Friday, March 22, 2019

Disharmonious, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... The mighty CODE. alliance went to war against Harmony Order corporation. Though everyone in Harmony Order was under strict orders not to interact with CODE. members in any way, King Kong Moose repeatedly fought and died.

After losing a duel with Agent Ralliana, King Kong Moose attempted to open negotiations with CODE.

Though only a few hours old, the wardec had clearly spooked Harmony Order. Was King authorized to negotiate a peace settlement--or was this a rogue diplomatic mission?

Since Agent Viirilithizu Ward's investigation into Harmony Order had led to the wardec, Ralliana suggested speaking to her instead of immediately petitioning the Saviour of Highsec.

Eventually, King managed to track down Viirilithizu in a nearby system.

King knew he had little leverage to work with. Successfully negotiating with CODE. would require him to think outside the box.

Agent Viirilithizu wouldn't budge. Harmony Order needed to comply with the Code--period.

King proposed a war pact: Join forces and strike deep into nullsec against Pandemic Legion! No one would ever expect that Harmony Order and CODE. would work together, so the element of surprise was guaranteed.

Since the beginning, the enemies of the New Order have attempted to deflect our Code enforcers toward other targets. It never works. Our Agents have remained laser-focused on their mission.

Since a diplomatic channel was already open, Viirilithizu saw no reason it shouldn't go both ways. She gently probed for intel on Harmony Order's intentions.

However, it was obvious that neither side was willing to give anything up. The war would go forward.

During the first several hours of the wardec, Harmony Order's members--other than King--remained docked up and out of sight. In time, though, they inevitably ventured out. When that happened, they were caught and killed.

Harmony Order fell into the same pattern that has undone so many other carebear corps that have attempted the "deny them kills" strategy over the years. Carebears carebear. They can't resist grinding isk. They'll even mine AFK during an active wardec!

One after another, members of Harmony Order were ambushed and ganked. This wasn't the relaxing, risk-free PvE that the corp had promised them. What now?

To be continued...


  1. It is becoming clearer that this "Governor MrLee" and Jamey are the same individual in RL. A shameful and deceitful way to create "contenct" this blog. Getting more desperate all the time.

    1. You'd do well not to confuse paranoia with intellect. You seem to have a leaning towards the former.

    2. One day in the distant future, a new generation of Code Agents will bear witness to the final days of EVE - and standing on the shoulders of giants – they shall cheer victoriously, as the servers burn and die around them. Those brave unborn Knights of The Order shall be remembered long after you, anon.

    3. This is the same anon who recommended that everybody pursue a policy of non-aggression in a PvP game. He's not all there.

  2. Replies
    1. I'd gank someone with it.

      *face of Jerome Flynn*

  3. "The mighty CODE. alliance went to war against Harmony Order corporation."

    Hmmm. If an ALLIANCE is taking on a CORPORATION, that does not make it mighty, just a one sided fight.

    1. Try swallowing another link of the chain Mehk.

      This is EVE.

    2. How could you tell her that? That piece of information will ruin her whole gaming-experience!

      Well, unless she doesn't know what it means. Ahh, wait, she doesn't. Being that clueless out in open space is one thing, but being that clueless as a minerbumpng-reader deserves an acknowledgement.

      I propose to declare Ehnea Mehk the living statue of The Clueless Miner! That way everyone who sees her in highsec or on the blog would instantly grasp what the New Order fights against!

    3. CODE isn't mighty because it took on Harmony Order. CODE is mighty for many other reasons, but Harmony Order is not one of them. Harmony Order is just a rabid dog that had to be put out of its misery.

    4. Correction: CODE is mighty for many reasons, and the exemplary way Harmony Order is dealt with is one of them. Putting rabid dogs out of their misery is among the primary duties of Agents.

  4. To be a fly on the wall in their Discord. They're not even organizing a defense fleet?

    1. Their CEO is afk. The key to being a good CEO is to not be afk. Pay attention to what is going on in his Corp. The Code applies to all aspects of Eve.

    2. Whoa! You got an Agent into their most secure channels? Splendid!

      Now tell us.. did they consider practicing highly advanced intelligence gathering methods, like reading this blog or even just The Code?

    3. Yeah sure. You nailed it.


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