Saturday, March 30, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #180

Protip: Never take advice from a carebear.

...Carebears, we know, tend to engage in risky and self-destructive behaviors--like mining without a permit. Welcome to another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

EVE isn't as dead as your mining ship, friend.

I've noticed that the anti-Code carebears tend to use a lot of racial slurs. Although the Anti-Gankers always fail to save them, I do wonder why they would want to spend all of their time trying to help racists.

Bonus protip: If you want me to reimburse your loss, you probably shouldn't set me to "terrible" standings.

Per Google Translate:
"frostbitten, I repeat - we will meet in a year, remove the spell for you canot play it ..."

You know a miner is desperate when he resorts to witchcraft. FYI, the Code forbids the use of dark magic in highsec.

Check the datestamps. That was one AFK miner!

"What am I watching?" Not Netflix anymore.

Silly Russian miner Beila Kacman has coined a new insult: "You're successfully using birth control!"

It's only safe to anchor a structure if you're fully compliant with the Code. Talk to your local Agent for more information.

Miners, never signal your disinterest in obeying the Code...

So much for "I would've bought a permit if you had warned me first."

Miners, if you want to spend time with your children, dock up or ask an Agent for permission.

Keith Hudson petitioned our Agent with four complaints. I will address each of them here:

#1-4. Don't be a Goofus.


  1. Low-level players. Since very early in the development.

    Pick one.

    1. Someone who looks up "Bot aspirancy" on the Internet and does not find The Code can and will stay a low-level player for decades.

      Not just in EvE.

  2. And Jamey's chode. slaves chase yet another subscription-paying player away from EO, denying CCP income. They truly are trying to destroy the game.

    1. Also epic.

      Thanks Chodeanon for the extra helping of salt. XD

  3. "Do the world a favour... Eat a Tide Pod and wash it down with a drink of bleach."

    It appears there is an entire article about the consumption of the above mentioned product.

    No wonder highsec miners are so unhinged.

    1. Apparently they squeeze the juice out of them and vape it.

      That seems advanced for a miner, must be an ag thing.

  4. LOL grab bag best bag


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