Friday, January 24, 2014

Brother Against Brother, Miner Against Miner

In the new highsec that we're building, there's no room for division and all the nastiness that comes with it. Everyone needs to be on board. This presents a challenge for all the highsec corps out there: You're either with us or against us. And if you're against us, you lose.

Hot off the presses, Agent Lord Kailethre sent me a report about his and Bing Bangboom's doings in the Kino system. Illegal miner Joe CPA Accountant was getting rowdy after losing his Retriever.

Our heroes decided that Joe needed to be made an example of. Joe was yellowboxing Agents with his Brutix and calling the New Order out. This is not how highsec is supposed to be. As a miner, Joe should have been docile and obedient to his superiors.

Joe was a member of Black Sun Transport, a highsec mining corp. His rebellious behavior put the rest of his corp at increased risk. Prium, the CEO of the corp, found himself in a sticky situation. He didn't want to make an enemy of highsec's power players. He wanted his corp to remain in compliance with the Code. But Joe was jeopardizing all of that. As it turned out, Joe had apparently caused some trouble before, and someone had earned kill rights on him. To ensure Joe's safety, Prium had purchased the kill right so no one could use it. Now Joe was returning the favor by defying the New Order in public.

...So Prium contacted our Agents and gave the kill rights on Joe to them. Yup. So they activated the kill right and destroyed Joe's Brutix. Ten minutes later, Joe finally realized how this happened--and he wasn't too happy about it.

Highsec miners have been split into two camps. Pro-Code and anti-Code. Sometimes that divide cuts right down the middle of a mining corp.

Joe became a miner without any loyalties. He still opposed the New Order, but now he hated his corp for what they had done.

Fearing a wardec, the corp sacrificed Joe and handed him to the New Order on a silver platter. Before anyone reads Joe's comment about his corp not being able to fly tech II and accuses us of bullying newbies again: Prium, the corp's CEO, is a 2004 character. Some of the "newbies" in that corp have been playing EVE longer than I have.

Joe condemned his corp for complying with the Code. Yet Joe himself proved why it's a good idea to bend to the will of the New Order. His resistance simply resulted in another dead ship.

The Agents of the New Order approved of the rest of the corp's decision to purchase mining permits. Joe was the only one not willing to go along, yet he accused everyone else of not being "team players". Carebear logic.

To his credit, Joe seemed interested in combat. The only problem was that he wanted to fight for the wrong side. Highsec residents who like to fight should join the New Order.

It's not every day that a miner puts a bounty on his own CEO. He knew it was useless, but throwing away 25 million isk made him feel better. He must be a great accountant. If he really wanted to feel better, he should have given his CEO a 15 million isk bounty and spent the rest on a shiny new mining permit. Or perhaps he should've skipped the bounty part altogether and purchased some New Order shares.

Agent Kailethre wanted to hear Joe's master plan, now that he'd cut ties with his corporation. Joe vowed revenge. He promised to "go away, train, learn, and come back". I believe the part about going away. I also believe his character's skill points will increase. As for the rest of it, I'm not so sure.


  1. Two days of puffery and now back to mindless minutiae about singular idiots. Good to see all of your rhetoric has had the expected effect of doing nothing. Not quite a call to arms. More like a call to the bong and the bag of chips. You lead a helluva crew there 'savior.'

    1. Good to see how hard you're projecting m80.

  2. What's wrong with chips and bongs?

  3. Spine Ripper: "Stop mining and start shooting."

    Sound advice from the Extractress of Vertebrae..

  4. Perhaps one day every corp that is with us will join CODEdot. Those that don't would be against us. This seems like the easiest way to see who's on the side of justice.

  5. It's sad to see Joe's energy misplaced. Hope he comes to reason and joins new order. On a side note i think i'll sub a new knight for the order to be a part of history of 100% code compliance

  6. Once again the code bitches saying you have to play this way and yeah its bullying no matter how hard you try to believe its not..... must have been so harsh in high school.

    1. I was "most likely to succeed." You sound like you have a lot of anger inside. Embrace the Code.

    2. Besides, no one is actually forcing anyone else to do anything. They can refuse all they want, any changes they make are reactions to the actions of the New Order, regardless of what that change is.

      And I had a great time in high school, thanks for asking.

      ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    3. so close to a full miner bingo card there....

  7. As an accountant trying to earn the right to call myself a CPA (passed the exam but need work experience), this embarrasses me.

    1. LOL. I passed all 4 parts on the first go, back in 1997 when we did it old school style.

    2. His CEO actually told me that Joe was in fact a certified CPA.

      But apparently he wasn't as proficient at EVE as he was with accounting.

    3. There's a difference between passing the CPA Exam and being licensed as a CPA anyway. Depends on the state, but there's usually a heap of work experience, ethics education, and continuing professional education requirements you need to fill before you can put CPA after your name.

      I actually doubt this guy did more than pass the CPA exam, since he's so immature and irrational. Besides, any CPA worth their salt will tell EVE players to carefully budget 27,400 ISK every day, so they can afford their annual mining permit!

  8. Joe is a certified public accountant accountant I guess?

  9. The Catch-22 of rebellion...

    Even if Joe continues to fight back against the New Order, attacking at every turn, the Code still prevails. He is, at that point, no longer playing AFK-Online, but has embraced EvE for what it truly is. Even if we lose, we still win in the end.

    My support goes out to Joe for whatever path he takes, unless it is that of the entitled bot-aspirant. While it would be nice to have a new member in the ranks, knowing someone has found the real game is a worthwhile end in its own right.


    1. Agreed. In fact I expect that many more miners will come to join the New Order rather than just pay us. We obviously have far more fun than they do. Whether you want fight with us, or against're fighting, you're playing, you have a reason to log in. We win. They win.
      The Code SAVES EVE ONLINE.

  10. beeep ..... incoming long range transmission...............beeep


    WARNING WARNING WARNING -sssssssssssssss

    Who is paying the -beep rsssss- Order is guiiiilty ....


    -rssss all cooorp members that areeee shoowin g theeeier weaknessss in bio , thaaat theyyyrrss....... beep paid miiiiiiiiiiining permit are WEAAAAAKK !!!!

    ---- uploading image -----

    WAR ! WAR! WAR !! tranmissions interrupted.------------------- rssssss

    transmission continue ----- beep

    if youuureeeee wealthy to paaid 10mil -beep - beep- beep

    you must pay -rrrrssssss- 1billlll one month ----------beepp

    we willl find anyone who shoooowss hiss -beep....rsss...---- weakness --beep---

    we will destroy any coeeeerpppppsssss that are wealthy rsssssssssssssssssss -beep-


    -----uncaught intern message ----SCOUT 1-15 send out for scouting weak corp members in any asteroid belt high sec of any corp that showing their weakness...............


    beep ----rssss

    the newwww orrrderrr ca NOT ----beep- protect -----rssss you against rsssssss rssssssss


    ---tranmission ended----

    BLACK SUN TRANSPORT (corporation closed date ??.??.2014)

    1. Whoa... it must be something in the water

  11. ...and.. we win.

    Thank you. CODE out.

  12. I may have missed new changes on Kill Rights, but if not, then there are some incorrect infos about kill rights implied here.
    - You cant "sell" kill rights, you can make them available to others.
    So, in my book, Prium got the kill right initially by Joe doing something nasty to him.
    Prium then made the kr available

    1. Actually, you can make the kill rights available for a price, and I think that they can be given to a specific person, but I'm not entirely sure on that last bit.

    2. If Prirum had the KR assigned to him, and he could have simply activated it.

      Then Joe goes suspect and the agents could engage.

    3. Prium informed me during our private chat that he had mysteriously acquired KR's on Joe.
      He didn't tell me how, but my assumption is that he did something silly in a fleet, like shooting at asteroids.

  13. Ah, how surprised I was to see Joe in todays post!

    We had dealt with him and his corp in the past. We had stuck a sleeper/awoxer in their corp, waiting for the time to strike, and in some ways, the corp showed some promise. Very quickly our agent became the most useful person in the corp, helping people put together GOOD fits, and encouraging to actually go try PVP.

    Our agent even gave this very same Joe CPA Accountant 30m ISK to go lose some t1 frigates. His corporation said we were sending him to his death (well, duh) and kicked our agent from corp.

    Joe left the corp and joined us. As a bit of a joke, a director put a bounty on him, and Joe flipped shit and ran back to the corp. The same CEO that has been discouraging people from trying to PVP, never helping newbros, or doing anything in the sandbox, has been making and disbanding the same corp over and over, as wardecs come down, they reform.

    Joe made the decision to leave our WH/FW corp to continue to mine in highsec with people that didn't care about him.

    Some bears just need to learn. Pirates have your back more often than miners do.


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