Saturday, March 2, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #178

Real-life death threats can only mean one thing. A permaban for the carebear? No. It means it's time another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Miners are cautioned not to use racial slurs in any context. It could've been worse, though...

...Because when it comes to highsec miners, it can always get worse.

Kastael whined that our Agent is "ruining" the game--apparently simply by participating in it as intended. "You're ruining the game for new players" is a common refrain these days.

...Case in point. A potential Miner Bingo square in the works?

Now that we've gone as far as producing a new player guide, how can any carebear accuse us of ruining the game for new players? Show me Anti-Ganking's guide for new players.

AMARR DontCare was kindly informed of the recent MinerBumping series about his corp. He took it about as well as you'd expect.

Sadly, I notice you still haven't remembered to purchase a permit. Maybe put a sticky note on your monitor.

Miners don't respond well to losing arguments.

Tearmails about dogs, tearmails about fire... The following miner's EVEmail combines the two:

Don't worry, StenGee Crook elaborates on what he means about a "transgression against Mankind and Dogs":

This is one of those situations where the miner's dog would be a better EVE player than the miner.

I don't think I've seen anyone misspell Nazis as "Notcees" before. Yeah, this guy is a good candidate for the Red Pen list. Maybe in the future his three-legged dog can sell him a permit.


  1. Notcee brownshirt wehraboo Lewak xD

    1. Lewak, the Blackest and Brownest Nazi in Eve!

  2. This is a particularly deranged Miner Grab Bag edition, even by Highsec miner standards.

    The sooner we kill them all, the better.

  3. "Your whole family is cursed and will burn in the fire for 13 years."

    I love how oddly specific that threat is.

  4. No elites have sought me out for mining in high sec, looks like they dont hunt miners after all.

    Well, this got boring so I'm going to just go back to my other game. Marking this as a fail for all parties, eve just isn't fun anymore even with code involved.

    Bye all and be a well.

    1. Another new player bites the dust.

    2. Yeah, no new emergent gameplay here. Even when I ask for it you guys are still absent.

    3. If you call chasing a random anonymous alpha clone venture miner emergent gameplay.

      I can see why you quit. I would find that sort of emergent gameplay pointless and boring as well.

      Protip: join ag if failure is your sort of emergent gameplay.

    4. Poor karma couldn't find a miner.

      Code fail.

  5. What a motley coterie. They should do humanity a favor and stop consuming electricity.

  6. It is a snapshot of how dark miners really are.

    Why do they play a video game like this? But they make out to everybody that CODE are bad people in rl.

    Proof of the metric up above folks.

  7. "Maybe put a sticky note on your monitor."

    Yes, like Jamey's chode. slaves but sticky notes on their monitors, reminding them to yell at their mom to being a bucket down to the basement for them to shit in, because they can't pull themselves away from EO and porn long enough for basic hygiene. They truly are a pitiful bunch.


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