Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Over One Trillion Seven Hundred Forty-Nine Billion in Shares Sold

As you've probably noticed, the Code makes highsec sparkle. Today, highsec's sparkles were a little brighter and sparklier. Let's find out why.

Pyori Aldronov joined the shareholder club with a purchase of 1,000 shares. This brought our great effort to the 1,747 billion isk mark and earned Pyori a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

You can check out Zaenis Desef's Orca confiscation here. Bumping pays.

And the shares! Zaenis Desef purchased 1,000 additional shares, taking us past the 1,748 billion isk mark and earning him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™, too.

Shall we go for one more?

Nakapai purchased 1,315 shares. You know what that means: We've reached the 1,749 billion isk mark. Nakapai earns a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ of his own.


Reddit user ihuntpidgeys (aka Haelam) added two more pieces of art to his gallery:

In his first piece, the artist draws our attention to a few of the Code enforcer's basic tools. Unlike the bot-aspirant carebears, who mindlessly repeat the same task over and over again, a Code enforcer creates a totally unique masterpiece with each act of Code enforcement. The carebear can only watch--in a state of absolute jealousy. He says, "You Agents do the same thing repeatedly, too." Yeah, in the way that Leonardo da Vinci just "created stuff" every day.

This piece speaks for itself. Pop quiz, gankers: Does this depict a Retriever, Covetor, Procurer, Mackinaw, Hulk, or Skiff?


  1. Watched orca theft. Was expecting awesomeness. Was blown away.

    Praise James!

  2. Congratulations Pyori, Zaenis, Nakapai, and Haelam!

    The three stripes top reveal this to be a Covetor or Hulk. It's a throwback to a time when the ship had three turret hardpoints.

  3. What drones are best for AFK mining?


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