Monday, April 1, 2013

Community Feedback on the Code, Part 1

In an effort to better serve you, the New Order keeps in touch with the highsec community to a ridiculous extent.

I am an expert at reading people. For instance, when runfattyrun Aivoras convoed me, I could tell I was going to be dealing with a complaint, just from the first thing he said.

You see that? You don't develop these kinds of skills without being a people-person.

runfattyrun wasted no time with pleasantries. He demanded to know why he wasn't warned before someone ganked him for his Code violation.

He considered himself keyed into his surroundings, but he didn't anticipate the New Order spreading so rapidly. That's the thing about New Order Agents. We move with such speed that we often outrun the news of our approach.

My problem with runfattyrun is that he was completely aware of his obligations under the Code, but he still felt entitled to additional warnings. Shouldn't everyone know by now that the New Order is serious?

I took pity on runfattyrun, so I was prepared to cut him a break.

This is why stores don't offer their best prices every day. You just don't get any credit for it.

I was stunned by runfattyrun's attitude. Clearly, he had been poisoned against me by enemy propaganda. He assumed I had the worst intentions for highsec. In situations such as these, I try my best to make miners understand the real me as quickly as possible.

My attempt to de-program the miner failed. Every little thing I did was interpreted in a negative light.

I diagnosed the chief obstacle to runfattyrun's progress: He put the blame for everything on everyone but himself.

Once he had been informed that he was the problem, I hoped we could move on.

Instead, he dug into the Code and pulled out obscure provisions, twisting them to justify himself.

Protip for dealing with hostile people: When they say "If you hadn't done X, I would have done Y", where Y is something good, they're lying.

runfattyrun exhibited no sign of remorse. So this is what it's like to deal with a stone-cold bot-aspirant.

With hopes of a reimbursed Mackinaw and Code revision slipping away, runfattyrun flailed wildly about in anger. He appealed to the community at large, claiming that I am known far and wide as a cult leader.

It was time to get the opinions of the true representatives of the highsec community, so I began inviting trustworthy individuals into the convo.

To be continued...


  1. here comes mine tek replacement, yet another james .0315 alt.

    but its ok, Schindler's list characters were all made up too.
    was a good story though; even with made up characters.

    1. Everyone's fake but you and me, and sometimes I'm not sure about you. Are you my alt?

    2. well no, we know this is fake because "runfattyrun Aivoras" has literally never lost a mining barge:

      ofc it is pretty unreasonable to expect james to sacrifice a mining barge every time he has to lie...

      rule of thumb: if no kill mail was posted, no kill happened.

    3. "well no, we know this is fake because "runfattyrun Aivoras" has literally never lost a mining barge"

      Next time read the post before replying. "runfattyrun Aivoras" claimed that his alt was piloting the Mackinaw.

      "ofc it is pretty unreasonable to expect james to sacrifice a mining barge every time he has to lie..."

      You seem confused. Rebel miners are known for lying, the Savior of Highsec would never lie, unless absolutely necessary. When you saw that someone was lying, and you assumed it was the Savior, you made a strange error. You know what happens when you assume, right? You make an ass out of u, and out of you again, and also...still you. Of course, it turned out that most probably no one was lying, and you just failed at reading.

      "rule of thumb: if no kill mail was posted, no kill happened."

      That's certainly still a possibility, runfattyrun could have been lying about his alt losing a mack. So what? The post is just as funny, even if you read it assuming that runfattyrun was making it all up for some bizarre reason. If you're not here to read about rebels lying and crying, what are you here for? Jealousy?

    4. @audrik
      James is a compulsive liar. Like when he said he was taking his CSM candidacy very seriously but in actual fact he wasn't and ran away crying with his tail between his legs. Poor chap needs help.

    5. Did he lie from the beginning or did he run away in the end? The two things are conflicting. You're pretty confused...

    6. I'm confused by your post. Is English not your first language? James says he'll do something, but then doesn't. He's a liar. It's not difficult to understand.

    7. I dind't think it was necessary, but I will explain your fallacies.
      You claim that

      A) James 315 lied about beins serious about CSM: he never really intended to run in the first place.

      B) He cowardly run away crying from the CSM elections because he was scared ("tail between is legs").

      If (A) was true, he lied and he presented his CSM candidacy with the intention of never really running for it. How can you run away scared if your objective was to leave the competition since the beginning? He lied about running for real, he knew he was going to drop out. That's why you can't claim that (B) he run away scared by something, because that would imply that he tried joining the competition for real, only to get scared after that and drop out. If A is true, than B is not, cause you can't run away scared if dropping out was part of your original plan. If he run away scared, he didn't lie because he honestly wanted to run but in the end he was too scared.

      So, did he drop out because he was scared of what was happening or did he do it because he lied about running for CSM since the beginning and he always intended to? Try putting some thought behind your opinions.

    8. Good analysis Anon, although you might mention that when someone randomly hurls 2 contradictory accusations without any real support, of which at most one could be true; the natural response is not, "which is true, A or B", but "Probably neither A or B is true".

    9. You're right Audrik, I personally believe both accusations are ridicule. I was just trying to help bovvers make his mind between his two contradictory accusations, or, even better, make him realize that it would be smarter to ditch his entire opinion and seriously think about shaping a new one. We can only show him the door, he has to walk through it.

      By the way I'm so tired of writing as anonymus, I can't wait to join EVE and finally get a name I like!

  2. That's a lot of tin foil you are wearing.

    Does it help keep out the head voices?

  3. I see James the coward who drops corps to avoid War Dec's and drops his much proclaimed CSM opportunity to avoid ridicule and humiliation is still showing this true colours as a Cyber Bully. You still taking the meds James? I really do worry for your real life state of mind.

    Kind Regards


    1. Someone who thinks someone else is a coward, yet cyberstalks their blog, posting derisive nonsense constantly, that's the real cyberbully. That's you, Spi.

      You're so confused that you think that's ok, but playing a video game as designed, is wrong? I don't believe it, I think you're not confused, but cruel, lying, and evil.

    2. You didn't actually sign your name.

    3. "Someone who thinks someone else is a coward, yet cyberstalks their blog, posting derisive nonsense constantly, that's the real cyberbully. That's you, Spi.

      You're so confused that you think that's ok, but playing a video game as designed, is wrong?"

      My sentiments exactly, Anon! SPIONKOP is one of those strange characters that you sometimes laugh at, and sometimes feel sorry for.

    4. He comes here, he feels entitled to judge James 315 as a person in real life and not strictly as a EVE Online player, like he should, by saying that he is a sociopath and "takes meds"...and then, he is the victim and James 315 is the cyber bully. This is...depressing.

      Taking things out of the game, in real life, and insulting, stalking and threatening the real persons behind the videogame characters is pretty much the definition of a cyber bully. Stop please.

  4. There's someone in Ham right now named AFK BOTTER. If that's not asking for a gank, I don't know what is.

    1. Err in Halaima named AFK BOTTING.

    2. At least you know he's an honest man!

  5. What started out as a promising little project has really become pretty boring over time. There is hardly any progress and it's always the same stories now. Guess it's time to look for more interesting blogs to read.

    1. That's odd, judging by your comment I'd have guessed boring was exactly what you would be looking for.

  6. Pffff no progress... Say that from the belts. We see the progress every day in the belts. We see the progress every day in local. We see the progress every day in the (perhaps angry) but atk responses to our termination notices.


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