Monday, April 29, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #29

When carebears start wishing cancer on other EVE players, that can only mean one thing: It's time for yet another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

I have said on many occasions that if someone doesn't appear to speak English, they usually do, if you just ask. No guarantees that you'll like what they say, though.

Most people don't make a big deal about my CSPA charge of 315 isk, but I get the occasional complaint. Hig Hurtenflursts was willing to give me a pass, at least on that point.

You know the drill by now. Syn Winter has already changed his profile since I took this screenshot, so we're safe.

Stay vigilant, guardians of emergent gameplay. One day the carebears will come for our awoxing rights.

You've probably heard the expression "the adult in the room". I was the inspiration for it.

Now that I'm a rock star, I can have a positive impact on people just by being in the same system with them. No one can deny that I've kept my promise to only use my celebrity for good.

The christin backs of the world need to hear about the Code over and over before it has an impact. It's like chopping down a tree by repeatedly hitting it with an axe in the same place.

At first, the carebear will only accept the anti-bot agenda. Before long, they will adopt the anti-bot-aspirant agenda, as well.

I'm not sure why people compare the Code to a religion or a cult. Does doing good deeds necessarily require a supernatural motivation? Many Agents simply enforce the Code because it feels good to help others.

Too often, people get fixated on the idea of EVE as a sandbox. To me, it's more of a meta-sandbox, in which I construct the boundaries of everyone else's sandboxes. Luckily I'm not a tyrant, so people can mostly do whatever they want.

Mergon Mallidaxian is a perfect example of a guy who doesn't "get" the meta-sandbox. What's the point of a multiplayer game in which the players don't influence each other?

By this point, I wouldn't blame the GMs if they made it a policy to just automatically close any petition that refers to James 315 or the New Order.

Until next time, stay classy, highsec!


  1. "Compare his cause and tactics to the Boston tragedy..."

    Does this deserve its own Minger Bingo square, or are we filing it under the "Al Qaeda" one?


    1. Can an elected official be a terrorist? I guess so when they start invading their neighbours.

      Two things, do people not realise the CSPA charge goes to concord not the person you're messaging?

      Secondly invoking your God to cause cancer and pain to someone else is pretty much Devil worship. Why would you even put that in a prayer over actions contained within a computer game?

      Leave the house more, go for a walk just put things in to perspective.

    2. > Secondly invoking your God to cause cancer and pain to someone else is pretty much Devil worship.

      No it isn't. I really dig that sort of stuff. I'm really into spreading pestilence and plague and causing horrific disease. Read my book dammit!

    3. Name that Obscure Movie Reference-

      "I am FILLED with Christ's love!," She said as she flung the bible at the back of the girl's head.


    4. I suppose you could change "Al Qaeda" to "Islamic extremist" to cover the Boston bombings. But as others mentioned, a generic "terrorist" would cover the most ground.

      Perhaps the "Hitler" square could be expanded to a more generic "genocidal despot"?

    5. I'm not sure they'll understand the words "genocidal despot" as the nuances of these concepts seem lost on them. Maybe simpler words are the answer. We can just call it;

      The "Big Meanie" Square.


  2. Franco Multari, CEO of Trifecta CorporationApril 29, 2013 at 6:45 PM

    For the record, Syn Winter was asked to leave Trifecta Corporation because he was a troublemaker. - Franco Multari, CEO of Trifecta Corporation

  3. Hi, I'm Anne Dieu-le-veut and I was not complaining about Awox, nor was I a victim of it. As a noob I was just baffled at the reason for the mechanic. I even said on the forums I thought it was "effin hilarious".

    Please don't lump me in with those ragers wishing IRL death on your agents. Thanks. o7

    1. Hey, no prob. Agents and knights are always willing to help new player out.

      CONCORD enforces rules concerning aggression in highsec. One of those rules is requiring a declaration of war between different player corporations before hostilities can commence without CONCORD retribution.

      Inside a corp, this does not apply. Corp members are able to use violence to police their own members, and CONCORD stays out of it. Another option is for the directors of the corp to remove the person from corp.

      Some corps also use this mechanic to do in corp duels and ship fights, such as Red vs Blue, and Eve University.

      It is also used by transport corps to speed freighter transits ... web the freighter to make it align faster ... if the webber is not in corp, he would get CONCORDED for webbing, which CONCORD considers "hostile".

      AWOXers use this mechanic to hunt corp members, and will stay undocked and logged in to take advantage of a mechanic that was designed to allow a player to get docked before he can be removed from corp.

  4. Oh James when are we going to have the sex again? How how I love your bottom with a bit of gouda and and a glass of quinine. Sweet love. mmmmmm......

    1. Finally someone who's not ashamed to declare that he likes to be ganked over and over by the New Order!

    2. Oh goodie a new playground and toy.. I like you will you be my mommy. I've been so bad I need a spanking...

    3. While we're on the topic, may I recommend...

      Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey

  5. The Prophet James 315 speaks the unsettling truth, they will one day come for the AWOX.


  6. my fav grabs from the grab bag:

    "Luckily I'm not a tyrant, so people can mostly do whatever they want." --LOL!

    "By this point, I wouldn't blame the GMs if they made it a policy to just automatically close any petition that refers to James 315 or the New Order."
    --OR if they kept score, what char gets the most tears by petition in New Eden.
    "Until next time, stay classy, highsec!"
    --Makes me think Cowboy Bebop - pretty ok anime

  7. You know you say too much stuff about shooting corpies when you can't even remember where you said something.

  8. Perhaps once this illegal miner has had his isk doubled he will calm down. Of course, if he fails (which I suspect may be the case,) he might just quit mining all together.

    1. Erotica 1 is legit. She doubled my ISK and helped me purchase my jump freighter.

      If you're not reading her rules and playing her game then you're seriously missing out.

  9. "Oh dear, I've been ganked in a game that allows ganking ... I shall swear profusely. Oh dear, I've been bumped out of range of a little rock I was pointing a laser at; also in a game that allows bumping. I shall swear profusely and wish players certain diseases all because they've ruined my day; causing me to miss Jeremy Kyle / Trisha / or whatever car-crash tv programme I usually watch while mining. Now I have to buy another ship to mine more rocks so i can continue watching my car-crash tv."

    Guys, gals ... it's a GAME! Lighten up. If you don't like it, switch your computer off, watch whatever you want or go and do something more useful. You are just not suited to play EVE really are you?

    But if you are suited to EVE, then 3 options are possible

    Pay the fee. 10mil ISK? Bargain, you'll make triple/quadruple that in a day or so. What's the problem?

    Fight the New Order! Put yer money where your mouths are. Take 'em on ... and have fun doing it.

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

    and yes there is a fourth :-

    Continue as you are doing now, mindful of the fact you may be bumped, ganked or whatever. It's a part of the game. You don't have to like it, but just accept it and move on.

    Much love!


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