longer series.

      Finally, some days there simply is no time to craft a new post. Vacations, holidays, travels, deadlines, unforeseen circumstances -- yet James still managed to keep posting day by day.

      This all means that posts have to be prepared ahead of the time, to be posted on a suitable day. New events sometimes take precedence and further push back publication dates. And with multiple series, and tons of material streaming in from all the valiant Agents, it is no surprise that you will see time stamps a month old by the time the story is published on the blog.

      If anything, it shows the complete determination and high level of skill of the person behind the blog. We should all be thankful for that!

    7. He's no Savior for nothing!

      Thank you James 315 for minerbumping and for highsec!

  5. "hoping that she'd someday be found by a RAZOR rescue party"

    At the rate razor is going, the rescue party fleet will be in highsec very soon. However, it would be more accurate to call them "refugee" fleets.

  6. wow just wow. antigankers failing another player. maybe if Thomas wasn't stealing all the donations they would have isk to be able to fight back.

    1. Does tommyinchastity still play? Even after all the public humiliation and his own personal failures on display for all to see? I would have thought he would biomass years ago.

      He must be dumber than the average ag shitter.

  7. Jane's third alt twice removedJune 6, 2018 at 4:29 AM

    Miners in Hek use the word "pussy" a lot. When someone goes flashy red some idiot will invariably start screaming vulgarities in local, even if they were not involved. Sounds like 13 year old brats having a hissy. Of course I do the right thing (both morally and by the TOS) and I report them for their vile language. There is simply no room in our game for people who act like that. Common lowlifes, the kind of people you can't let your family be around.

    The tears in Hek are delicious though, so easily tapped and extra salty. Hisec is so full of shitlords, and I always love going back for a few days and blapping some oblivious wankers that don't belong in a PVP game anyway. I pledge to spend more time in hisec killing the carebear cancer that is killing Eve.

    Weee don't neeed no steeenkeeeng miners. Die carebear scum!

  8. Meh seems made up

  9. Jesus loves you


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