Saturday, April 6, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #27

The title says "Grab Bag", I've got the screenshots, let's go.

While bumping, I encountered a pack of miners who spoke in a strange tongue.

Judging by their reactions to Predator dead, people who speak the same variant of broken English can understand each other. Interesting!

Biggzy is a Code-compliant miner with the bio to prove it. Such miners often have to fend off insults from rebels. But they take it all in stride, and with class.

Pretty much everyone in highsec knows about the New Order, but there are still brand new players to teach. We will never stop educating people.

Knights of the Order who wait out their 15-minute aggression timer wear their red stars as badges of honour.

It's official. Rebellion against the New Order is a symptom of mental illness. The correlation is just too strong.

After all this time, people still buy into the idea that we're all in NPC corps, even though CODEdot alliance was created for the purpose of attracting wardecs. Weird.

Xenocide654 is a fearsome warrior who defeated the Goons. Yet somehow you've never heard of him, and by the next screenshot, you won't remember him, either.

Lil Gangrel demonstrates how differently people can view the same thing. For thousands of players across highsec, the Code represents freedom. My challenge still stands: Name one person we ever harassed or subjugated. Just one!

Corrin Javalle spun a grand conspiracy theory about the New Order's master plan for EVE. Apparently a guy can't help some miners out these days without an ulterior motive. A sad philosophy.

Everyone's favorite curmudgeon, SPIONKOP, softens a little. He respects our right to have a dangerous cult.

"Even higher than James". More softening? At this rate, he'll be an Agent of the New Order in no time at all.

Miners often hold impromptu conferences amongst each other, discussing the New Order and its intentions. Sometimes they say interesting things, but there's no substitute for taking the New Order at its word.

Some say we're role-players, and some say we're trolls or griefers. The truth? We're the most real thing in EVE.


  1. On a positive note, Poinen is now over 100 people at every oddball hour of the day :)

  2. Patience, my watchful carebear brothers. Once we see the results of the CSM elections, the themeparking of Eve will inch ever closer, and we can return to New Eden.

    1. Wait, since when do carebears vote in CSM?

    2. They have a plan.... wait, how many true carebear candidates are there?- Trebor, a little, Ripard not really, Solaris- Phh... No.

    3. Eh, I represent a rather...special...breed of carebear.

      See, we don't take as much joy in choosing to avoid combat, as we do in seeing your choice get taken away.

    4. No, that's a normal carebear - why avoid combat yourself when you can have CCP do it for you? Less effort that way.

  3. \o/ We're keeping' it real up in New Eden!


  4. "Even higher than James" made my day.

    I love you James 315! Thanks for making High Sec a better place.

  5. "Well I clicked on him and pressed F1".


  6. f you, i got ganked by one of your agents, and he told me to pay him 10 mil to buy a mining permit from him. I did so, bought another ship, went out and got ganked again, only to be told now i had to by a permit from the goons for a ridiculous price. From reading your website, i know you guys are kind of like the mob.(we will "protect" you for a price) but i did not excpect you to try to take advantege of people twice. you have reached a new low

    1. You seem to understand that the New Order and the Goons are two different entities, so why do you say "i did not excpect you to try to take advantege of people twice"? Who is "you"? By the way, the mining fee is not protection: it's a mining fee. You need it if you want to mine in high sec. Protection is your own responsibility.

  7. Hypothetically, what would happen if everyone petitioned CCP about the New Order?

    - Amyclas

    1. Miners have already hit CCP with a petition storm.

      CCP posted a thread in Crime and Punishment telling the miners to Harden The F**k Up.

      Here is the CCP thread:

    2. "Petitioning" with your wallet and subscription, is more effective, I'd say.

    3. It's amazing how many people say "well if loads of people unsubscribed they'd listen!". Astonishingly CSM candidates are using this argument frequently too.

      People need to do some research. CCP developers have said in interviews that they aren't subscriber or money driven, they are game driven. The subscribers are a problem for the marketing team.

      Even if thousands upon thousands of people quit, there would be others to replace them, as evidenced by the surge after the christmas 2012 expansion, the surge after the battle of Asakai etc.

      What I don't understand.. truly really don't understand.. is why people such as rebellious miners demand CCP make their activity 100% safe, when there are hundreds of "build for the sake of building" games out there already. You're supposed to adapt to the game as it's given to you, not demand the other way around.

    4. Indeed.

      That's why CCP have made several carebear-favored buffs and nerfs.

      I'm not talking out of my ass. The last 2 years of updates have been in our favor. They are not going to leave us out in the cold.

      The righteous, rebellious miners don't want to run away to another game; they want to change Eve to suit their playstyle.

      A very worthy cause, indeed.

    5. Troll Alert, Troll Alert.

      Don't touch him if you don't want to get stinky. I'm using protective gloves.

    6. I love how people like me are constantly passed off as trolls.

      Nothing pleases us more than angry griefers not getting their way.

  8. Troll detected.



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