Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Art Good and Bad

The value of art, typically, is subjective. It's open to interpretation. However, the value of highsec art is objective. It's either good or bad. There's only one interpretation, because there is only one Order and one Code in highsec.

This "Inglourious Gankers" meme is an example of good art. It was posted into the MOTD of the New Order channel. It sends a positive message to highsec. Now let's look at some bad art...

An Anonymous commenter posted this in response to Highsec Miner Grab Bag #47. This kind of art has no value. It encourages useless rebellion in highsec.

Another Anonymous commenter (I'm sensing a pattern here) claimed to have "fixed" the MinerBumping banner. As you can see, this is bad art.

Agent TRIXOTOS was sent a link by an unlicensed miner named Snowflake Nigel. It's not every day an Agent gets linked to a PDF of all things, so he was curious about it.

Snowflake's PDF contained three pages of a scanned "mining permit" he created with crayon. A mining permit you can carry around with you even when you're not playing EVE!

The permit opens up to reveal it's a prototype for future permits. These could be produced on a massive scale.

The back cover contains TRIXOTOS's corp's logo and a warning against counterfeit mining permits.

What does all of this tell us? That it's possible for an unlicensed miner to create good art, as well as bad. It reminds us that highsec is filled with miners who have potential. Future Agents, even. As Bing Bangboom would say, highsec is worth fighting for.


  1. Snowflake Nigel that permit is fantastic

  2. *insert special Snowflake joke here*

  3. This is SFN, by my calculations I have estimated those crayons to cost me 61 million isk for a pack of 12 jumbo crayons. I DEMAND YOUR CORPORATION REIMBERSES ME FOR THIS SUM OF ISK!

  4. You were probably killed for your poor punctuation. Also, no one likes clowns.

  5. none of those permits are dated I have to say I question their validity

  6. Hm i like the Banner but text needs to be:
    "Home of delirious Jimmy and his Dimwhits".

    Look at that:
    Offer Minning and SOE Permission cost 100mil.
    Rightclick on my Name: Give Money enter: 100mil enter , Reason: MiningPermit
    Cop Permit :500mil

    Objectiv Reach all corners of Eve Universe N,S,W,E
    1. Archievment: Visiting system most to the North QYZM-W without been killed. Status Done.
    Fighters engaged me in that system and try to kill me.

    2. Archievment Visiting system most to the East RT64-C without been killed. Status Done.

    3. Archievment Visiting system most to the South LX5K-W without been killed. Status Done.

    4. Archievment Visiting system most to the West LBGI-2 without been killed. Status Done.

    5. Make it Back Home to Orvolle. Status Done

    This trip started in Autaris and Finished it in Orvolle i was Flying this Fit : Way to the North.
    This Ship survived arround 300 jumps through SOV space and come back to Orvolle wit a bit Structure Damage.
    ☯☯☯Give me your ISK because i Need them☯☯☯. ☣☣☣Thanks☣☣☣
    ✌✌✌ get a smoke and fly high ✌✌✌
    ✞✞✞ Killboard: ✞✞✞

    You have to shoot that out to prove that you earn the money for the permissions.
    If you cant protect from those guys, why pay you?


    1. His Name is "Mr Trenchcode".

    2. It's cute how you think we need your permission or approval to protect highsec.
      Also, by your logic, your local police force isn't capable of protecting you unless they first go hunt down a traveller in a distant country. Why do we care about some guy who's flown throughout null? (Props to him, btw). Our duty is to protect and safeguard highsec from rebel miners and bots.
      -Angus Adalwin

    3. Your idea is highly promising and you should found your own organization based upon it, not give it out for others to implement without your brilliant vision. I look forward to seeing your accomplishments.

    4. Policeforce? Your litte company for dumbnuts are no Policeforce. As by YOUR logic Police goes into kindergarden and beats the little one up.
      Ahh discussing with jimmy and his dimwhits always shows what stupid hypcrits they are.
      Police take action against Police-Pretenders.
      You dont?
      Your logic is broken, but no surprise, you are one of "delierous jimmy and his dimwhits"

    5. "Your litte company for dumbnuts are no Policeforce."

      He never said they were.

      " As by YOUR logic Police goes into kindergarden and beats the little one up."

      No, that's not his logic, that's yours.

      "Police take action against Police-Pretenders.
      You dont?"

      What? There are no police-pretenders in EVE.

      "Your logic is broken,"

      Nope, that's yours again.

  7. I'm sorry, I'm trying to understand your post, but I'm having no luck beyond that you think James is like Hitler. (Which, of course, would just be pathetic name-calling. What, he's like the dictator who's become the modern symbol of pure evil because he shoots spaceships in a game about shooting spaceships?)
    -Angus Adalwin

  8. Well played Snowflake. Well played indeed.

  9. I like the irony, Snowflake

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