Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kills of the Week

Hear ye, hear ye! Let's look at some suicide gankings that took place from April 21st @ 00:00 EVEtime through April 27th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

OK, what's the deal with people mining in expensive battleships? This is starting to get creepy. Ron Krawallo provides the creepiness this week with a mining Navy Megathron. Thankfully, Agents Ziaeon, Fawn Tailor, Dante Lobos, Lenda Shinhwa, Galaxy Pig, Selina Dyle, and Galaxy Chicken arrived and put an end to the madness. As a bonus, they popped the 1.2 billion isk pod that the Navy Mega spat out.

I'm not sure what to say about this one. Amli was assisting an illegal mining op by protecting an Orca with this 840 million isk shield-repping Vargur. Then Agents Ziaeon, Capt Starfox, and Dante Lobos came by and killed her.

No, they didn't kill Amli in a second shield-repping Vargur. This is the same kill. I just enjoyed looking at it so much the first time I decided to post it again. This is a message to anyone who would protect an 800 million isk Orca with an 800 million isk repping-marauder: Don't be a hero. At least, not that kind of hero.

This 3.8 billion isk pod belonged to rebel miner Argus Tuffed, who was made to pay the antimatter price. Karbox Delacroix popped the pod, while the Hulk was smashed by Karbox Delacroix, Tara Read, Isotempo, and ZFK Hunter. Yes, this podkill took place a few weeks ago, but I missed it when it came up, and I'd rather correct that mistake than bury it.

(If you prefer fresher pod fare, you can enjoy Rob Creer's 1.9 billion isk pod with Crystal implants, which surely aided his Mackinaw with 3 Civilian Shield Boosters. Thanks be to Capt Starfox, Ziaeon, avea Kan, elina Dyle, and Dante Lobos.)

Ah, the Orcas. Joshua Kane Zirud lost this 1.3 billion isk Orca, along with a billion isk pod, because he thought he was too good for the Code. Friend, no one is too good for the Code. The Orca's cost was inflated by the more than 600 million isk worth of tech II shield-extending rigs. Ziaeon left the following note in the comments: "Didn't even need a Brutix for this one. Zero fucks given about your attempt at tank."

So here's the thing. Over the past month, the New Order has suicide ganked 36 Orcas. 28 of those Orcas were killed during the week in question. You can see the list here, because I'm not going to link all of them separately.

You know, Orcas are historically not a very common target for suicide ganks. Even during the entirety of the Gallente Ice Interdiction of 2011, pre-insurance nerf, only around 20 Orcas were ganked. The New Order's ganking spree last week represents the largest slaughter of Orcas in EVE's history. I am at a loss for words. My heart is bursting.

Since I can't go through and list each of the 28 Orca ganks of this week, I'll simply list the Agents who participated in at least one of these kills, in alphabetical order. With all these bold tags, the internet is going to run out of ink, but here we go:

Capt Starfox, Carnyx, crusnic arcoli, cryonicw00t, Dante Lobos, Favea Kan, Guybertini, Isotempo, John E Normus, Karbox Delacroix, Lady Geesica Marstolt, Lenda Shinhwa, Maiki Dresin, Nu'adu, Pestario Vargas, PinkOboe, Selina Dyle, Stonecold Deathdealer, Talia Andrade, Tasa Vox Nova, Till Riedell, Wescro2, xxBLACK SKULLxx 929, xXBlackShinigamiXx 777, xxFEAR MONGERxx, xxLADY DEATHxx626, and last, but certainly not least, Ziaeon--I think he was on every single one of these Orca kills.

The New Order is a beacon of hope to all. I even noticed some of the kills had assists from NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS, a corp with a bunch of people with "xx" names who originally planned to undermine the New Order, but who decided it would be more fun to help kill Orcas.

That's all for this week. Keep your Orcas safe, and let the Code light your way.


  1. Hang the code.

    Glory to the approaching themepark!

    1. So what you are telling us is that you hate eve?

  2. My goodness, that's got to be a new record for most expensive pod killed by a Knight! (The previous record was a 3-something bil pod by Capt Starfox, I believe?)


  3. " the antimatter price", that´s poetic. ;)


  5. Yay I was on all the killmails. >_>

  6. Victory. After so many months, they had finally done it. The Care Bears had slain the hunter.

    Five of them now stood around his tattered remains, a rainbow of bloody fur. The Ice Cream Mines were safe, at last -- through wit and courage, tooth and claw, the Care Bears had fought back and won their freedom.

    "We did it," murmured one, as he licked his paw clean of the hunter's blood.

    "We can mine ice cream again," another Care Bear frowned, chewing on a bone.

    "More," growled a third, as he swallowed a chunk of flesh.

    Behind them, a voice called out from the mouth of the mines. A Care Bear, fellow miner. "Come and mine with me! I've struck a vein!"

    They all turned to look at him. As one, they approached and surrounded him. As one, their stomachs rumbled as they sized him up, and spoke.


    1. (this is of course fiction, carebears never get the initiative to actually fight back)

    2. June 2015

      James 315 states that recent improvement in the number of members online to 1,500 over the month shows that there is demand for pure PVP game where there are no carebears and no afk play styles are permitted.

      Meanwhile “EVE-safe” the game where there is strong high security space surpassed 1 million online simultaneously and the PVP null sec regions reached 100,000. CCP announces 70,000 now regularly playing faction warfare across high and low security space, interfacing with Dust 514. CCP notes that 90% of their base is carebears and 30% of those spend more than 50% of the time AFK.

    3. Well, that's exactly James315's point. He doesn't care for the subscriptions, he only cares for the game he likes - the
      "pure PVP game where there are no carebears and no afk play styles are permitted."
      as you put it.
      Whether CCP makes decisions that make "EVE-safe" out of EVE, just to have more subsribers, or if EVE stays EVE and dies because the "90% carebears" left, it makes no difference for him, the game he loves will be gone.
      Why do you, as a player, care for the well-being of the CCP staff in the future? Are they more important than your favourite spaceship game?



    Ziaeon, what can I say man, your ongoing dedication to the death of all non-compliant Orcas is an inspiration to us all.

    -Galaxy Pig

  8. Happy to see that the New Order is in better shape than ever.

  9. That was a helluva week.

  10. I would like to say on behalf of the NEW ORDER DEATH DEALER it was an honor to participate in this historic event.My Corp is dedicated to enforcing the CODE through out High-Sec.We had some of the most fun ever in EVE during this past week hanging out with everybody.I was amazed at how professional every one was.I look forward to us top this in the future.Special thanks to John E. StarFox & Ziaeon for helping us & inviting us to come along.I was there for 10 in one day & 18 total Orca kills.

    Thank You James315 for a worthy cause to fight for.

    Black Skull 929

  11. Knights of the New Order.

    Probably the most fun you'll have with your pants on!

    - Guybertini

    1. When you're suicide ganking, clothes are optional!

    2. I, for one, fly pantsless...


  12. I say Ziaeon should lead us - don't believe the critics Ziaeon you are clearly the most talented, bravest, and darn right smartest too.

  13. I don't play EvE, but I can use EFT. Comparing this Megathron monstrosity with a proper exhumer, like Skiff, with decent tank, Skiff has 60% more EHP, 35% better yield, 3x more ore bay and costs 8x (!) less.
    What purpose does "mining battleship" have? I think the only advantage a BS might have is look. Does anyone know how many EHP "tough and powerful appearance" adds?

    1. I suspect many of these mining battleships pre-date the barge patch. Before then they did actually have a certain spot in terms of yield for tank.

      Most likely these were people who had been away from the game and had returned. You see the same thing with Mackinaws with expanded cargo holds.

      There are quite a few people who at any time are quitting and returning to EVE, and when they restart, as they work out what they might do next, mining is one of the easiest things to get going again.

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