Friday, March 8, 2019

Everything Old Is New Order Again

Rookie ships are free; no one even needs to mine the raw materials for them. So is a rookie ship worth ganking?

Yes, if that rookie ship is in violation of the Code.

Also, the pilot may have implants. Razorian Talvanen lost his Ibis and 42 million isk worth of implants. He wasn't happy with the Code enforcer who accomplished this feat.

Razorian gave Agent Xan Staraider a sob story about being a new player. Xan was willing to listen--but not necessarily to believe.

By this point, an Anti-Ganker would be clamoring for Xan to be banned for ganking a newbie. But Xan wanted Razorian to look him in the eye and tell him he was truly new. The "newbro" couldn't do it.

Two of Razorian's corpmates had placed bounties on our Agent. Xan suspected that they were, in fact, his alts.

They all belonged to Targaryen Empire Corporation. The corp's very identity revolved around trying to appear as non-threatening as possible.

But a Code violation anywhere--by anyone--is a threat to everyone else's enjoyment of the Code. In this case, the threat passed when Targaryen Empire Corporation dissolved.

Now let us turn to another set of Agents and another group of miners. At the direction of Agent Falllon, a bumper-in-training went to work.

Agent IRL Emerald used the power of the bump to make a name for herself. The miners were angry at first...

...But that doesn't mean they weren't buying permits.

Say, does the name Mercuri Thoth ring any bells?

In fact, Mercuri Thoth has a checkered past--one that involves many dead ships, including an 11 billion isk freighter.

Any miner who's been around long enough is likely to have a rap sheet. Mercuri's was particularly colorful.

On this day, however, Mercuri was sending her isk to a new bumper.

Which brings me to another point: Any miner who stays in highsec long enough will learn to obey the Code.


  1. Of course Jamey's chode. slaves know all about alts, they all have tons of mining alts that churn out ore damn near 24 hours a day.


    1. Sure you don't. Liar.

    2. xan, i can teach you some highly advanced mining techniques.

    3. Overmind! I'm sure you could. :)

      Let me sell you a permit. Get right with James, then grab a blaster and join my corp. We got miners to kill!

    4. if i ever return to new eden, you will be my first choice as a permit seller.

  2. chodenanon is so obsessed with mining he can't even imagine the idea of not mining, "that doesn't compute?~?~ what do u mean they don't mine? everybody mines! how can they not mine???"

    1. It is really pathetic. When a miner is so guilty, everywhere he looks he thinks he sees players just as guilty as he is. It's a coping mechanism no doubt.

      He thinks that everyone else is a slave too. In reality he is his own slave.

      I was just talking to a co-worker, who is also an agent, and we both agreed that Chodeanon is just sad and salty.

    2. Imagine you didn't have Chodeanon to complain about. Without miner salt you'd have nothing to say but Praise James.

    3. If you go back to the beginning of the blog you will see that there has always been a Chodeanon in some form or another.

      His tears floweth like a river, his failure is both eternal and never ceases.

      Praise be to Chodeanon, patron saint of lost causes.

  3. Mining in Delve all day must be boring, it's not unthinkable to start creating ganker alts and disrupt the competition miners while you're at it.

    1. Highsec mining is competition to delve mining?

      Are you serious or retarded.


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