Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why Do We Attack People Who Don't Want to Fight?

My latest feature for, "Why Do We Attack People Who Don't Want to Fight?", has been posted. The article addresses a common question we highsec PvP'ers get, namely, "If you want want to PvP, go to lowsec and/or why don't you fight something that shoots back?"

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  1. Goddamn you stirred up a hive. Busiest comments thread I've seen on TMC in quite awhile.

  2. This might get a little long as some of my posts can, but id like some of the trolls that seem to hate James and the NO, but still frequent here and manage to reply on nearly (while claiming they dont know about the NO) every post to weigh in as well.

    i just got done reading themittani, so i read all the replies.

    are people in general REALLY so fucking stupid as to not understand that the cornerstone of the New Order, and the concept of minerbumping derives from the sheer stomach-churning disgust that EVERYONE should feel when they learn that nearly every ship mining is afk, if not for a portion of time, for the ENTIRE time it takes to fill a hold?
    this isnt about ganking, or killing carebears only in highsec, or picking on soft targets, or being a champion douchebag....ITS ABOUT ELIMINATING ONE OF THE MOST DEPLORABLE AND PATHETIC STATES OF MIND TO BE FOUND IN THIS GAME!
    name another aspect of this game where your pod is hanging out in space and afk-ing is the best idea...,, fw...thats a no.
    maybe while youre the fc of a huge null fleet jumping in to a warzone...sounds like another no to me.
    so ONLY when it comes to a space, who is nowhere near their keyboard, making isk with no risk...does blowing him up suddenly become a problem....w t f. every other case and you would say "that idiot DESERVED to get blown up"
    botting is not as serious a problem as it has been in recent year, BUT it still exists. with botting comes his little brother: bot-aspirant behavior. and the habits that little brother has picked up from big brother are just as despicable. so is the mindframe that these people exhibit. " i dont need to actually be here while the mining laZor runs, ill go do something else. whats the worst that could happen?"
    you could wake up in a fucking station with nothing but a naked clone and a flashing notification apologizing about your recent loss. how about THAT!?
    So the New Order are here to eliminate a practice that is ACTUALLY against the EULA, using a bot program in-game. bumping ships whos pilot does not respond to greetings is simply a means to open communication to be sure that the miner is a human, not a pile of random numbers spiraling downward into oblivion.
    then the permit. 2 choices: pay 10 mill, 1/8760th of the estimated income that mining provides over the year the permit is good for, OR get blowed up real good.
    tough choice.
    people cry extortion, bullying, blah blah whatever etc.
    IF you are a COMPLIANT miner, you should hate botters and bot aspirant behavior as much as our fantastic Agents do. Someone stealing isk out of MY wallet would be on the wrong end of my HAMs. IF you cant comprehend thats exactly what botting and afk mining means to compliant miners, you cant see the forest for the trees. zero risk mining, then flooding the market with the ill-gotten gains from it steals isk right out of the wallets of miners who stay at their keyboards, watch d-scan, and know that permit tank is the best tank. everyone else should realize that there is risk to your zero risk mining, and it comes in the form of antimatter on the wings of a catalyst.
    if you dont like that, pick up a gun and make isk the way the rest of us do, or go play farmville.

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