Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Every Apology Begins with a Crime, Part 1

Another fine day in Nakugard.

The reason that the Nakugard system is capable of fine days: the Code, enforced by Agent Alt 00.

Alt 00 runs a tight ship. Our Agent carefully monitors each person who enters the system. And if they speak, of course, they're given extra scrutiny.

Haze Tveskoeg's mining permit was set to expire in March 2019. But his unhelpful statements in local threatened to get it revoked early.

Alt 00 hoped that the miner would get back on the straight-and-narrow, but...

Haze was unable to hide his true feelings. He still held a grudge from an earlier loss, which our Agent was quick to identify.

Incredibly, Haze was still bitter about a pod loss from back in 2017!

Haze admitted his guilt--yet he hedged. Not a mining ship?

Protip: If you lose a ship like this, it's best not to bring it up. Especially as a defense to a charge of bot-aspirancy.

As long as Haze wanted to talk about what happened in 2017, Alt 00 was perfectly willing to extract additional confessions. In fact, Haze did indeed have a long history of spilling salt.

Haze's tears dated back at least as far as 2016.

In 2017, he was still at it. He resisted buying a permit, but eventually his losses persuaded him to upgrade into a tanked Skiff...

...Which he lost by CONCORDing himself in it.

As the years went by, Haze struggled to adapt to the New Order regime and its requirement that all miners obey the Code. And it's no wonder--he couldn't let go of dead ships from years ago! But could Agent Alt 00 find a way to quickly bring Haze back into Code-compliance, or would the miner need to face further punishment?

To be continued...


  1. This is going to be good. I can already tell. Alt 00 is one of the best agents in the entire alliance! He'll have all those miners in compliance in no time.

    1. Your best child killer huh.

    2. You would know, Anon 5:10. You happen to be a pedophile IRL, after all.

      4chan says his, pedobear.

    3. Another child killer

  2. loool, is James using black and white to show the ancient past? lol, its like watching a documentary on the history channel

  3. Such drama over a routine permit renewal. Haze is a needy attention-seeker and a Goblok to the core.

  4. Oh my, I remember this fellow! I'd never though he could keep a mining permit for this long.

    The exemplary elite pvp demonstrated here is most beautiful, a true pleasure to read.

  5. This is not the first time I've heard from former permit holders about being ganked by either a CODE Agent or a suspected alt created by a CODE Agent. Some of the game logs sent to me by these players all share a common pattern and I'm willing to talk to anyone else who was once a permit holder but no more. I'm looking for a smoking gun that will at long last prove CODE's so called honored permit system is nothing but a scam wrapped in clever RP.

    1. Wow. Where to even begin...

    2. I think you'll find the smoking gun right next to the schedules.

    3. C'mon miner, you should know better than that after hanging around here so much. Permit holders get ganked all the time. Having one is only one of the multiple requirements of full compliance.

      No one ever ganked a fully compliant miner. Show a killmail to any Agent, they'll point out for you where the suspect broke The Code.

      By the way... it's all written in The Code. You don't need to collect evidence, you could just tell your miner friends to read it, and buy a permit from an Agent!

    4. The problem with miners usually stems from laziness and ineptitude.

      Read and obey the code = nobody explodes.


    5. Read and obey the code = nobody mines except for the mining alts of Jamey and his chode. slaves.


    6. Code don't follow rules, they kill children.

    7. Awwww. the pedobeaar at 5:11 thinks its human.
      Be seeing you, pedobear.

    8. Hey Karma, that's false. Any player can blow up a permit holder. It's not a shield that protects you. That's why I don't bother buying one and never will.

  6. ALT00 is about to become my favorite agent.

  7. Replies
    1. Alt 00, Child killing warrior

  8. Ahh yes, the old 'you blow up internet spaceships in an explodey internet spaceship game so you are a *insert proof of idiocy*'.

    I truly love getting this morons in high stakes poker games and then taking their rent money. Watching them literally cry is priceless.
    Even better is when they try and welsh out of paying what they owe. Then they find out what happens at the poker table doesn't stay at the poker table.


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