Monday, April 22, 2013

The Duel That Was, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... cmdr hayes objected strongly when he witnessed the Saviour of Highsec bumping some bad miners out of the ice fields of Osmon. hayes then demanded a 1v1 duel, but refused to invoke any of the Tests under the Code. Finally, Agent Arden Elenduil began a duel with hayes.

Arden was bumping miners with a Stabber Fleet Issue; hayes was in a Loki. But hayes did not realize that Arden also had an Orca, in fleet, in the ice field.

Without warning, Arden switched into a Tengu, a nice tech III strategic cruiser with firepower to match hayes' own. When hayes realized that his Loki was tackled by a Tengu, and that he would need to fight on equal terms, he was not very happy.

Slowly but surely, Arden's missiles chewed their way through hayes' armor.

hayes did his best to escape, but Arden had no difficulty in keeping him locked down. Who needs support ships when you can have one ship with DPS, tank, tackle, and propulsion abilities?

hayes' armor reps started to give out. For the first time, he became quiet in local.

Many have challenged the power of the New Order. All have met the same fate.

hayes' ship, the "Rape Rat" was nothing more than a wreck.

Arden Elenduil won the duel handily. hayes refused to offer a "gf" in local.

Suicide ganking, bumping, awoxing, wardecs, can-flipping (when still possible), 1v1 duels... Is there anything the New Order can't do? Clearly not!

I attempted to convo hayes to get his side of the story, but he rage-quit to sulk for awhile.

In the meantime, everyone else could consider what they had learned from the experience.

When hayes got back online, I attempted to reach out to him. He might have gotten the stench of defeat all over himself, but anyone can be rehabilitated, I believe.

hayes remained defiant. He was confident that he would get his revenge and destroy the New Order. Not right now, but Soon™.

I don't know why people bother throwing in with the rebels. It seems like such a waste of time. Arden passed along a transcript of the private convo he had with hayes during their duel; it sheds further light on hayes' character:
cmdr hayes > uhh stop at hull?
cmdr hayes > plz
Arden Elenduil > how much?
cmdr hayes > i only have 4 mill :(
Arden Elenduil > any assets?
cmdr hayes > cane in simela
cmdr hayes > please
Arden Elenduil > you could always eject

It's hard to deny that the future of highsec belongs to the New Order. But as long as there are deniers running around, we'll be there to fight them, for the good of all.


  1. It's amazing how the rebels fit perfectly every "bad guy" stereotype from the 80s action movies, and they're not even acting. They're rude, foul-mouthed, self-absorbed, close minded, unreasonable and just plain bad. And just like the bad guys in the movies, they think they're the "good" ones.

    James 315 is the hero who defends the EVE population, without asking anything in return. In fact, like the heroes in the movies, he gets a lot of diffidence and discredit from the very people he fights for every day: EVE players.

    But the hero who follows hope and justice does not need gratification. He does it for the superior good. He will never let down even the worst of his enemies: he believes in mercy and rehabilitation.

    James 315 is truly a luminous fighter: the fire who fuels his light is alimented by the very essence of Emergent Gameplay.

  2. If anyone is interested, here's the private convo I had with Cmdr Hayes while I killed his Loki.


    [ 2013.04.18 21:35:05 ] cmdr hayes > uhh stop at hull?
    [ 2013.04.18 21:35:17 ] cmdr hayes > plz
    [ 2013.04.18 21:35:25 ] Arden Elenduil > how much?
    [ 2013.04.18 21:35:36 ] cmdr hayes > i only have 4 mill :(
    [ 2013.04.18 21:35:55 ] Arden Elenduil > any assets?
    [ 2013.04.18 21:36:09 ] cmdr hayes > cane in simela
    [ 2013.04.18 21:36:17 ] cmdr hayes > please
    [ 2013.04.18 21:36:21 ] Arden Elenduil > you could always eject

    1. That's dying on your feet alright.

    2. These are the "heroes" the rebels deserve.

    3. Only fly what you can afford to lose.

      Or you'll turn out like this guy.

  3. Anonymous 8:03pm, that was well said. I really can't thank James enough for catching my attention with his manifesto and then in local while flying through Halaima on the way to a mission. He really woke me up to what a great game EVE can be.

    1. The New Order is the best tutorial EVE has ever had.

      It's sad that the real tutorial we have in game pushes you towards the worst gameplay EVE has to offer, solo PvE. I think we'd actually have an improved player retention just by removing completely the tutorial and letting the players discover the galaxy on their own.

  4. Glorious !!!
    the fact that he asked to stop at hull is even better. I am so glad this prick lost his horribly fit loki. That fitting is a damn embarassment.

  5. Cmd Hayes may have lost a ship that day, but what he gained is much more valuable.

    He gained a story to tell his friends, enemies, family and loved ones about a day in Eve. Sure this time he lost to a better player, but this story is so much better than the one about killing rats in a pre-defined order for a sum of Isk to be spent on more expensive modules to kill the same rats in the same order only faster.

    Thank God for content creators like James 315, Arden and all the others that offer adventure and the chance of spoils and fame to those that think Eve is devoid of anything more interesting than shooting red crosses in a pre-defined order.

    Next time someone asks me about Eve Online I will tell them it's about creating content for yourself and other people. The game would be nothing without other players.

    1. "creating content for yourself and other people." thats the name of the game right there.
      like those old "choose your own adventure" books. how much risk are you willing to take to get to the end.

    2. James 315 is the best ruler High Sec could ever ask for. High Sec will be a better place under his reign.

  6. Replies
    1. also, if you look at the screencap of his character profile, you'll notice that his Title is "PvE master"

  7. I like how the guy who was intending to gank an unarmed bumping ship considers T3 vs T3 to be unfair.

  8. What a horrible specimen cmdr hayes is. From the foul mouthed, bigoted slurs that saturate his speech to the outrage that someone would use a T3 to fight him in a duel against his own T3, rather than using a cruiser fit for bumping to the begging in private convos to stop when he's losing.

    I cannot think of one more deserving of the justice Agent Elenduil dispensed

  9. Wow everything about that cmdr hayes is a joke: from his bio to his title to his fittings and what he types.


  10. I'm assuming that "stop at hull" meant that Hayes' intentions all along were to duel James, put him into structure and let him go.
    While I invariably find this site hilarious I've never actually been on the New Order's side until I saw this cretin get what he deserves.

  11. I don't know why but that duel reminds me of "The Highlander."

  12. Hats off to cmdr hayes - he was brave if a little foolish.

    The last time I saw someone duel a member of New Order he was winning in an honourable 1v1. (Kamio - I think). In an effort to avoid defeat suddenly half a dozen New Order gank Catalysts joined in. However, the valiant "rebel" still managed to defeat the New Order agent though lost his own ship as well to the gank.

    Strangely this story did not make minerbumping.

    1. LOL Brave? He wanted to duel a bumping ship with a T3, and then cried like a little bitch when he had to fight another T3. He then has the nerve to beg for his ship to not be blapped after being a badass in local. Yeah I'm sure he would have stopped at hull on James' or Arden's hull /sarcasm.

      His fit was so fail it deserved to be removed from space on priciple.

    2. The "I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees" comment is extra hilarious in light of how he begged for his life in private convo.

    3. Cmdr hayes put at risk his own valuable ship - his New Order foe took no financial risk as he knew he would be compensated and had no doubt ship scanned his foe and brought the counter, reducing his risk to a minimum.

    4. Cmdr hayes put his own valuable ship at "risk" when he thought he would have faced a stabber with a single civilian turret. Not very risky. He later called outrage when he had to face an equal ship.

    5. I know some people get the two confused at times, but ignorance is not the same as courage.

  13. i wish this format had the little thumbs up/thumbs down clickies. so many times i go through the replies and say "like, like, really like, like...damn i wish there was a like button on here"

    1. I would thumbs up this if I could.

    2. I would thumbs up all my own comments....on an alt of course.

    3. i give that idea a thumbs up


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