Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Disharmonious, Part 9

Previously, on MinerBumping... Harmony Order corporation should have complied with the Code. But its leaders encouraged everyone in the corp to disobey, resulting in catastrophic failure. A terrible war raged, and the only thing Harmony Order's CEO could think to do was kick out the corp's sole active PvP'er.

Freed from the shackles of a boring PvE corp, King Kong Moose joined the mighty CODE. alliance and began learning a new trade: Miner ganker.

Meanwhile, King also instructed Dalor Askas in the art of the gank, all while Dalor was still a member of Harmony Order. Cultural victory?

The war was a total success for CODE.; it was a total disaster for Harmony Order and its alliance, Gemini Whale United. But could Harmony Order's silent CEO simply ignore the losses and act like they didn't matter?

Alas, it was clear that the wardec was ruining Governor MrLee's plans. In the weeks preceding the war, Harmony Order had been recruiting like mad, adding hundreds of new miners to the corp. The war with CODE. put a stop to all of that. Within a few days, nearly 50 members had already left.

It was time to pull the plug. Governor MrLee hatched a scheme to end the war. But how?

Harmony Order and its alliance were no longer war eligible. They tore down all of their highsec structures to make themselves immune under the new wardec mechanics. But that decision came at the cost of everything they had been trying to build in highsec. To realize his mad ambitions, Governor would need a new plan.

The wardec was over, but our Agents' investigation into Harmony Order continued. They soon learned that something strange was afoot.

The shocking truth: Harmony Order's alliance was rebranding itself as a nullsec rental service?

Agents Viirilithizu Ward and Aiko Danuja felt a profound need to protect the public from this fraud. They camped out in the rental channel.

Our Agents had long suspected Governor MrLee was a promoter of bot-aspirancy. Yet their investigations, no matter how thorough, had only scratched the surface.

The New Order is and always has been the enemy of corruption in EVE. We are a shining light. Our light is necessary because there are monsters lurking in the darkness.

Governor MrLee's schemes and corruption went far deeper than anyone could have imagined. The war with CODE. had caused him to take increasingly desperate action. Soon, the full truth would emerge.

To be continued...


  1. What an epic ballad of war and peace! And it's not even over yet! Can't wait for the next episode and the aftermath.

    Praise James!

  2. Jamey and his chode. slaves, failing daily: https://kotaku.com/eve-online-player-is-the-first-to-visit-every-star-syst-1833582152

    "Even more impressive, they did it without losing a single ship to EVE’s notorious pirates."

    1. Proof the permit system works.

      10 million isk, access all areas.

    2. We're not pirates. We're freedom fighters. The New Order is the underground railroad of High Sec.

      We will free the miners from their bot-aspirations and the chains they bind themselves with. Chains unknowingly forged themselves while playing Eve, as a result of their greed and selfishness.

    3. ChodeAnon crying daily. Too high-strung to play PC games and too poor to afford a cell phone for Meow Meow Star Acres. There is hope: an Android version.

    4. You chode. slaves keep telling yourself you are better than common pirate scum. The rest of EO knows better.
      As for the "Professor", there is hope that he will come up out of his Mom's basement and do something significant in RL. Someday, probably after the poor woman is dead.

    5. I'll have you know my mother kicked me out of her basement after I obtained my degree, as any good parent would. I have a career, a wife (who loves Meow Meow Star Acres), a cat, a rewarding hobby, and even a cell phone.

    6. Sure she did "Professor", sure she did. We all believe that about as much as we believe you have a degree, a career, and a wife. Although a delusional chode. slave like yourself probably believes visiting the Eve Uni wiki grants you a "degree", playing EO 12-16 hours a day is a "career", and your sex doll is your "wife".

    7. I was expecting a creative and more colorful series of insults from a miner. This blog spoiled us by only displaying the best, handpicked miner-slurs. We keep forgetting that the rest, like chodeanon haven't the slightest chance to approach such "heights".

      No wonder he only appears in the comment section. Probably his reactions to ganks were never vivid enough to be featured by The Savior.

    8. Check out ChodeAnon dropping the we's as though he's not completely alone. His worldview is threatened by the notion that a disciple of James 315 could be a normal, well-adjusted person. He must find a way to de-humanize his opponent into a convenient strawman. This illustrates a stark contrast: our Agents seek to kindle the spark of humanity; the rebels compulsively stamp it out.

    9. @Anon 1:49
      Could you mean that ChodeAnon is a masochist and he's jealous that his tearmail were not featured on MinerBumping? If so that could means he was hoping his comments to be featured on a post.

    10. Chodeanon, why are you so salty?

      I think if you could just confess your High Sec crimes and misdemeanors here to James and then purchase a mining permit you'll feel a lot better.

      Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Just like antimatter and explosions. :)

    11. The "Professor" wrote: "His worldview is threatened by the notion that a disciple of James 315 could be a normal, well-adjusted person."

      Well that certainly isn't you, chode. slave. Free yourself from Jamey's oppressive desire to gank others and extort isk.

    12. We've been over this one too, ChodeAnon. If you believe James 315 is capable of remotely enslaving His Agents over a text-only medium, it follows that you see Him as superhuman. Sounds like you owe Him an apology. I'll leave you now to rehash your hyperbolic talking points as you are wont to do.

    13. Dear supposed "Professor",
      Where did I ever say the enslavement occurs via only a text medium? Don't you listen to audio versions of Jamey's Mein Kampf, aka the "Code" during your morning prayers to him? And it has been proven that RL Bonus Room harassment/shenanigans are a favorite tool of chode. slaves.
      And as for your previous accusation of me "de-humanizing opponents" isn't that why Jamey and other slaves like yourself do when using terms like "bot-aspirant" to describe EO players simply trying to make some ISK? What a hypocrite you and all of Jamey's slaves truly are.

  3. Sit down and cheer up chodeanon.

    Life outside the starter system is not as bad and scary as you think it is.

    Jump that gate and lose the chip on the shoulder.

  4. It's kinda ironic how they avoided the war considering this is what they wrote in the URL for their corp https://pastebin.com/sDrTnX87


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