Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alliance Level Diplomacy

One of the great tragedies of EVE over the last few years has been the exodus of PvE'ers out of nullsec and into highsec. Nullsec real estate, once the prize of hard-won victories or costly and demeaning renter arrangements, has been scorned in favor of the AFK, risk-free delights of highsec. Agent Amyclas Lacedaemon found a member of a nullsec alliance mining in a Covetor in highsec. The Covetor was destroyed, and the miner was chastened for not mining where he belonged. Amyclas received the following reply:

"vice ececutor" Zettia took issue and demanded reimbursement. But Amyclas' position never changed: Nullsec alliances should mine in nullsec. Highsec belongs to the followers of the Code.

Zettia employed the classic carebear tactic of trying to redirect attention toward highsec traders. Yeah, if traders didn't take any risks, we'd deal with them only after the Code-violating miners are annihilated. Zettia concluded his EVEmail by saying it would be the last one that he or any of his alliance members would send. You know what that means.

A few hours later, the Executor himself(!) of the alliance sent an EVEmail. But LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM is not the only alliance that has engaged in high-level diplomacy with the New Order. I myself was contacted by an alliance representative:

Rollaz, the official diplomat of Zulu People alliance, sent me an EVEmail requesting that I cease aggression. I found the EVEmail interesting, because I had never had any contact with Zulu People before. Someone in my corp must have shot someone. It was then that I realized how easy it is to perform diplomatic oversight for a corp in which everyone is allowed to shoot people without permission. No doubt I am the envy of nullsec diplomats everywhere. At any rate, Rollaz warned me that if I didn't set them blue, they would take up "aggressive negotiations". That sounded more like a favor than a threat, because I was curious what aggressive negotiations would look like.

I sent Rollaz a nice note letting him know that I would offer his alliance special treatment, as a show of appreciation for their diplomatic efforts. The terms, of course, were identical to the terms I give everyone else. That's because in my view, I provide everyone in highsec with special treatment. The Code is so much more than the carebears deserve.

Rollaz responded in a frosty tone, which I did not appreciate one bit. On the other hand, someone I had never heard of, acting on behalf of an alliance I had never heard of, was making an offer out of nowhere to give me a quarter of a billion isk. So that's what aggressive negotiations look like.

The rest was just paperwork. They realized Currin Trading was an alt of James 315, and wanted confirmation that I received the money.

Another victory for the New Order! Of course, blue standings or not, all miners in highsec are required to follow the Code. It's kind of like having a birth certificate. You may be a citizen, but if you murder people, you're going to jail. Likewise, Zulu People forfeited their blue standings simultaneously with the purchase of them; it came to light, based on the earlier EVEmail, that they had no intention of following the Code.

In investigating Zulu People, I was heartbroken by their backwardness and primitive culture--no doubt a direct result of their lack of exposure to civilizing influence of the Code. They are the rarest of creatures, an alliance with a red killboard on eve-kill.net. The month of April has been unkind to them; their killboard efficiency is currently 3%. Crime doesn't pay.


  1. This strange kind of fake null carebear is disgusting...on top of the usual carebear entitlement they have that empty wanna-be-nullsec arrogance...

  2. So wait a second...these null-sec alliance people came to high-sec to mine and now are complaining about getting ganked, but they themselves are gankers?

    I'm so confused.
    Hyprocrisy does that to me though.


  3. Its a shame the entry didn't include any of agent Amyclas' righteous smack down and Zero tolerance of nullsec carebareism. It was glorious to read and should be available as instruction material for all agents of the order.

    1. I'd be very interested to read... perhaps you could post it as a comment?

    2. I'm just a trigger puller for the NO. Since it was sent to the corp I don't think it is up to me to publish it. Maybe Amyclas will see this thread and agree to publish it.

  4. Zulu's killboard.

    It gives me gigglefits.

  5. I knew Rollaz was lying to me and other agents when he told me he had an agreement with James 315.

    He was claiming that he had bought mining permits for his whole alliance without needing to pledge loyalty. As i am a agent of honour and trust i quickly doublechecked every information source aviable.

    I checked this blog, i checked our permit holder list... and nothing.
    Then i asked for proof and he sent me the mails that went between him and James and there it was. The big lie of rollaz, now also revealed on this internet page. All he bought was blue standing with James 315. On no occasion James 315 said anything how he treats blues nor that he will not continue shooting them.

    So all confused miners out there let me clear some misunderstandings up.
    First of all we are "The New Order of Highsec" and not "The new World Order" as some people claim.
    Second, we are not selling standings, we are selling mining permits and everyone needs to have his own for 10 mill a pop. Then you MUST pledge loyalty to James and the new order in your bio.

    When all steps are completed you get a place on our permit holder list and with no other circumstances!

    Best regards

    Selina Dyle

    1. Except to follow the code.

      There isn't one step that's the most important they are ALL important and must be followed.

      Failure to complete any steps may result in justice being delivered.

      In regards to the Bio change it's not mandatory it's strongly encouraged.

  6. I see this one running longer than strawberry.
    It's gonna be fun when they realise buying blue standing means nothing :)
    Perhaps they only bought light blue standing and should really pay another 250 mill for dark blue standing - you know the super secret standing only available to premium members? With 24/7 live teamspeak support.
    The idea of nullseccers complaining about being ganked in high sec is too funny :)
    James you can't just leave this one to wither and die, a precious gem like this needs cultivation... Maybe a wardec?

  7. You'd think those long winded nullbears would be better spellers.

    1. Yes, one would think so.

    2. English may not be his first language.

      But then again, they don't teach kids how to spell these days. Or do math. Or apparently anything else until they get shoved into remedial college courses.

  8. "The Code is so much more than the carebears deserve."


  9. Oh man james your so full of it! Do you have to keep whipping your mouth due to all the shit that's coming out

  10. you guys are cute... thinking decent alliances care about getting couple ships killed ahahah


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