Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #49

Sometimes a link is worth a thousand words. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

In the case of Magna Hamabu's screed, seen here, it helps to have a trained eye: What did she mean about reporting me to the "proper authorities"?

A few hours later, an unrelated character sent me an EVEmail warning me that he was reporting me to the "appropriate authority". Are we witnessing the birth of a new carebear catchphrase?

Drako Xerxes provides us with a good example of why miners should say "gf" when ganked. If they start ad-libbing instead, it doesn't always go so well.

Carebear logic at its finest. They're not bots; they just have machines that play the game for them.

The New Order loves new players. We don't fetishize them like the carebear advocates of a risk-free highsec do, but we value them all the same. Agent D400 showed his love by explaining to the dead carebear that he didn't spoil his game by ganking him...

...But not everyone is cut out to play EVE. That's cool. We don't need billions of players to make EVE exciting. Quality is more important than quantity. Besides, think of the ti-di. Priority has to be assigned somehow, and I'd say give priority to the players who don't put all their belongings in an untanked Badger and go on autopilot.

Ken DiMicco called D400 a fag for ganking his Venture. "Fag" is British slang for a cigarette. But the smoking wreck of Ken DiMicco's mining ship more closely resembled a fag. In contrast, D400 was decked out in a freshly-minted, sparkling new Thrasher by the time the EVEmail arrived!

MacGee McCash went for the "class warfare" angle to stir up resentment against New Order Agents. Our Agents are not all rich, though. In isk, I mean. As members of the New Order family they all feel like the richest people on earth.

On the other hand, maybe MacGee was busy putting the "high" in highsec.

Lasairiona Raske is one of the most dedicated EVE roleplayers we've encountered thus far. Each day she updates her bio to link photos of the clothes she's wearing. She also moderates a roleplayer-only channel. As it happens, a lot of people say that the New Order is a bunch of roleplayers. This gave Agent Sara Arran an idea...

...But it seems a highsec carebear is the only role a highsec carebear can play.


  1. I feel that Lasaitiona's permit fee should be raised to 30mil isk for no reason whatsoever.

  2. In the case of the new player. I don't see how ganking someone who is new (less than a month, really?!) somehow beneficial to the cause you present. The does it warn against mining in high sec. Maybe it has been so long since you have been new that you have forgotten how overwhelming it can be for a this stage you have no idea whether or not this player would have been a longstanding Eve player or not. Notice after the newbie says he lost everything, the ganker asks if he would like to pay for a mining permit...(Hah, kick a man when he's down eh?) Nice job. It takes a lot of skill and ability to bully guaranteed kills for profit. Is this the real truth behind the new order? Pick on HS miners and newbies because they have no chance of winning? I actually didn't think this New Order was all that bad at first as I don't like empty belts either until I noticed this and you proudly show it on your site as if it's some great accomplish and prove of your cause...Wow. One minute you say you do this to help Eve's population by preventing people from quitting because people need "bad guys" to bring them to the PvP side of Eve, then when you cause a newbie (less than a month old!) to lose everything you say he is not cut out for Eve hypocritical. Change your responses as it suits you. Glorified bullies to the rescue?

    Considering that you proudly post donations well in excess of 1 mil, it is safe to say that 1 million to create a corp actually costs you nothing and is not the real reason you choose to stay in a pve corp. It's also somewhat hypocritical in itself since you claim that the purpose of all this is to get people into PvP (player-run corps) instead of PvE in the first place. When you consider that a corp reaps so much more awards in regards to organization and implementation of this so called order and further establishes some credibility to your claims. It's fairly obvious that the only objective in staying in a "carebear" corp is that you are trying to avoid wardecs. Sounds like you are more of a "carebear" than you carry on. Not surprising considering that your primary targets are ALL easy targets. "Takes one to know one", eh?

    1. Take a deep breath and step away from the keyboard.

    2. Hurts when people start talking the truth about the actions of the New Order. The New Order is nothing but a bunch of bullies and griefers who claim to add "content" to the game. You don't add "content" for the benefit of the game. You harass people because in life it would get the shit kicked out of you. You claim honor but show no honor by shooting ships that arent equipped with guns and by shooting new-bros. You claim skill but once again its not hard to kill a mining barge or a 1 month old character or somebody using the autopilioting feature. By the way how is Erotica doing since he is no longer part of the fabulous eve community since he crossed the line? Dont worry you guys can join him sooner or later.

    3. won't someone PLEASE think of the children!! :(

    4. Dear Anonymous, it's a pity you weren't able better to organise your thoughts before vomiting them into the Comments section of this Blog.

      The UniWiki certainly does warn would-be miners - and would-be Retriever pilots in particular - in the following terms:

      "The Retriever has the largest ore bay out of the T1 mining barges, the second highest tank, and a middling yield. As a result, if you need to mine without support from other pilots and are not at substantial risk of being attacked, the retriever should be your choice."

      Substantial risk of being attacked, eh? If you mine without a Permit in New Order Space you have certainly put yourself at risk. Our Saviour has been saying just that, and the Agents and Knights of the Order have been providing examples of every kind of 'substantial risk' whenever they undock.

      Newbies, you have been warned.

    5. Dear Sasha:

      Funny how the quoted section that you posted said nothing about highsec being dangerous to miners...just because you ad-lib quite well, it doesn't change this fact.

      Secondly, this is not the goon site, but the NO site with their supposed claims that their purpose is to stop "bot/afk" miners. Funny how 1 month old players is not in there yet you kill those and advertise it as if it's something glorious to do. You should change your code to say "anyone unfortunate to be an easy target" and stop all the self-righteous blabber. I could actually respect that. What's the point of being self-righteous if you stock it full of hypocricy?

      But thanks for confirming that the NO is nothing more than a group of glorified bullies. Nice day to you.

    6. The New Order is bad for new players you say?

      This new player disagrees.

      I joined the game almost nine months ago. I joined because of all the wars and heists and pirates and white knights and scams and Ponzi schemes. I joined because there was only one universe, where everyone played together regardless of where in the world they were or whether they wanted to PvP or PvE. A sandbox where the player was in control of shaping their own path.

      So I joined, I did the tutorials and mined in my new Venture to make some isk.
      “I’ll do PvP when I’ve got the skills trained up” said I. But Ventures are fragile (if you are unaware of the proper fit and tactics) and the HP of a barge seemed like a good idea. Then a few skills to increase yield and ooo- should I train refining? (never did that ;P)

      But before I knew it, I was spending all my time mining. I knew I could make more Isk doing level four missions, but the time spent to get to level four standings, well you start to think in terms of Isk per hour- and mining was better.

      I remember the first time I heard of the New Order. I was jumping through a system, can’t remember which, to salvage a corpmate’s level 3 loot (phat loots for a newbie like I was).

      Two agents were in this system, bumping and trying to help the locals see the light. (I can’t recall who they were, I could wade through the chatlogs if I wasn’t lazy)

      “Permits are needed to mine here” they said.

      “[Unprintable profanity]” the miners said.

      It was so… confrontational. It was unprecedented (in my time playing) so many in local speaking up for one side or another.

      What was going on here? Local was the place you asked for fleet boosts or chewed out the guy trying to mine the same rock as you! Digital tumbleweeds drifting through the channel! But this- all those blips in local actually engaging with each other.

      One of the good agents linked minerbumping in local and I read.

      And read, and read, and read.

      I would love to say that I immediately started enforcing the Code and spreading the good word of James 315. But people get stuck in their ways.
      I did fit some shield rigs and started being at the keyboard more often- both saved my ship as a player attempted to gank my retriever that very night.

      But I began to realize, the Eve I joined for wasn’t the Eve I was playing. I was in the same game, but I was choosing to spend my time doing activities I really didn’t enjoy doing, but felt I had to do in order to “play” the game at some later point. A later point that just got pushed further and further back.

      I had joined the game because of the crazy universe that has formed around it, but I ignored that very same universe as played it.

      The New Order introduced me to the Eve that I signed up for in the first place. And it was a few good agents who blasted my ship and pod to smithereens that nudged me the rest of the way.

      You may believe that the New Order is bad for new players. But speaking for myself, I would probably not still be playing this game if it weren’t for the New Order.

    7. You realise that we are not harrasing anyone. We are just asking the player to follow the code.
      If not deal with the consequences we bring upon you.
      Its your choice.
      A couple of thousand miners that have already bought a mining permit understand that.
      But many others like you dont.

      If you want to mine in new oder terretory you have to play by our rules, or do something about it.
      If not, deal with the consequences, like every knight of the new order must do each time when they gank someone. you loose your ship and sec status and cant play for 15 minutes.
      But we are players who understand that you must stand these consequences and not just whine in the internet for everyone to see.

      Agent Selina

    8. Hi Zazz,

      Please read the above blog, where the newbie player was ganked with less than a month time in game. Secondly read my post. His situation and yours is quite different. As I said before, up to this point, I lost respect for NO. No matter how you look at it, that obviously was not better for that newb player. If you really are for new players and find a newbie in that position with nothing and just starting Eve your best offer after ganking him is for him to pay 10mil that you know he doesn't have?

      Maybe NO helped you and I'm happy for you. But the practice of killing whoever you feel is an easy target regardless of age is not acceptable to me...especially if they are obviously a newbie and will likely quit Eve from your actions. That does not help Eve, plain and simple. At least let him learn the game first. Everyone knows learning Eve is difficult enough for a newbie. 6 months, fine, maybe I can see 3 months, but less than 1 month? Really?! No. That is purely opportunistic, selfish, and has no benefit to Eve in this case...except the likely loss of what could have been another beneficial capsuleer.

    9. Agent Selina - I'm not a miner. Don't assume I mine because I disagree with how NO ganks a less than 1 month player in the above blog like it's something meaningful. A less than 1 month player who is really new will not likely know of your code not to mention follow it even if he wanted to seeing how he probably won't have 10 mil. So saying just follow the code doesn't work here obviously.

      Don't be upset if someone calls you a bully when you are bullying people.

    10. "Hurts when people start talking the truth about the actions of the New Order."

      Don't project your own obsession over this topic onto others.

  3. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieJanuary 15, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    I usually am one to wade through walls of text, but I'll just assume it was a "you guys are bad for player retention" post, and that the second paragraph was a "form a real corp" post. News flash: We already have corps that are under active wardecs. We also have corps that wardec other corps. If you don't believe me, look me up in game.

    As for the player retention, do you have any idea how many people play eve because it is a haven of emergent gameplay that would be banned in other games? If every activity that is considered to "drive players away from the game" was removed, you would see a real exodus of players. Get off your high horse, and teach those new players to defend themselves. Don't teach them that the people that ganked them for fun and profit are bad people and should be banned from the game.

    1. Bebop - Well since you don't bother reading my long post and choose to make comments that have little to do with what I said, I'll save us both time and not bother reading yours either.

    2. You obviously did read his reply, so you lied, now we can't trust anything you say :( Your giant wall of text post, rendered moot by your own lies :(

    3. Honesty Tutor,

      Guess what? You don't have to read his whole post to know he didn't read mine. He said it right in the beginning that he didn't bother reading it and that's all I read...I didn't even have to go 2 lines. So please try again. I think you need to recalibrate that honesty tester of yours.

  4. Mining Carebear ForeverJanuary 15, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    Do not ever pay for "permit" or any other bs like that. Move systems, log off for a bit, play another char, do w/e but never submit to the crooks worshipping the glorified d-bag james "i'm so hip i put number in my name".

    They'd like you to think they're everywhere 24/7. This is a lie. When I feel like it I mine all day long in high-sec and will continue to do so.

    Any of these roleplaying racketeering sacks of human refuse can choke on my smegma far as I am concerned.

  5. Oh goodness, these grab bags certainly do attract a lot of tears, don't they?

    "a newbie (less than a month old!) to lose everything you say he is not cut out for Eve anyway..."

    Why is 'less than a month old' significant? At all?
    If you played WoW, went out and fought some mobs naked, died, then cried "I've only been playing the game for a month how was I supposed to know" you would be rightly mocked for being an idiot.

    Nafar en Cephei died to his own ignorance and stubborn sense of entitlement, then refused to take responsibility for his actions. This is exactly the type of person we do not want playing EVE.
    He thought no one would kill him, that he was safe, that he was entitled to be safe in an untanked ship worth millions.
    Why? Why would he act like that? Why would he intentionally put everything he owned, out in the open, where anyone could attack it, and not even attempt to defend it?
    These carebears operate under the ridiculous illusion that they are safe, that their actions do not carry consequences.
    This is precisely why the New Order exists. We bring risk to high sec space.

    Let's talk about when I first joined EVE. I was a carebear from WoW at the time, and naturally fell into mining right away when I started EVE.
    Then I got can flipped and died ignominiously.
    The next day, I started can flipping other hapless miners, and I was hooked.
    Fast forward two weeks, and I decided to move to Caldari space, having learned that Jita was the market hub of the universe. I put everything I owned into an untanked Hoarder and autopiloted to Jita.
    I arrived in Jita safely, and was promptly killed by a Thrasher.
    And I laughed, heartily, for I had been operating under the assumption that I needed to jump through hoops to murder people. Discovering that I could just kill anyone, anywhere, whenever I wanted, revolutionized everything.
    Discovering the career of "suicide ganker" changed my EVE life.
    A month into EVE, I was -10.0 and hated everywhere I went.

    My WoW subscription ended there and I never renewed it.

    1. Are you really comparing Eve to WoW? I think that alone is insulting to many capsuleers. I have friends who can easily level a character to 50 in less than a month. What can a "knowledgeable" player accomplish in Eve in less than 1 month in comparison? Really this about as much comparing apples to oranges as anything. EVE is a complex game with a very high learning curve. You could not possibly learn all the meaningful aspects of the game in a month. Period.

      Being a carebear is not the same as being less than 1 month old. A carebear is not likely to quit if they lose a ship and they will more likely know to insure what they have and not to put all their money in it to begin with. A newbie is more likely to make this mistake.

    2. All of your assumptions are wrong.
      One, wow is absolutely littered with hundreds of thousands of players who have no idea how any of the game mechanics work. People who have played for years, YEARS, and they play hunters wearing spirit gear for mana regen when hunters don't use mana. Or they play a mage and gem strength. And so on.
      Two, you do not need to learn all the meaningful aspects of eve. You only need to learn the tiny subset of things that apply to whatever it is you are doing.
      I've played eve for years and I've never needed to know anything about PI, nullsec, wormholes, interdiction, invention, any form of industry...
      Three, we are talking about someone who did not tank his ship.
      The tutorial teaches you to undock, then it teaches you how and why to equip tanking modules, and why and how to insure your ship. Complete with HUGE BOLDED TEXT.
      The game teaches you this literally in the first five minutes.

      There is no excuse.

    3. 1. Who is the one making assumptions now? Do you know hundreds of thousands of WoW players (not to mention how long each one has been playing)? Does WoW have a steep learning curve even remotely close to Eve?

      2. We are talking about a less than 1 month miner. You are talking about tanking as if that would have saved his ship. How many things do you really need to learn in Wow to survive? You do NOT have to play a PVP server in Wow. In PvE you do not have to worry about people coming and killing you even when you are out of the safe area.

      3. Meaningful aspects are exactly that...if you don't need to learn them, guess what? They aren't meaningful anymore. Learning what can and get you killed would be meaningful - yes? Learning what makes you money and what will keep you alive is meaningful - yes? Learning that gankers will kill you in hisec if you are a less than 1 month miner because of some code that is not in the wiki or in any tutorial but somehow they think that every newb should know this already from day 1 would be meaningful - yes?

      You admit that a person (such as yourself) can be un-knowledgeable about things that have been in the wiki for YEARS, but somehow a miner that just started Eve less than a month ago is responsible for knowing some code that is NOT in the wiki? Really?! Please stop being a hypocrite.

    4. I understand now. you played WoW and are still a virgin. now I get your killing of defenseless ships to feel better over your sexual frustration......

  6. @Anonymous

    "Ganking makes all teh newbies quit"

    Here's a little fact-check, from the last CSM minutes:

    "Dr. EyjoG introduced an ongoing project: player retention in EVE Online. He started with a rough diagram showing groups of players positioned on a grid with engagement on one axis and tenure [length of sub] on the other.

    He pointed out where newbies started, and said the most traditional path was to be a newbie (novice) and then go into solo PvE... CCP knows these people tend to fall off once they reach this point, because they don't get to the sandbox-- they never get that engaged.

    Dr. EyjoG said they asked surveys about why people quit, and asked if they knew about the sandbox. Plenty of people said they didn't and didn't want to be in it...

    Dr. EyjoG summarized our working hypothesis as the idea that those who had no social connection would come in and drop out, and Ripard challenged this, saying there was a large set of people who came in and PvE'd and didn't really talk to anyone while being very engaged. Dr. EyjoG said most of these were not very engaged; hey tended to drop out. They weren't doing very many activities."

    What really makes pilots quit is doing the same thing over & over, never savouring the rich variety of activities New Eden has to offer. The vast majority of people who only mine (I extrapolate) and/or PVE quit anyway ("they tended to drop out. They weren't doing very many activities"),

    If someone gets ganked it either a) accelerates this process -- a good thing, or b) they come back with fire in their belly, determined to get better, and with a new mission beyond shooting rocks -- a great thing.

    1. Bob - Your quote is incorrect. I never said that. Please try again. Maybe actually reading my post will help. Thanks.

    2. Exactly!

      Nafar en Cephei wasn't wronged by D400, he was wronged by whoever gave him the impression that he could stuff everything he owned into a ship and then autopilot to wherever he was going.

      If CCP wants to improve the new player experience, all they need to do is point new players to something that could explain the bad things that can happen to players so the new players can learn? (perhaps a blog or site of some sort...)

    3. I read it (though a struggle) -- my paraphrased summary was clearly flippant. IMO Dr. EyjoG contradicts your theories and the other anon commenter above me certainly does, as does Zazz. "I don't see how ganking someone who is new... [is] somehow beneficial to the cause you present" -- then you clearly either refuse to face facts or misunderstand the New Order.

    4. Zazz,

      When you are a newb no one gives you that impression. You do it because you don't know all the dangers that are out there and keep doing it until someone tells you otherwise. Obviously you just want to justify your poor sense of judgement here but the fact remains that this is not helpful for Eve if your intent is to get more new players playing this game. It's perfectly fine though if you want to see how many newbies you can get to quit.

      Besides a newbie doesn't really give you much loot so why argue that killing a newb is a good thing unless you just want easy kills? Again, if a newb has less than 1 month and he's learning the game, getting ganked for everything he has is giving him a reason to quit before he even knows why he got ganked in the first place. Defeats the purpose...if you had a real purpose.

    5. Bob, no I understand the order...its full of hypocricies to justify ganking easy targets pure and simple. You should put that in your code is all I'm saying now instead of pretending you are about stopping miners who afk/bot just say "we will kill all easy targets that we want to kill" and be done with it...or rather just disband the NO, join Goon, and call it the HS Goon Division. That would fit perfectly and guess'd never see this post because it's clear what Goon is about, they don't try to hide behind lies and hypocricy.

      I can respect Goons for that, but maybe you can't join them because unlike you they actually go after defensible targets and people who have a fighting chance. I doubt they post killmails of less than 1 month old miners who just started the game or feel proud about it, but to each his own I guess...

    6. @Anonymous

      You assume I am involved in the New Order - I am not. Anyway, the role of the New Order is clearly laid out in the opening two paragraphs, out there in the open for all to read.

      If I may humble myself by quoting James 315 directly: "I give the miners liberation from their own worst instincts. And through this process, the miners can be molded into better people, the kind worthy of joining the new community of EVE."

      This is in exact correlation with everything I have posted here, and many of the comments. The ethos cannot be laid more bare -- although in his generosity James 315 has seen fit to widen the remit to other bot-aspirant behaviour.

      You bemoan the lot of the rookie who gets ganked AP'ing and loses all their possessions: "You do it because you don't know all the dangers that are out there and keep doing it until someone tells you otherwise"

      ...or someone ganks you. One hopes said rookie could figure out all by themselves that sticking your hand in a fire hurts, and come to the radical conclusion not to do it again. Even if they did ignore the cries of "never AP anywhere" and "don't AFK mine in hisec" that echo around Rookie Help.

      You should really be thanking James and the Knights of the New Order for their selflessness and acts of grandmotherly kindness.

    7. Bob,

      We are not talking about me, we are talking about the newb here. I'm not the one quitting Eve after all, neither have I been ganked by the NO. I would agree with you if these "cries" that you speak of were somewhere where this said newb could actually hear them. Someone starting this game in a month is not going to hear these cries. You can try to justify NO actions by saying the newbs are ignoring them, but the fact remains that a person can not ignore what is never spoken to you.

      You need to stop living among this hypocricy and propaganda come back to Eve, lol. Do you really see that gank of the newb above as betterment for bringing him to Eve? Because as I see it, if that was the gankers objective, he failed miserably. The gank above was as I said before, opportunistic at best not worthy of thanks from me and least of all from the player above.

  7. For months, carebears have been saying I'm banned for a variety of reasons. That's silly. I've never been banned. Carebears clearly live in a distorted reality where they believe stuff like that and other nonsense such as James 315 not having a rightful claim to high sec.

    One guy here says to logoff or go find another system if New Order agents come by.

    Folks, 10 million isk and living by the Code is far better than jumping through hoops to evade the law. Use your head.

    For those illegal miners who believe I am banned, x up with your in-game names and I'll pay you a visit with my catalysts. :o)

    1. Maybe you should start a wiki page or amend the newbie guide. Put in there, "If you are starting out, don't mine until you have 10 mil (& money to buy the ship and other things you need) to pay for the mining permits from some HS ganking corps. Until then do whatever else you need to make money." You might want to add information on what not to do afk while you are at it to reiterrate the afk autopiloting (previous wikis only advised not to autopilot with valuables) and that there are gankers in hs for mining (because lets be honest here, it doesn't really matter whether they are afk or not, you will gank them unless they get your permit & - according to the code - their is still some risk that you might still get ganked after buying the permit. This permit is no guarantee.

      This would really help all those new people out there starting out as miners and who probably don't know any better being the ignorant souls that they evidenced in the above blog. Thanks.

    2. That is a fabulous idea! CCP should definitely update the wiki, tutorials, messages, etc to reflect this. James commented awhile back that maybe this would happen if we had University at the end of our name...

      It only takes a handful of noob missions to earn enough isk to buy a permit, so there is no excuse regardless how new someone is. Plus, I have never seen a pro-carebear Eve ad by CCP. Instead, CCP advertises for emergent gameplay. So it is clear who CCP supports when they put their own marketing budget towards attracting players with qualities of New Order agents rather than mindless bot aspirants.

    3. Erotica,

      The good noob (level 1) missions pay approximately 100-200k at best. You can't run these missions in a rookie ship I doubt the noob above in the blog was running bots.

      Secondly, in a situation like the blog above, a noob starting out as a miner will not have the skills and will probably have used most of their time in Eve building mining skills up until this point. It seems very obvious here why someone will likely just quit rather than go through the trouble. They are probably on a trial account anyways and will just feel like what's the point. Seems like it's best in the long run and in these particular cases not to persuade newbs to quit before they even know what the game is really about.

    4. how little you know about eve little ranter.
      after finishing all tutorial missions any noob has more than 10 million isk + a lot of useful assets.
      so next time inform yourself before posting: "blabla they dont have the isk"
      thats a widespread lie.

      Agent Selina

  8. love how the new order keeps conviently putting up blogs telling tails of wonderful victories...ok that part was a lie what a bunch of dumb fucking morons lets talk about the simple fact of you pack of pussies killed a random person that was less then a month old the poor guy probably doesnt know enough about the game to know what you did was wrong. also please do everybody and keep on telling people they have to change their bios because we all know how well ccp reacted to that. but we all know the new order doesnt tell people they HAVE to change their bio right. im sure ccp is really going to love all the screenshots i sent in where in the 2 months in no less then 7 instances where the new order is demanding the changing of peoples bio's. once again thanks for the screenshots guys keep up the good work.

    1. it's ok skippy, let it all out and you'll feel better

  9. Guys, we are going to need more buckets to catch all the tears flowing on MB right now! It's a veritable monsoon of carebear anguish!

  10. So many bot defenders, so few catalysts to destroy them.


    1. Luckily, since fate is always on our side, shareholders have bought more shares. Proceeds go toward the catalyst ship replacement program. So go ahead and blow up a bunch of mining ships, then send your killmails to James for reimbursement.

  11. there are so many things wrong with the anti-Order postings above, i can hardly even begin to reply to it all. it shows that given a long enough timeline, the guy who gets to mine alone, for 6 months, or a year, or how ever long it takes to disconnect with reality will eventually find this site (if they havent already quit from the sheer boring stupidity that career mining is; and when they finally get back to their keyboard) and proceed to poo-poo the YEARS of serious effort it takes to realign the thinking of tens of thousands of misguided "players" in this game.
    we provide an unlimited amount of alternatives to every human we come across. they arent EASY alternatives, BUT thats exactly why we exist. this is not "Carebears Online"
    or " 100% Safe Zone Spaceship Shooting Game" its EvE.
    we are so happy that so many people "hate pirates and griefers" and wish bodily harm, family illness, death and loss - then proceed to tell us how shooting spaceships in a spaceship shooting game is against the rules.
    its the New Order. get with it, or get left behind in a wreck.

  12. WOW I've never seen so much tears in the comment section until now!


  13. Well this is retarded. but a very good money making scheme lol keep up the daily blogs. I enjoy reading all the butt hurt.

    1. well try to sell mining permits yourself. you will quickly see that its not simple. nor will you bbe able to live from that.
      and all that billions that come in as shareholder money are used instantly to replace catalyst stocks.
      we are not doing this because you can get spacerich with it.
      we do it because its the right thing to do.

      Agent Selina

  14. All the butthurt in this thread is making me want to reactivate my account and start ganking again.

    Why does the wordy anonymous carebear assume a less than month old player can't be a bot or bot-aspirant? I ganked 3 one month old non-compliants in 3 different systems in 3 identically fail-fit retrievers from the same corp months ago when I was still playing. You're telling me they were deserving of a pass because they were a month old? That's funny.

  15. Here is a new guy, less than a month old, who was ganked. Lost his Venture and his pod with 50mil isk of implants:

    It was really sad that he quit Eve after that.

    1. Thing is.. CCP didn't need him and we as a community didn't either. Would CCP have gotten another month, or two of payment? Maybe. Would this guy ever buy plex from CCP? I doubt it; more of the guy who would RMT it, cause if he can't handle losing 50m/isk in implants AND QUITS over it, wtf you think he's going to pay full price for plex? Here's the kicker, as soon as something happens in-game that causes him to lose anything he values that he won't be able to get back without :effort:, he will quit.. like he just did. Oh wait.

      This is the problem with entitled highsec carebears, Eve is not for everyone guys. When someone quits so soon, odds are it was for the better. There will be tests, like getting ganked, or losing your mission ship in lowsec cause ya' really wanted to run that mission and ya' really didn't understand the mechanics (didn't do the research like a good little player).. What you're supposed to do is figure out what you did wrong and make an :effort: to not do it again, but some people won't be able to handle putting :effort: into Eve and the loss is too much to handle.. these players will never actually benefit from Eve and vise versa, we will never benefit from them.. Except to use them as examples and point and laugh.. but that only goes so far.

      Sure, sad he left, but good riddance.. I mean what if he was the CEO of a Corp that actually relied on him in-game and he rage quit like that?

    2. Btw Malcolm, angry vibe directed towards carebears, not you <3

  16. It is so so many tears. It might be a flock (a herd?) of carebears, but maybe it is a single carebear with the most aggravated case of butthurt ever recorded. I'm terribly curious to know which it is, but this may remain a mystery forever.

  17. I completely fucking lost it at the "matthias wolfe" screenshot (5th one down).
    Hilarious! Now I'll be back later to read the rest of these delicious comments.


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