Monday, March 11, 2019

Disharmonious, Part 1

It all began with an investigation into this man:

Norek Crendraven was a member of Harmony Order, a corporation known to harbor bot-aspirant miners.

Last month, a carebear named chrissty spilled a bunch of salt after losing a ship. Harmony Order promptly expelled her from the corp. Was Harmony Order involved in a clean-up... or a cover-up?

Agent Aiko Danuja was aware that Harmony Order was already under investigation. However, when she met Norek, she felt it was necessary and appropriate to open another investigation.

Buried deep in Norek's employment history: About three months in The Conference Elite, a member corp of the mighty CODE. alliance.

Norek did not hesitate to inform on his fellow corpmates. Though the interviewee was outwardly cooperative, Agent Aiko remained on her guard.

Before long, additional red flags started popping up.

Aiko grew increasingly concerned. Was Norek a "Former Fan"?

Norek waxed nostalgic about the strong ethics of CODE., circa late 2014 to early 2015. It was a different time. Things were so much simpler then.

The investigation had already borne fruit, and now it appeared that it might produce something else: a smoking gun. Norek claimed to be sitting on evidence of misconduct by members of CODE.

Norek began to multitask. Even as he combed through his logs, he did some name-dropping and burnished his credentials as the ultimate CODE. insider.

Additional Agents chimed in. Everyone was eager to see the proof behind Norek's explosive allegations. They also hoped to sell some permits.

At the last moment, the star anti-Code witness recanted. What happened?

Aiko always suspected that something was rotten in Harmony Order, and now she was sure of it. But our Agents had no idea just how deep the corruption went.

To be continued...


  1. meh, definitely made up.

  2. Pedojames is killing children

  3. Amazing. Cannot wait to see what happens next.

  4. James kills more children

  5. Aiko is a "he"? I would be disappointed if our princess is a man this whole time >:(

  6. A Knight of the Order who fell from grace and degenerated into a Goofus? This doesn't add up at all.

  7. This won't be an easy fight. Norek will be well versed in the art of elite PVP, however outside The Conference Elite's moral and ethical framework, he is a dangerous loose canon. Our Agents will need to keep their wits about them as they battle against this hideous bot-aspirant malformation.

    Bring on Part 2!

    1. I don't know if they can handle it. We all know that CODE. is just a shadow of its past self. Look at their killboard. More kills in Nullsec than any where else. All the greats have left the game long ago.

      This story is not going to end well for the CODE. alliance and I think James is going to show us what he really thinks of these wannabes in the next part.

    2. Who will James support, the experienced CODE agent who was always loyal from the earliest days, or the upstart noob Lewak and his mindless drone?

    3. @Anon 6:51
      James will always support the current agents who support and praised him at the moment. A lot of "former fan" appeared because these current agent made the New Order looked like a cult.

    4. We must purge the New New Order of these cult deviationists!!! James should know that the former fans are his only true friends!

    5. You'll never win former fans! We believe in the Code and we have the courage to act on our convictions.

      Unlike you, the only convictions you have is treason.

      Praise James! \o/

  8. You wish, carebears.

  9. A 2 week old agent is still better at eve than a 10+ year carebear.

    They are just that bad.

  10. The pedophile child killer karma is back

    1. Ag still obsessed with minor ganking.

      So toxic.

      But this comes from a group of people who believe that when a freighter explodes in jita that women and children die in it.

      Flat earthers be flat earthers.

  11. hahh aiko big mouth in trouble now she gonna have to beg in bonus rooms haahahaha


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