Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Family that Mines Together

In recent days, there has been much talk about EVE players who mine in highsec with their children. Pertinent to that, I bring you a report from Agents Kalorned and Zkanu, who were busy selling permits in the Gamis area when a notable incident took place.

Agents of the New Order do a lot of "cold calling" for permit sales, but very often we are the ones who get contacted by the miners.
Nakao DarkSword > hi
Nakao DarkSword > so how much do you charge to leave miners alone?
Kalorned > The cost is 10m per character
Kalorned > And you need to agree to follow The Code
Nakao DarkSword > per day?!
Kalorned > Per year
Kalorned > No AFK Mining, No profanity in local
Nakao DarkSword > oh ok I get it
Nakao DarkSword > so the purpose of this is to prevent afk mining
Kalorned > To Prevent AFK Mining and to Prevent Botting and Bot aspirant behaviour, yes
After a cursory review of the Code, miner Nakao DarkSword quickly understood that the New Order is a force for good in highsec. No one has brought more peace and prosperity to the miners than we have.

Word spread in an instant. Nakao began helping others get their permits. Her first priority? Her own children.
Nakao DarkSword > one sec I'll have to go to their computer and help em
Kalorned > ok
Nakao DarkSword > ok did you get it?
Nakao DarkSword > thexess and tomahawk
Kalorned > got them
Nakao DarkSword > ok. take it easy on them. They're my kids
Kalorned > alrighty
Nakao DarkSword > They wanted to send you money themselves. I don't know
Kalorned was pleased. The family that mines together buys permits together. That's the way it should be.
Kalorned > I added them as blue
Nakao DarkSword > ok good. I don't want to see them get attacked. They'll probably cry if their ships explode
Kalorned > That would be bad
Nakao DarkSword > Their 10 and 12. I'm surprised they can play this game. Although sometimes I do have to reset their UI so I can find stuff here and then.
Nakao DarkSword > I'm trying to get others in on this so we can all travel together without worries.
Kalorned > Sounds good
Before you say anything, I know what all you carebear apologists, rebels, and skeptics are thinking: "There go the New Order bullies again, extorting little children or making them cry." Nonsense. There's no reason a young child should not be expected to follow the Code. You wouldn't want a 10 year-old to commit murder, would you? Mining without a license is no different. And while it's true that a 10 or 12 year-old might cry if their ships explode, how would that make them different from any other miner in highsec?
DrCarson Beckett > so ur the guy doing this bumping agreement thing
Kalorned > Indeed
DrCarson Beckett > alright nakao is telling me pay 10 mil a year yea
Kalorned > correct, and follow The Code
DrCarson Beckett > let me tell others this is legit
DrCarson Beckett > LTJOHN and RONANDEX will do it too
Kalorned > Youll want to mimic Nakao DarkSwords bio as well
Kalorned > It will greatly cut the chances of a visiting agent engaging in friendly fire
The entire system was falling into line right before our heroes' eyes. Some days progress is fast, other days it's slow. But our Agents always log off for the day leaving highsec better than they found it.

Suddenly, Kalorned was convo'ed by DivineWind Musashi. He was Nakao's husband and the father of the two permit-owning children. Could an entire family join the New Order family, or would he scold his wife for spending irresponsibly?
DivineWind Musashi > Alright dude
DivineWind Musashi > looks like youve convinced all my friends and family to join this. stay good with us ok
Kalorned > I definately will
Kalorned > ARe you in need of a permit as well?
DivineWind Musashi > Nakao, Thexess, Tomahawk, we are all family. Dont grieve them alright.
Kalorned > Sure
DivineWind Musashi > ok
Kalorned > Got it
Kalorned > Your all settled
DivineWind followed his wife's lead and bought himself a mining permit. You know, so often these days it's the mother who wields the most influence over her family's purchasing habits. Thank goodness Nakao was such a discerning consumer.

In less than an hour, Kalorned and Zkanu had gotten ten new miners to comply with the Code. It was a golden age for the tiny Gelhan system. At that moment, everyone in local was either an Agent of the New Order of a permit-holding miner.

When our Agents passed by the system later, they were greeted warmly, hailed as conquering heroes. It was like something out of a fairy tale. But EVE is not a fairy tale--it's real life. Over the next few days, the leadership of AstroLogistics Inc. corp of Subspace Exploration Agency alliance, which the miners were members of, instructed them to remove their permits from their bios. They did, causing them to waste the 100 million isk they'd spent on permits. Now Nakao and her husband and two small children are again at risk of being terminated for violating the Code. It would be a tragedy if anything happened to them. And yet, it would be justified. The Code exists to serve the greater good. In the end, only one family in highsec truly matters: The New Order family.


  1. figures as i recall you cannot force anyone to place anything in their bios figures no would figure something to gank people

    1. That's interesting. If forcing people to update their bios in favour of the New Order is against the rules, surely forcing them to remove the Code compliance message is petitionable, too?

      That said. Shouldn't we be declaring open season on AstroLogistics/SEA for their rebellious leadership?

    2. What we should be doing is pointing that whole family to the BECOME AN AGENT page, and have them help enforce the code, learn a little PvP, and even role play a bit, you know, in a role playing game...

  2. It breaks my heart to see a good, honest family undermined (!) like this by their own corporate leadership. Surely putting innocent children at risk of space murder is tantamount to space child abuse? Won't somebody think of the children?

  3. Well done, Gamis Agents! \o/

    "And while it's true that a 10 or 12 year-old might cry if their ships explode, how would that make them different from any other miner in highsec?"


    1. Well I just finished reading the post.

      "Over the next few days, the leadership of AstroLogistics Inc. corp of Subspace Exploration Agency alliance, which the miners were members of, instructed them to remove their permits from their bios."

      It sounds like we have a hostage situation here. This poor miner family is being coerced by their alliance leadership towards bot-aspirant behaviour.

    2. AstroLogistics Inc, hmm ok noted.


    3. Oh here we go with save the children.. people who preach that dance on the graves of children for political and money gains..... bunch of Obama loving cock suckers here we see.

    4. Whereas people who vomit politicized profanity on an internet spaceship site from behind a veil of anonymity are... what?

    5. It's alright Clara, he/she/it is too afraid to honour his/her/its name and will always hide behind the skirt of anonymity.

      On a side note, thanks Obama.

      Continuing on side notes, this family seemed happy about the whole permit process and acquiring said permits. Remember the Agents were approached about the permit. Also, it was the Corp/Alliance leadership that forced the Nakao family to remove their bios. This does not nullify the permit, but as scouts are typically outside of CODE. they scouts won't see them as blue and without the bio the scout will assume they are not code-compliant and they will be considered KOS.

      I hope AstroLogistics Inc. leadership stops this nonsense, but I fear the worst. I'm sure the Agents who read this blog post will take mercy on the Nakao family, but destroy AstroLogistics Inc. Which is exactly how it should be.

    6. The difference, of course, is that a child will stop crying and get over it, eventually.

  4. This isn't related, but I just thought of an addendum that could be added to the Code, all high-sec inhabitants must have content in their bio or risk being out of compliance. This will pave the way for a future addendum whereby all of high-sec must include a pledge to the code in their bio, or be at risk of violating it. baby steps.

  5. Seems as though the children need liberation... Free them from the bonds of their miner corporation... to arms!

  6. Read whole article and though, poor kids, forced into a sweatshop to mine ore for a corp that is probably nothing more than a scam to enrich the CEO. I wouldn't allow my kids to play this game based on the vile spew pumped into local by supposed "adults" (mostly miners). But my 10yr old daughter giggles every time I let her press F1 when I'm ganking a miner. "Good girl, " I say as I pat her on the head and another miner has their pod.. I mean their gameplay.. emerged.

  7. Read this entire article, must say it rubs me the wrong way to hear about these corporate people forcing a loving, hardworking EVE family to take their pledges off their bios. Such disrespect. I have no guarantee or idea as to what language was used to convince them to get rid of the bio pledge, but I know for sure that the Agents weren't forcing them too, only giving them fair warning that having the pledge is a good indicator that they follow the Code.

    We must get to the bottom of this matter, immediately!

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  8. Looks like I know who I am going to gang for fun next.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Contrary to what James wants us to think, Gamis is not well "protected" by the Order. I encourage everyone to seek out this entire family and gank them until they realize that the Order is a one way street. They extort but never defend.

    2. You may have missed the entire point. The target is the corp, not the family.

    3. "I encourage everyone to seek out this entire family and gank them until they realize that the Order is a one way street."

      The typical "please won't someone do this for me so I don't have to do it myself."

  9. As one of the two Agents on this incident, i must report that we have visited the same system over 3 times at the same day and every time we loaded on we would be greeted with o/. After a couple of days, i got convoe'd by Nakao saying that her alliance was ~upset~ that she and her family bought the permits, just as the article said. The news of them shedding off their permits shock me. I had high hopes for that family. Rest assured that i will try my best to bring them in line!


    1. More than this, they were actually asked to leave the corp for a while. Though they must have mended fences, since after a few days, they were back in the corp. Though still with no bio advert. :(

  10. This is a heartbreaking story. I suppose that if you guys WD the corp/alliance, they will demand that every member should just stay docked until the war ends. I imagine the poor kids asking: mommy/daddy, why we need to stay in the station instead of getting out and play?

    Free this family and make sure that the corp and the whole alliance will stay on your red pen list forever, they deserve it. As Alana said already, we have a hostage situation here :(


    1. This is an interesting development. On one hand if you Dec the alliance, it's probable that leadership will force their members to not undock, or play for that matter. On the other hand the point needs to be made that we in the New Order protect our members and family. I'm sure the Nakao family is as upset about this situation as we are and they are still members even if they are KOS due to the leadership in their Corp/alliance forcing them to remove their bios.

      I only see one viable option, and diplomacy has already been exhausted and WD'ing probably won't work.

    2. Wardec - the Nakao family can drop corp and continue mining in compliance with the Code. I don't see any dilemma.

    3. I'm with you on that one Alana, unless of course they have roles to drop that may take a while to do. Plus there is this mysterious Alliance leadership that keeps getting mentioned, we don't know what they would do if the Nakao family did drop corp.

    4. We should assume that the Nakao family wants to stay with the Corp/alliance; I know, seems crazy, but we should consider all the possibilities. They may be under the new player, new corp loyalty spell and judging by the age of the character, I would bet money on it. There is another way outside of wardeccing that would still get the point across; moreso than deccing, as it's likely the alliance leadership would issue some sort of rule about not undocking during a wardec, especially if a miner.

      But decc'ing is the easiest and quickest solution. I'm interested to see where this goes.

  11. Blowing up children miners. A new low.

    1. kids are much better at following directions than adults.
      these wonderful children have been instructed to tank up, watch local, and NEVER mine afk.
      i have 100% more respect for these CHILDREN than the idiot "leaders" of the pathetic corp/alliance thats keeping them from displaying their compliance!
      aside from that they havent been blown up.
      your reality based facts are as nonexistant as the spine required for you to post your in-game name on your reply.

  12. "or would he scold his wife for spending irresponsibly?" o m g sooo funny!!

    its a terrible shame tho, about the idiotic corp/alliance.
    sounds like theres more to compare someone to Hitler there then youll ever find behind James' glorious visage.

  13. Or.. the family decides to all be Knights together and blow up the evil corporation.

  14. Doesn't sound like that family was unhappy to get permits. Perhaps they just saw it as a role playing option, and realize that 10mil is a joke amount, it's not about money.
    Early in their Eve 'careers' they are being actively directed away from the things that will likely make them bored with Eve and quit. 10 years olds staring at asteroids won't last long.
    The New Order is showing them a different path. Even if they mine, don't let it become a race to see who can AFK the most. To deal with other players often in a hostile context, and understand from the start, that this is what Eve Online is. It is not 'high sec is not for PvP' and in the decade it's been around...never once has been.
    Anyone that thinks otherwise is simply, demonstrably wrong.

  15. Such a nice heart warming story, if they were indeed telling the truth and really are a family. But the ending :-(

    1. Yes, unfortunately, when you do a little google searching on Divinewind, you find him checking a couple different forums looking for a 8 account isboxer friendly corp. Which suggests that the whole truth may not being told here.

  16. This story is a good one, I'm eager to learn what happens next.

    anon 901

  17. You re all Terrorists, nothing more and nothing less.


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